123Movies & Its Best 21 Alternate Websites


What is 123Movies?

123Movies is a video streaming website where you can watch movies for free. 123Movies are on the web through several URLs because some countries where copyright laws are effective and once they detect then block these sites. These sites upload content without a license and for users its a big benefit to watching high definition videos without paying any penny. Hollywood movies are the most accessible videos at 123movies platform.

Different URLs where you can enjoy 123Movies

  1. https://123moviespad.com/
  2. https://ww3.123movieshub.film/
  3. https://123moviesc.co/
  4. https://moviesolar.com/
  5. https://123moviesgohd.com/
  6. https://www.123moviesfree.ws/
  7. https://www.123movies.com

Why Are 123Movies So Popular?

Among online video streaming sites 123Movies is free to watch and download, therefore it becomes viral among groups because no one would like to pay if free option is available. Actually, 123Movies is a generic word that has become so popular because different people provide free pictures on different URLs just by adding 123movies in between the site address. If somehow one site is blocked, then there are numerous other options available.

The best thing on this website is that there are choices of selection, such as adventure, animation, thrill movies, etc. HD quality videos are also available for the user to get the best experience of the movies.

How Does 123Movies Work?

There is a smart working and user don’t know how does 123Movies earn. The site contains banner and ads that come out in between pictures. Some adverts could be removed by advertisement blockers, but some ads cannot be wiped away. These websites don’t store videos on their server because they don’t have a legitimate license of the production houses. Thus, on that point is a collection of films and TV episodes which further redirects you to the other websites for seeing and downloading.

You will discover an occasion when you get the latest pictures which are just released and still working in theatres.

To have access of movies, some websites make compulsory to sign up and register you. By causing this, they will send adverts and other stuff to monetize their site. Whereas some sites don’t ask for sign up as they run on the different revenue model. Some 123movie site takes the contents from the leading subscription-based programs such as Amazon Prime, Cam rips and Netflix.

Is It Legal To Stream Videos From 123movies Websites?

This is quite obvious that something that you get free is not recommended as per law. Because the production houses which invest a lot of money to produce movies don’t get any amount from these sorts of pirated movies providers. If they produce a permit, then they would need to pay a huge amount and watching movies will attract subscribers. Some countries where laws and policies are not framed yet or not effectively applicable, there is a huge scope to develop these sort of sites.

A few years back, the UK and Australia strictly banned 123Movies by giving orders for internet service providers to block these websites. The main obstruction for the law agency is that if one pirated site is blocked, a number of others are available operated from other nations.

123Movies Download

Downloading movies from 123movies site is illegal, but still, no policeman has ever arrested anyone. Thus, people dare to use it without any fear. You may be curious that how come downloading from blocked websites is not offensive. I will let you know that most 123movies websites are confusing and it will be difficult for you to select the right one.

If we talk more about safety concern then these sorts of websites have different intention such as sending a virus or vulgar contents, etc. Sometimes, it has been noted that when you start downloading they take over access to your PC and do whatever they want. This access happens in a way that you do not even notice that what actually has happened.

123Movies Download for Android

While downloading any content we must be aware that on which device we are actually doing it. Uptodown.com and Apkpure.com are two best play store from where you can download a 123movie app. Further, you can enjoy through app a movie or an episode of your preference.

123Movies Download for ios

Since ios based smartphones have a huge presence all over the world, therefore, we cannot ignore it.

First of all, I would like to mention the link https://itunes.apple.com

On this platform, 123movies are available on the name of 123play app to watch Movies and TV shows. It is free to download and describes the movie also. This app tells about the latest movies playing in the theatres and highlight the most popular movies. This app has a full arrangement of bug fixing and updates it from time to time. Likewise, performance and stability are good enough.

Another link is https://123movies-online-ios

This app has a size of 6.40MB and free app to watch and download 123movies. Although, you will find a lot of advertisements all around and may distract you but if its free then I think everything is okay. This app is available in English only and fully compatible with iOS devices.

There are a number of ways to download 123movies and iOS Ninja is also a good platform to do it. Its URL is https://iosninja.io.

This works perfectly in Chrome browser and stream movies directly from your iPhone or iPad. This is also based on adverts. This app gives you experience just like Netflix without paying any penny. Netflix is a brand and you need to get a paid subscription to use it.

You can opt for another download link for streaming and downloading 123movies on iPhones. Millions of fans are using this platform to have fun for free.

