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Discord Bots are a simple and great way to increase the productivity on the and of the server. Discord bots help to fetch the important data, delivering notifications, scheduling events, moderating conversations, and many more. There are many uses of the discord bots. The word discord, itself tells that you are corded or attached to anything. And discord server can have a variety of bots, ranging from music, games and meme creator.

If you are new in the world of discord server, bots will help you out with everything you need.

Let us have a look of exciting discord bots out there

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Best Discord Bots of 2018

Dyno Discord Bot


 Dyno Discord Bot

Dyno Discord Bot is a multi-purpose bot for Discord servers. It can moderate servers to detect and ban spammers, it can search for music from Youtube.

James has reviewed the bot by saying, “I’ve read so many negative reviews but in my opinion, this is one of the best out there. packed with useful features and is regularly updated. other bots break down and disrupt servers but this one is really solid.”



GameStats Discord Bots

GameStats is a bot for servers in the voice-over-internet-protocol application Discord. It can track and display statistics from famous online multiplayer games.

Thomas makes a remark on GameStats by saying that, “I don’t think I can find any other suitable bot for a Discord server, especially for a gamer like me. The stats are just awesome and perfect for discord users.”



 Discord Bots

ErisBot is a large and stable bot, providing clean, crisp audio to hundreds of Discord guilds, along with easy to use, and highly configurable commands

Pamela uses the ErisBot and reviews, “Well I joined three servers, all use Eris and so far there are minimal glitches. Life becomes easier with music, and this bot brings quality music!”

Trivia Bot


 Trivia Discord Bots image

Trivia Bot is a bot that can be used in Discord servers. It delivers trivia games in the chats. It offers more than 3000 trivial questions over 24 categories, including anime, manga, sports, movies, tv series, and more.

Andrea reviews the trivia bot by saying, “Well as a fan of trivia, I always have loved that all the servers I join have it as a bot. I mean it is really useful to pass my time while I am queueing for my next Dota 2 game.”

Dank memer

Discord Bots

A discord bot that turns your dreams into memes. This bot allows you to share, create and use commands for your memes while enjoying a great time using Discord.

Robert is a young and jolly person, who loves to create memes. Well, who doesn’t? Robert uses dank memer bot and reviews it by saying, “A crazy website with Pepe memes flying around. Great for posting memes on Discord when you’re doing your little group chat thing there. Could use some tweaks here and there in terms of commands, but overall a great bot!”



Yggdrasil Discord Bots

Yggdrasil is a unique bot with a ton of fun commands. Its goal is to connect as much of Discord as possible, bringing fun everywhere!

Christian reviewed this fun factory bot as “Yggdrasil is a bot for Discord. It has a soundboard, games, phones and just general pranks. If you are looking for ways to prank someone this is probably a good place to start. Personally, I don’t think that it is appealing to me, but I’m not using discord for gaming fun. I’m sure it would fit into that environment much better. I tend to use it as a place to group chat with friends during sporting events. I think this fits the topic for some but not all.”


RuneInfo is the most feature-rich RuneScape Discord Bot. With 110 commands total, you won’t regret trying RuneInfo out today.

Doris says, “I love runeinfo bot! It lets you play Runescape right in the discord channel! You have over 100 commands, and it never gets boring quick!”



Discord Bots

MEE6 is a discord bot to help you manage your Discord server plugins wherein you can moderate and customize commands from welcoming new users with a message, and an automoderator mode.

Anna enjoys using the discord bots. She reviews the bot by saying, “If you’re managing a discord server this should be the first thing you install (after the Discord app of course). I love the custom commands and the auto mod. You can set it up so new members get a cheerful hello when they join. It’s intuitive and user-friendly.”



 Pollux Discord Bots

Pollux is a Discord bot focused on social and community interest. It wants to boost the interaction between users both in their own servers and cross-servers with general-purposes bots commands.

