The 3 Best Apps for Property Investors

3 Best Apps for Property Investors

Are you someone that’s involved with the property market? Whether you’re an investor looking for properties or a current landlord with a buy to let investment, there are plenty of smartphone apps that could help you.

The property market can be competitive, so it’s essential you stay ahead of the game and work with the best technology available to enhance your investment strategies and help you handle your properties moving forward. Apps can benefit buyers, sellers, property agents, landlords, tenants, and anyone looking to invest their time and money in this market.

If you’re already running a successful property business, look for ways to improve how you manage things to make them more efficient in the future. Perhaps you’re looking for your first investment or trying to overcome social challenges when it comes to monitoring and running your properties. Regardless of the reasons behind wanting to download the best property investor apps, choosing the right app will depend on your personal goals and investment needs, but we’ve put together our top three to help you get started.

1. Landlordy

If you’re a private landlord in the UK, then Landlordy could be the app for you. The app promotes itself as being the smartphone must-have for private landlords. Whilst we’ve all been faced with Covid-19 restrictions and adhering to social distancing measures, landlords have had to adapt to how they manage their existing properties to ensure the safety of themselves and their tenants. The Landlordy app allows property owners to manage maintenance issues, track rental payments, stay on top of safety regulations and share important documents relating to the tenancy agreement. The app will send reminders to make sure buy to let landlords stay on top of the logistics of owning and letting a property. It also creates crucial financial reports to help keep your accounts up to date and avoid any financial frenzies.


2. Zillow Real Estate

For professional property investors and those working in the market, Zillow is favoured amongst industry experts. Users of the Zillow app can list properties for sale, look for homes to buy, and find properties to rent, all from a few short clicks. With more than one million listings, Zillow should be able to shortlist some possible investments for you to consider. People using the app have commented on its latest feature, which integrates video walkthroughs, making it easy to view properties online without visiting the location and conducting face-to-face viewings. Virtual viewings give buyers and future tenants a realistic view of what to expect from the property. Sellers can also benefit from this upgrade and list their own walkthrough videos once an agent has approved them. Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular in the property industry, with leading companies like RWinvest using this technology to showcase developments and secure deals with investors worldwide.

3. Houzz

Lastly, we couldn’t forget about those looking to invest in their first home or remodel an existing property. This is an app designed for investors who want to make the renovation process as straightforward as possible. Houzz has been around for more than ten years, providing the ideal way to design a home. The app has just under ten million interior images, decorating designs and online renovation professionals available to streamline the tasks at hand. Once the renovations are complete, Houzz also has a ‘real estate agent’ category to help list your newly improved property. So turn your house building dreams and future investments into a reality with the final of the three best property investor apps.




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