Click here to proceed http://www.myappwiz.com/.

On this platform, you can download for Android as well as iOS. This is free and shows you the products side by side to monetize their app service.

123Movies Unblocked

In the digital era, it’s easy to get the feeling of pleasure, joy at your doorstep watching movies and other contents online. The days are gone when people would rush towards cinema, which had only option to watch movies after buying tickets. But this is the best time ever when the internet has a wide reach with adequate speed and moreover you can afford an electronic device such as desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones.

Now I come directly to the point that how we can see movies online. There is confusion all over the websites and perplex you finding the right platform. 123movies is a free platform to watch Hollywood movies and other TV episodes, but some countries like the United Kingdom have blocked this site and other similar sites. Whereas in some countries, 123Movies is available on alternate URLs.

Actually, as per law, no one can watch movies for free unless he/she pays something. Payments encourage to the production house which works heavily to produce contents. Further, broadcaster takes licenses and broadcast the videos. This is indeed the right way to go.

123Movies unblocked proxy

I know you must be crazy to know that how you can unblock 123movies if your country has blocked it. Yes, it is possible because the internet has spread all over the world with an obvious wide reach.

The Motion Picture Association of America and other UK based film production units have clearly published to block 123movies because of its illegal activities. This is because their business and investment portfolios were severely affected because of proxy video availability.

Unblocking proxy 123movies is easy on chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser. Alternatively, you can access the proxy site with a virtual private network.

123Movies unblocked download

There are a number of websites as mentioned in this blog as an alternate website of 123movies. But a few websites give an option of downloading. Mostly website is video streaming with a mess of advertisements all around the website.

Torrents work as an illegal platform where you can download unlimited movies. Through VPN you can download any blocked website content.

I know you may not be a technical person, but it’s very easy to download or stream through alternate URLs.

One more way I would like to suggest that download VPN browser extension from Google and add it in chrome. This will make easy your search of watching or downloading a movie from a blocked website.

Safety Concerns While Streaming Online Movies

Sometimes these sites contain viruses and you need to be alert all the times that you snap on the right website although these are unauthorized. It is perpetually urged that your system must have antivirus installed or strong firewall. By this, you will be secure from any attack through malware or Javascript based.

Once you become familiar of streaming through 123movies sites, then you come to recognize that a few of the websites do not harm your data processor and show contents which are in the public arena and old one. If you are more concerned about computer safety and the data inside, in that situation you can have a subscription from websites such as Amazon Video, Netflix and Hulu at a reasonable price. Here, at these platforms, prices differ from one country to another depending upon the content usage or plan you wish to choose.

Best 21 Alternate Websites

1. GoMovies

URL: https://www.gomovies.ink/

GoMovies is the most trending movie-streaming website nowadays. The contents on this site are in English and have good quality. This movie requires free SignUp, although, it has mentioned on this site that Go movie does not require registration to watch online. Here, at this platform, 1080P high definition quality videos are available. You also get an option to get a movie of your choice through the contact form.

One more thing, I wish to say that you have choices of selection, such as movies on Action, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, etc. Moreover, you have a preference of selecting comedy, Family, Animation, War, Horror and many more.

2. ZMovies

URL: https://zmovies.cc/

This platform is one of the best options to watch Hollywood movies and TV serials. If you opt for TV episode this website directly to another website https://m4ufree.sx/series. Here you can select the episode of your preference and enjoy through streaming online. On the home page, you can select a genre, release of the year, Biography and comedy type, etc. Another preference is through the blind spot of an image with a title.

This site is a third party service provider because this site does not store movies on its own server. There are intimate links to the service provider and the links redirect further as per clicks on movie image.

3. TinklePad

URL: https://tinklepad.cc

You will probably be familiar with this website because it’s becoming popular among people for High definition videos online. If you somehow miss 123movie, then TinklePad could be a good substitute.

You can select the genre or the release year of the movie as per your preference. This is a third party content storage platform and redirects to another URL. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. You can not only take in the video contents, but you can download as well.

You need to sign up to watch free videos. These videos contain adverts which you can block by some technical traits. Although, any website must make their revenue through ads if they are not calling for any subscription fee. This website covers, videos of few nations like USA, UK, India, Germany, France, and Canada. India has millions of users of Hollywood films.

