Asphalt Street Storm Racing Mobile: An Overrated Racing Game?

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Mobile
Asphalt Street Storm Racing Mobile

Till now, I’ve played 3 Asphalt racing games out of a total of 5. I liked all 3 editions in their aspects. And because of the same reason, I played Asphalt Street Storm Racing.

Well, I was straight away disappointed with it.

That’s the 1st game, I encountered which I didn’t like and found some issues.

Wanna know the reason why I didn’t like it. Well, let’s begin with the features first –


5 Highly Touted Features of Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Collection Of Cars

After driving some unique and exceptional cars in all the 3 editions, I was expecting to get access to some high-speed beasts. But Gameloft failed in doing so. So, as a result of this, Gameloft ruined my dream of driving some classic licensed supercars.


That’s the one unique feature that Gameloft released exclusively for Asphalt Street Storm Racing. In the beginning, you must place small bets in order to study your opponents. This way you get a better knowledge of the mode without losing much money. However, because of this mode, I lost all the in-game money that I earned from playing this game day & night.

However, except for this, I found this betting mode to be quite interesting. The gameplay is intense which will keep you to the edge of your seats. Note – You can place bets in both the single-player mode and multiplayer Players vs. Player battles.

Race Around The World

Initially, when I started the game for the 1st time, I was stunned by the visual experience. The different locations from all over the world were amazing. For a moment, I got distracted because of the 3D HD beauty. However, with the regular gameplay, all this visual experience started to fade. Soon I was bored seeing the same locations.

In Asphalt Street Storm Racing, all you can do is race in three of the topmost cities, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.

Dynamic Weather

To give users a realistic experience with the game, it must have dynamic weather. And that’s what the drag race would do. At any point in the racing matches, you’ll get s sudden twist. It can be in the form of a blizzard, rainstorm or even burning heat.

However, that’s not it. The dynamic weather has a real-time effect on the matches. So, be careful while taking part in racing matches and tournaments. Don’t lose the grip and go over the finish line first.

Drag Races

Asphalt Street Storm Racing has introduced a unique mode where you can quickly make a shift from a solo race to multilayer matches. Although I said in the beginning, I didn’t like the game that much. However, this was the only feature that kept the game alive.

The switching part was full of thrill. It was fun to challenge the top players from all over the world and later defeat them to become the street champion.

How to Download Asphalt Street Storm Racing Mobile

The process of downloading Asphalt Street Storm Racing is quite easy. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be all set to play this game on your Android mobile or iPhone.

Download Asphalt Street Storm Racing Apk on Android

All you’ve to do is go to the Google Play Store, look for Asphalt Street Storm Racing & click on install to begin downloading the game in your Android Smartphone.

If you don’t have that much time, you can click on this link. Now, you’ll be redirected to the game on Google Play Store.

Download Asphalt Street Storm Racing on iPhone

The downloading process of Asphalt Street Storm Racing in the iPhone is quite similar to Android.

Here, instead of going to the Google Play Store, you’ve to open the Apple app store and search Asphalt Street Storm Racing & click on install to begin downloading the game on your iPhone or iPad.

If you don’t have much time, skip this step and click on this download link to jump straight away to the app store and start downloading the game.

Frequently Asked Questions | Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Q – Can I play this game offline?

A – Yes, you can play. However, in the offline mode, you can only play practice games.

Q – How many main missions are there in the game?

A – Asphalt Street Storm Racing has only 2 missions. This is one of the reasons why I said the game is average.

Final Words

This is not over yet. I’m yet to write about Asphalt Xtreme Rally Racing. However, for now, this is over. As of now, I’m playing Asphalt Xtreme Rally Racing and will soon release my official review of the game. Till then stay with my blog for some awesome piece of content.



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