Dog Pokémon: Ranking All The Best Canines In The Entire Franchise

Dog Pokémon

Dog Pokémon: Pokémon has undoubtedly been one of the most famous anime franchises in the whole world. Many of us used to love watching Pokémon as a kid, but many people are still crazy about this anime, which made our childhood so awesome.

In this Pokémon universe, there are a lot of Pokémon present, and one of the most loved Pokémon is Dog Pokémon. So if you want to find the best canines in the whole Pokémon universe, you have reached the right place. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the best Canines in the Pokémon universe and give you some detailed information about all dog pokemon you should have known about, but you don’t. So without wasting much time, let’s jump right into it.

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Dog Pokémon: Ranking All the Best Canines in the Entire Franchise



Rockruff is a mix-breed of a fox and dog. You must be thinking, what is this little pup doing on the top of this list, right? This little pup certainly cannot be considered as the most powerful Dog Pokémon. But then why have we ranked him on the top of the list? The answer is this little pup is the most adorable dog Pokémon in the whole Pokémon universe.

Rockruff is ranked on the top just because of his looks, novelty, design, and his adorable cuteness. It might sound a little off, but once you see how adorable he is, you will understand the reason why he is ranked on the top of the list.

Dog Pokémon:


2. Arcanine

Arcanine is solely famous for being strong. His brutality while fighting battles is unbeatable. Stats of Arcanine are off charts, and his capabilities are unmatchable if compared to other doggos.

With these specialties, Arcanine is always considered as one of the top names for fighting any competitive battle. Arcanines are also used as cop dogs, and they are well-known as warriors who have participated in many wars throughout the Pokémon history.

If you are thinking of a loyal companion who will always stand by your side and will help you in your battles, he is the best choice for you.

Dog Pokémon:


3. Growlithe

Growlithe is also known for being a puppy styled monster. Just like Arcanine, they are also trained to become a cop dog, to help cops with its amazing sense of smell. 

Growlithe is a fire type Pokémon who was one of the most important Pokémon back in the days of the beginning of the series in the 90s. It can also be considered as one of the OGs of Pokémon who was overtaken by other new Pokémon with time.

Growlithe can also be considered as a great companion, because of course, where can you find such a monstrous pup-face.

Dog Pokémon:


4. Zoroark

Zoroark is the evolved Dog Pokémon version of Zorua, who was also famous with the name Illusion Fox Pokémon. The evolved version of Zorua takes the level of illusions to a whole nother level. If you stay with a Zoroark for too long, you might face trouble telling any difference between reality and illusions.

The skill that Zoroark possesses makes her very special and dangerous to fight with. Along with her illusion of superpowers, there comes her fast pace and other special attacks, which makes her very brutal while fighting any battles.

Dog Pokémon:


5. Zorua (Cute Dog Pokémon)

Zorua is the small dog pokemon version of Zoroark, but don’t just underestimate her because she is small in size. She is no less than her grown-self, that’s why she is also known as Illusion Fox Pokémon. She is the goddess of mischief, and fighting her can be troublesome for you and your Pokémon.

Zorua is also famous for playing pranks on people with her skills of creating an illusion. And, if we keep her fighting skills on one side, the other side remains full of cuteness and beauty that she possesses.

Dog Pokémon:


6. Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix is one of the most beautiful and adorable Pokémon you will ever find. She is the smaller version of Vulpix, but still, she is on an upper rank than her for some obvious reasons. The brutal skills it possesses can be hard to fight, and it is almost unavoidable when she attacks her opponents.

They prefer living in groups, so that, they can keep themselves cold in tropical weather, and they can exhale at very low temperatures. She is also considered as the icy-version of her adult-self.

Dog Pokémon:


7. Zacian

Zacian is one of the most stylish kinds of Dog Pokémon, who is best known for its defense. He is also considered as the Fairy/Steel-type wolf Pokémon. They are the warrior Dog Pokémon who wields a crowned sword, which is in the form of a Hero of a Thousand Battles. Along with its defense, its offensive attacks are brutal as well.

The stats that Zacian shares are unbeatable by most of the Dog Pokémon mentioned in the list. Zacian’s appearance is somewhat similar to the leader of the Dark Souls franchise, Sif.

Dog Pokémon:


8. Zamazenta

There has been a story of a legendary Dog Pokémon from Galar, who worked with the king of Galar to save the realm of humans from an unknown threat. Zamazenta is known as the form of the Hero of a Thousand Battles. It is a majestic wolf-life monster, who is sleeping for years in a statue form until the present day.

Its stats focus on the same things as Zacian. Zamazenta is also famous for its defensive nature, and its tough shield is almost unbreakable. Zamazenta himself is considered as the shield that protects the realm of humans and Pokémon.

Dog Pokémon:

9. Yamper

If you like cute little puppies, then you might fall in love with this one. Yamper, with his tongue out and small legs, will make you fall for him in seconds. Yamper is an electric dog pokemon, and despite being cute, he can be helpful too. 

Sometimes, Pokémon trainers face some issues with their Pokeballs, which can be fixed by Dog Pokémon in seconds, which saves a lot of time, trouble, and money too.