4. PrimeWire

URL: http://www.primewire.ag

Prime Wire has a collection of Hollywood movies and TV shows. This website is banned in some countries because of the law of the land which requires proper licensing. This platform to does not store videos on their server and redirects to third party links. By this, they do not liable for any legal formalities. On the top side of the website, few options are given, such as new releases, TV listing, how to watch, search show, etc. Through these buttons, it becomes easy to find what actually you want to see. Most often, the picture and the title generate our interest to watch a film.

From this website, some links direct the website to partially porn sites which may not fit for you if planning to watch in a family. I will not recommend this site if you have kids in your house. If you are an adult and have an interest to watch, then you may proceed. For TV episodes you can make it your favorite one but not in case of movies.

5. Niter Movies

URL: https://niter-movies.com

This is one of the top video streaming websites among all 123movies. Mostly contents are updated and easy to access. However, you need to sign-up to access the files. On this site, movies are stored on their server, however, they do not bother about copyright or DMCA. This site has given a disclaimer at the bottom of the site that they are not responsible for any legality if occur in any country.

Movies by Genre and by Year can be searched and viewed. If you wish to search by year then from 2013 to 2017 options are available. Further, through genre, you can select either of action, drama, comedy, thriller etc. Movies are available for streaming as well as downloading. There are social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Through this link, you can share anything if you wish to. Marquee rolls at the bottom describing the latest movies link for watching. This makes easy and eye-catching for viewers.

Niter was previously available at niter.me but this site is blocked and no more available.

6. WatchFree

URL: https://watch-free.me/

This link actually re-direct you to http/1watchfree.me s:/

This can be the best alternate of 123movies because you will experience the HD movies with latest premieres here. If you watch movies quite often then your search to watch a movie ends here. You can enjoy free segments of adventures, thrills, spy, romantic and other choices of movies. Moreover, the latest series episodes you can watch without any break.

This website has smooth navigation and fewer complications on it. For kids, it’s just amazing because they need not wait or schedule their plan according to a TV cartoon show rather they can watch their favorite cartoon shows or movies whenever they have time. You will be glad to see a number of varieties available in the catalog.

The best thing is that on this website you do not need to register. If you are a comedy lover, you can stream video of a number of shows and movies. I am pretty sure that you will appreciate if once you visit this and will stop your subscription if you are registered with any paid video streaming website. If you are fond of watching documentary then you will finish your search here and there. On this platform, you get a variety of choices that best fit for you to watch.

Watch-free.me imports all information related to movies and TV episodes using open public API from external resources like IMDB. This site provides content from Vodlocker, Movshare, and Realvid. This website plays things legitimately and can remove content if any producer claims so.

7. Movie4u

URL: https://movie4u.live/

This site provides you Hollywood as well as Hindi Dubbed movies. All thumbnails are given with star rating so that it becomes easy for you to watch a good rating movie of a TV show. You get here Top IMDb movies and TV shows just on top of the website. On top of that, you can search for any movie with alphabets.

Movie4u site runs advertisements on top and at the bottom of the site. Some countries where laws are strict and Internet service providers are fully compliant there this site’s IP is blocked and will disappoint you. If you face this problem then you just type movie4u and you will find movies with another URL which may not be blocked. The main reason for blocking is that sometimes it directs to a porn link and will disappoint you.

8. CMovies

URL: https://www1.cmovieshd.bz/

Cmovies is available in HD and can be categorized by Genre, Country, TV-series, and top IMDb. Here at this site, you will have a choice of commenting about your experience while accessing the video contents. On the basis of remarks given by other audience, you may guess the interest of the movie or an episode. Moreover, you can see the details of Director, Actor, Actress, Duration of the movie, quality, and release date.

When you hover the mouse over the image, a full description popup appears and guide you about its full details as mentioned above. On this site, you can download the movie or watch it online. The best thing is that you don’t need to sign up or provide your personal details.

9. Solar Movie

URL: https://solarmovies.pl/solarmovie.html

The solarmovie is the most popular among 123 movies all over the world. On this site, you can prefer to create your own account using more options, but without an account, also you can stream videos online comfortably. The best part of this site is that you can see subtitles of the movie. More options such as Turn on/off the light, favorite, and like buttons right below the videos.

If you don’t find a movie which you really want to see them, there is a request button and you can desire any movie that you would like to enjoy.