The Flicky says, “Pollux is built upon a heavily design-driven philosophy. She favours user friendliness and experience over an exacerbated branching of functionalities. Pollux characterized as a maid, helps you in your discord affairs while keeping the community entertained with Japanese mobage and gasha style systems for collectibles. Its cross-server and cross-service features are her strong points in integrating different communities.”


akinator Discord Bots

Aki is the Discord bot version of Akinator, the web genius an Internet game. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is.

Patricia reviewed the bot by saying, “Great discord bot. Easy to use. Not very popular though.”



 Kyoko Discord Bots

Kyoko is an open-source Discord bot that features an easy-to-use dashboard where users can create their own customizable accounts.

MethosPL who used the bot reviews that, “Kyoko Bot best music bot! commands like volume nightcore for free! and perfect quality”.

Groovy Bot

Groovy Discord Bots


Groovy Bot is a music bot for servers in the voice-over-Internet-protocol application, Discord. It has numerous controls for customization.

Music lover, Oskar, reviewed the bot as, “Groovy is a feature-rich and experienced music-bot for Discord.”



galaxy Discord Bots

GalaxyBOT is a Discord bot that allows users to step up their gaming experience. This bot offers users to manage and send messages, to access external emojis, and to connect with other gamers.

GalaxyBOT is a multipurpose bot, reviewed Hasan by saying, “Multipurpose bot with cool features to offer. * Fun commands * moderation commands, * weather commands, * google, * shorten links, * gamestats, * setting greet/farewell messages, * image manipulation * stable music Galaxy has no downtime. Galaxy has a fast ping and fast reply for her best performance! Also, keep in mind ping & uptime is our highest priority!”

Dumb Discord Bots

Although not all the times these discord bots will serve the purpose of being smart.
Here are 5 dumb things you can do with discord bots.

Dank Memer

Again, dank memer which was listed as the best bot is also listed on 1st position of dumb discord bots. With its bot listing riddled with floating Pepe’s faces, there should be no misconceptions as to what you’re getting into with Dank Memer. The commands that use the prefix ‘pls’ because of course, they do range from image manipulation, to silly sound gags, to outright memes. The memes, this bot assures us, are the darkest.

Each one of this bot’s commands is equal parts annoying and amusing. It’s the perfect bot for the misanthrope in all of us. But rest assured, some of the entertainment Dank Memer has to offer is merely groan-worthy:

Some of Dank Memer’s best commands are reserved for Patreon supporters. You can check out their page here.


Unlike Dank Memer, MatBot is a mix of useful commands and irreverent ones, and everything in between. With a suite of moderation and server management features, player stat fetching for games like Overwatch and Hearthstone, Twitch status updates, and more, this is a bot a lot of servers can put to good use. It also does this:

MatBot is loaded with trivia and games too, which will invariably absorb way too much of your server’s time. There are over 90 commands for this bot, and half of them are dumb. That’s a good thing.


The League of Legends-themed chatbot Gnar might be somewhat of a misnomer. While it does feature a couple LoL-specific commands, it gets the most use on Discord servers as a pretty well-featured music bot. But there’s one dumb command that means more to me than any of that, Gnar’s also got a number of comics, toys, and fun distractions built in to keep your server entertained, but for me, this one really takes the, uh, cake.


Bonfire is are and away the most comprehensive Discord bot I’ve ever seen. Its help menu features 21 pages of commands cleverly sorted in the chat window, with sections that cover anything from moderation and music playback, to memes and games. There’s even a Roulette game, where losers are systematically kicked from the server.

A number of bots feature games, and hangman is often among them. But Bonfire goes the extra mile, drawing ASCII gallows, and everything.

Bonfire’s seemingly endless list of commands can be a little daunting at first, but it provides a ton of great content without the need for a ton of bots in your server. I highly recommend it, and not just for the dumb stuff.

Guided Bot


Guided Bot is a great addition to gaming servers, keeping players in touch and on-schedule. Its command list isn’t extensive like some others on this list, with only five simple commands. But one of these, in particular, stands out, begging to be tried:

I don’t know what I expected. As with all dumb things, the server might want to abuse this command, spamming it at the drop of a hat. Which is what I did. That’s when it gets interesting.

