Common Dental Disorders You Must Know

Common Dental Disorders

A beautiful smile is still a dream for many. A large population suffers from several dental disorders knowingly and unknowingly. These disorders arise mostly in the lack of proper oral hygiene and irregular visits to dentists for regular examination.

A good smile with healthy pearly whites will not only make you feel more confident and attractive but also helps the dentist to examine your general health by getting a look at your oral cavity. An expert with years of experience at a dental centre like TiDental can easily warn you about the health disorder you may be harbouring, as teeth are the primary organs to get affected.

This article comprises all the common dental disorders for your self-evaluation.

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Cavities are called as caries or tooth decay commonly. The areas affected by the cavities lead to permanent damage and chipping away of teeth. These appear like holes and cavities in your teeth. It occurs when the bacterial population grows rapidly due to the presence of leftover food particles in your mouth, leading to acid production and plaque formation. The acid on your teeth is strong enough to decay the enamel and dentin layer underneath. It gradually leads to permanent damage to your teeth.


Gum disease or Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. It occurs due to the constant build-up of plaque on your teeth due to the consistent poor brushing and flossing habits. The first signs are often disguised as bad mouth odor, gum swelling, and bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth. Untreated gingivitis leads to more severe infection knows as Periodontitis.


It is an infection affecting your gums due to the presence of bacteria left for long durations. However, if oral hygiene is maintained properly it can be reversed successfully. If left untreated, the bacteria spread throughout the jaw and erode the teeth completely. It can further initiate an inflammatory response through your body.

Cracks and Chipping

A tooth can crack and break as a result of an injury or trauma, grinding of teeth at night, chewing hard food, etc. A crack tooth is very painful and needs immediate expert’s attention. Contact your dentist and schedule an appointment without any delay.


If you feel any painful sensations while sipping your favorite mocha and tasting your favorite flavor of ice-cream, you might be suffering from Sensitivity. It is also referred to as “dentin hypersensitivity” at times. It occurs as a result of thicker enamel where nerve roots get exposed. It leads to an unpleasant sensation while sipping through hot and cold beverages.

Sensitivity sometimes occurs after some dental procedures like tooth whitening session, fillings and root canal treatments. If it is due to the above reasons, it will go away gradually after some time. However, it can also occur as a result of gum disease, receding gums, a cracked tooth and worn-down fillings or crowns in need of repair.

Most of the time, naturally sensitive teeth can be treated up to an extent by changing your daily oral hygiene regimen. Dentists usually recommend using toothpaste and mouthwashes especially designed for sensitive teeth. 

Oral Carcinoma

It includes cancer of Gums, Tongue, Lips, Cheeks, floor of the mouth and hard/soft palate. A dentist will be the one to recognise the first signs of oral carcinoma in a regular examination. He will probe and examine the oral cavity to identify any tissue that should not be there. Tobacco chewers and smokers are more likely to get oral cancer rather than those who do not indulge in such habits. The early diagnosis will affect the outcomes of prognosis.

Now that you have upgraded your knowledge about these common teeth disorders, schedule an appointment for dental care for yourself, or those you care about. Hurry up!!!



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