10. Vumoo

URL: http://vumoo.to/

I am glad to let you know about Vumoo that this site does not store any files on its server. This site has a collection of movies and TV-Series. When you click on the image the server directs the path to the owner of that movie or TV- series or that which has full rights to show the videos.

Vumoo doesn’t take any legal responsibility if occurs due to copyright or any other law of the land. This disclaimer is clearly mentioned on their website. Vumoo is based on non-affiliated third parties and does not take any liability for any accuracy etc.

You do not need to sign up rather, can watch directly as you go through the picture link and proceed. This site sometimes shows some vulgar contents and in that situation, you may not find it good if you have children or watch with the family.

11. Yes Movies

URL: https://www1.yesmovies.gg/

When you hover the mouse on the picture of the movie, it shows synopsis and other details about that movie. This will make your preference easy to search. Sometimes we would like to watch a movie of our factor actor or director, in that instance, these details will take you to the right movie link.

Yes, movies work on different URLs and most often take to the other website which does not have content which you are looking for. I personally do not recommend this because we have other options available as mentioned in this article.

Vulgar contents or re-directing the link to the third party and showing non-relevant content takes the site towards the negative review. If you do not find the right URL then just right yes movies on Google and try one by one, surely, you will find the correct URL.

12. Movie25. me

URL: http://www.movie25.me

This website is an affiliate website of 123Movies. When you click on any image of a movie, it re-directs you to another website such as 5movies.tv and then further to 123movies. Eventually, I can say that this site does not have anything of its own, and play plenty of advertisements. If you have an advert blocker installed, then you may proceed to watch movies or another episode here.

I personally do not recommend this site because of a lot of mess created all around of linking and connecting further to other websites. I personally made efforts to watch a few links but got confused to move to the right path.

13. FMovies

URL: https://fmovies.cab

This website has the option of selecting through genres, country, release year of movies, TV-series and watched. Although, there is a lot of disorder when going through the website and even some muddle is because of unwanted adverts and popups. Still, if you have the patience of selection, then you can find the movie you need to watch. Although, the old URL has been shifted to a new and old version take to another porn site and not use nowadays. So, I have not shared that link with you.

14. YoMovies

URL: https://yo-movies.com/

You will be happy to have seen videos on this site. This can be an alternate of 123movies. This site has got fame in displaying Bollywood movies. Especially, in India this is widely accepted and although it directs to the third party servers such as asuptobox.com, openload.co, indiashare.me, uppit.com, bdupload.info, clicknupload.org and multiup.org etc.

This site has a huge collection of Hollywood as well. There is a special option of watching Hollywood movies dubbed in the Hindi language. Moreover, regional contents of Tollywood Hindi dubbed also available.

You can select any movies it directs it to another site where you may be forced to create an account to proceed further to watch a movie. On this site, you have the option to watch on the Desktop or Tablet, so as the server streams the content as per your device specifications.

15. BMovies

URL: https://bmovies.nl

B Movies is a good choice for watching free movies, whether its US movies, Korean, Chinese, Taiwan or UK movies. Once you open this site it has a link which takes you to another non-relevant website, but you need to click on the older version movies link which will take to the right path. Here you can select Action movies, historical movies, horror movies, thriller movies, and science-fiction movies.

Alternatively, you can visit the direct link https://bmovies.nl/bmovies.to

On the slider page, there are some favorites and most watchable screenshot link which will take you to the movie directly. There are eight slider image cum direct links of movies on the home page of the site.

Once you go through this site to watch a movie, you will be prompted to switch over to the premium version without ads, but it’s your choice that you would like to see ads or take a subscription.

The best thing about this site is that it has an English subtitle facility with a setting option on the right down corner of the page. You can turn off light or turn on lights from the option given in left down corner.

16. Crackle

URL: http://www.crackle.com

Crackle has millions of subscribers all over the world, whereas in some countries it has no license to operate. Therefore, in some countries IP, you may be disappointed. Although it has a premium version available, the free version has more likely to visit. Sony in association in Crackle operates it successfully.

If you wish to download the content, in that situation, you will have to create your account and provide your personal details such as mobile number, email address etc.

Mostly famous TV-series are updated on crackle, but other old episodes are also available. You may access more often watchable Hollywood movies here.

17. Putlockers

URL: https://www.putlockers.me

“Putlockers” has provided free movies for all but you need to signup to access the contents. If you are a first time visitor, you will be asked to download Google chrome extension so as Putlockers could give you a smooth experience of the movies available on the platform.