Too many calls in a row produce this fierce little guy. That’s when you realize there’s more to this simple doge than meets the eye. Hidden within Guilded Bot is a crappy collectable doge mini-game. Nobody seems to know how many there are, or what it takes to unlock most of them, but it doesn’t stop people from trying all sorts of dumb stuff to complete their collection. It’s like crummy Pokemon.

Music Discord Bots

Rhythm bot

rythm Discord Bots

Rythm bot is a Discord music bot that has the ability to provide good music with high quality. At present, Rythm serves 1,692,627 servers.

Rosario reviews the Rythm bot by saying, “I love this discord music bot. It’s great to be able to pop in the channel while I’m gaming and with a few easy commands, I’m listening to music. Easy setup and anyone can use it.”



Fredboat is a free and no-configuration music bot for Discord. This music boat supports SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, and Vimeo.

Bruce reviewed the fredbot by saying, “Great music pushing service for blasting the airwaves with your soundwaves. Easy to set up…basic plug and play for that matter. Check out the command list for an overview of functionality, Load up your list and let’s rock em!”


Marv is a  music boat that is supported by different platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, Nico Nico and more.

Craig reviewed the Marv music bot by saying, “Music streaming at its best! Marv saved me from stress while on discord. I super love the commands that I can easily do for a better experience.”


amy Discord Bots

Amybot is a discord bot is a Discord bot that has many features. It is a music bot that allows you to stream music shutter free.

Marcela reviewed the Amybot by saying, “If your ideal fun is music, Amybot is what you exactly need. I personally can’t get enough of it”.



 Ayana Discord Bots

Ayana is a bot for discord that has multi features aside from good and high-quality music. It also offers different languages and lots of reaction images for fun purposes

Jason reviewed the Ayana bot by saying, “Ayana is a great little Discord bot. It offers a surprising amount of features with easy to use instructions. It makes using discord so much better. The images offered are fun to look at. I honestly have a hard time not using the bot now.”

Asada Shino

Asada Shino Discord Bots

Asada Shino is a Discord bot that offers user music search on YouTube. It also has different commands for a better music experience while on Discord.

Judith reviewed the bot Asada Shino by saying, “I have used the Asada Shino for a while now and I am very happy with it. You are able to use tons of commands and play some sound effects.”

24/7 music Bot


Image result for 24/7 music Discord Bots

24/7 is a Discord music bot that has the ability to play radio stream 27/7. This can also play music from YouTube.

Cody York loved the bot, he says, “best 1 I used so far set it and forget it”.

Bastion for discord

Bastion for discord bot

Bastion for Discord is a bot that has many features. It has a music bot that you can invite others to listen. It also has the features of level up roles

Anonymous group reviewed the bot by saying, “Bastion is a multi-purpose Discord bot which has an amazing music functionality. Last time I checked, it allows users to play, create custom playlists, pause, resume, adjust volume, see the queue, view lyrics, and much more. It’s a great bot for high-quality music.”


Vexera is a music bot for servers in the voice-over-internet-protocol service, Discord. It has a music playback feature controllable.

Lopho reviewed the bot as, “Vexera is a multipurpose high-quality discord music bot for your Discord server, with support for YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud and direct HTTP streams. It supports saving and loading entire queues into playlists, loading YouTube playlists into your queue and creating a shareable link that all Vexera users can use to listen to your queue.”


With this listings and sortings, you might have already become aware of all the cool discord bots out there. So, all the gamers and game developers got a very fair chance to use these bots to make the most of it. If you are discord server user and know some useful bots that are not mentioned out here, do feel free to drop your bots in the comment below. Do let us in know your review on the discord bots. For more such latest features and reviews, keep reading us.

You can get more information by watching this video “What’s The Best Discord Bot?”



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