You will be easy to access by hovering the mouse cursor on the image, you will find a small abstract about the movie and genre. You have the choice of watching in High-Definition or simple mode as your device supports the content.

PutLocker provides you movies from Asia, Thailand, India, France, Hongkong, Japan, United Kingdon, and Korea. On the right corner, there is an option of the filter through which you can select a country, release year, Genre and film type, etc. Moreover, you can choose and mark your favorite from giving the option. The site has clearly been mentioned at the bottom that Putlocker does not store any content on their server. So, it is away from all legal formalities.

18. Gostream

URL: https://gostream.site

I personally would like to recommend this site which shows movies without any puzzle and advertisements. On the homepage you will find “watch now” and “Download” option which makes your selection easy. But alternatively, you may ignore this and go directly on the movie you wish to watch and just play within a click.

Every movie shows you with a little description, Genre, Director, Actors name and country of production. There are social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. through which you can disseminate all around your friends if you wish so.

On the left down corner there are three options, one is Turn off the light for smooth theatre syle exposure and a second is Favorite and third is comments. Having watched the movie completely, you can comment about your experience. This will encourage the team who is managing the site for their ranking etc.

This is a secure website and you can contact the gostream team through contact us form.

19. Couch Tuner

URL: https://2mycouchtuner.one/

Also: https://1mycouchtuner.xyz

You have gone through the journey of various movie streaming websites so far, but CouchTuner is the most favorable website. I will not hesitate to recommend because my experience of using this site was good and you should also experience this at least once.

When you visit the first time, the site will ask you to add its extension in Google Chrome as mentioned above in the picture. Here, at this site, you will no longer search another similar website because of the smooth and stunning experience.

Like other video streaming websites, this site does not host any contents on their servers and take you to the other associated servers. It hardly matters for the audience that which server is playing the actual contents. However, collection and user-friendliness of the website is must to continue.

The Couch Tuner has millions of fans all across the world and they always publish the latest movies and TV-episodes.

For TV fans, this site is highly recommended because the site has displayed on top of the website the TV schedule and TV listing. Moreover, on the right side, there are two columns which have a huge list of Ongoing TV list and Old shows.

This site addresses audience concerns and issues very positively. The site in its footer menu has given counter of time and queries solved or addressed.

20. PureFlix

URL: https://pureflix.com/

PureFlix is a paid website and you will have to take a subscription, although, it offers a one-month free trial, then you will be charged as per your chosen plan. The site shows that if you refuse to continue to be charged after the trial period, then before your trial finishes you may cancel the plan. Then it won’t deduct any penny from your account.

This is a good platform just like Netflix or Amazon Prime and shows good contents without any advertisements. Pureflix hosts contents and other videos on its server and quickly display as per the audience ’ demands. It has all legal permissions and copyrights to broadcast the contents they show in categories.

Once you become a member, PureFlix offers some gift memberships and other discounts from time to time. This site has categorized educational and faith relevant contents separately.

If you are fond of watching movies and more curious to know about actors, directors, and other profile with their lifestyles, then you can watch blog available on this site. PureFlix blogs are as popular as the site itself.

PureFlix has created an option for best Christian Movies so that the humanity whosoever has a belief system can dive into it.

21. RainierLand

URL: https://rainierland.is/

The Rainierland is very popular among video streaming and watching TV serials online from last decade. Since the internet is taking its space everywhere, even in developing countries so these sites fix their audiences accordingly.

The Rainierland is free but contains advertisements. In some countries, if this URL is not working, then just type “Rainierland” in Google and you will find contents on different URLs.

If you visit this site first time, then a third party website will force you to add its extension in chrome for smooth watching.


This is quite obvious that there are people who would like to watch movies online for free, but at the same time, we find people who don’t want any adverts or any mess around so they always prefer to pay.

Those who take entertainment through paid subscription are actually supporting production houses. But if free is available so why to pay this sort of thinking is a topic of debate.

Nowadays, though there are huge piracy policies and laws are framed all across the world, but still, people find their way to show and get the contents of their choice.

I can assume that while you roamed through this article you must have realized the taste of free and paid movie information at one place. There was a time when 123movies created its space among fans, but nowadays numerous options are available similar to 123movies as described above in the article.

Please don’t forget to comment in the comment box about your experience and other information if you wish to share within the public domain. Your comments and ideas will be highly appreciated.



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