Dog Pokémon:


10. Boltund

Boltund is also an electric dog pokemon, who can protect his master with his powerful bites. He is famous for being fast. He can run very fast without facing any strain. When he runs, the lightning can be seen flowing through his legs, which is quite amazing to see.

In a competitive fight, this Dog Pokémon can get an upper-hand with his speed in the battle. The electric-type Dog Pokémon are rarely found, so there’s still a lot to discover about these beasts.

Dog Pokémon:


11. Stoutland

Stoutland is the evolved Dog Pokémon version of Herdier. As hard as he looks with his looks, with a very long mustache and a dignified demeanor, he can strike that hard on his enemies as well. He is strong and can be helpful in any kind of competitive fights.

Stoutland specializes in brutal physical attacks that can take down many Pokémon, skilled or unskilled. He is often found in colder regions because of his thick fur coating on his body, which is most of his mustache grown way too long. Though, when it comes to speed, he is nowhere around many Pokémon due to his heavy body.

Dog Pokémon:

12. Herdier (Serious Dog Pokémon)

Beware, if you are a puppy lover, Herdier is not the right Dog Pokémon for you. Herdier, which is the smaller-self of Stoutland, is more of a serious dog who is loyal to his master. And just as his name implies, he is a famous herding dog from the Kalos region.

Even if it is a serious dog Pokémon, you need to take care of him very carefully, as its black fur can be troublesome in many ways. But taking care of him is worth it, as he would do anything for his master when the time comes.

Dog Pokémon:


13. Lillipup

Lillipup can be cute, adorable, and dangerous for its opponents at the same time. Even though he is small in size, he is courageous enough to not run away when a humongous enemy comes in front of him. He will put up a fight till the very end, even if his energy is exhausted.

His special smelling abilities as a dog Pokémon can also come in handy while looking for something which you lost somewhere. He also brings presents, he found, while roaming around places, which proves his loyalty to his master. Isn’t he adorable too?

Dog Pokémon:


If you have been playing the Pokémon games since the first generations, then you must have been really happy that we included Vulpix on our list. Vulpix is a fire-type Pokémon, which is the grown self of Alolan Vulpix.

Vulpix is considered one of the OG Dog Pokémon who are a part of this universe for a very long time. Though many people like Vulpix, only because she is adorable and cute.

Dog Pokémon:

15. Galarian Zigzagoon

Okay, Galarian Zigzagoon might not be a white dog pokemon, but it is a Raccoon type Pokémon, which can almost be considered in the Dog’s category. Galarian Zigzagoon is the most curious and confused Pokémon on the list.

This Pokémon is so adorable that instead of fighting it, people start playing with him. Isn’t that cute? We included this Pokémon in the list just so that it gets the appreciation for its Galarian diversity that it deserves.

Dog Pokémon:

16. Suicune

If you’ve got the chance to play the legendary Pokémon game, Pokémon  Crystals, then you must know about this Dog Pokémon, as it was on the cover of that game. Her specialty is that she wanders around the globe to find pure water, and she also purifies all the contaminated water bodies she finds on her way.

Her stats mainly focus on defense, but she can be a worthy opponent to fight. She might seem harmless at first with her actions, but if you try and bother her, she will show you that she is not the right one to mess with.

Dog Pokémon:


Thievul, as the name suggests, is known for stealing stuff without leaving any trace. She is the adult-version of little Nickit. This Dog Pokémon is famous for conducting heists, which cannot be traced at all. She can be really useful if you are planning on stealing something, though don’t do that, that’s wrong.

When it comes to skills, her stakeout capabilities are what make her strong in any competitive fights. If you are planning to fight her, be ready to face a lot of difficulties, because she can get away from any kind of things you have planned for her in the battle.

Dog Pokémon


18. Nickit

As we talked earlier, Nickit is the younger-self of Thievul. She is also a trickster, just like her adult-self. But at the same time, she is very cute and adorable as well. Though don’t fall for her cuteness, she can steal anything from you by taking advantage of it.

She may not possess much fighting skills and abilities, but if you love peace around you, she won’t bother you. When she walks, it’s almost as if no one is around. Her soft pad on her feet doesn’t create any noise when she moves, that’s what makes her so perfect to steal anything without letting anyone know.

Dog Pokémon


19. Braixen

Braixen is one of the best dog Pokémon we have got on our list. She is a fire type Pokémon, who can be considered as a very good companion in any battle you fight. Not just that, but she is one of the cutest Pokémon you will ever encounter. A cute Pokémon, who can fight battles for you, just how better can it get?

If you choose her as your companion, you won’t regret your decision at any point. Also, she is the grown-self of Fennekin, who is right below her in this list.

Dog Pokémon


Just like her adult-self, Braixen, she is also a fire-type dog Pokémon. She is even cuter than her adult-self, just like a puppy. 

She cannot fight battles because she doesn’t carry many abilities other than setting small stuff on fire. But she can make anyone fall in love with her cuteness. Though, she will always be prepared to get into one. You can always judge by her looks that she is aggressive and ready to fight battles anytime you want.

Dog Pokémon


Entei is one of the best dog Pokémon you would love to have. The reason is that as big and aggressive he looks, he is not. He is more of a calm, majestic, and quiet kind of Pokémon who is very loyal to his master. Entei is a fire-type dog Pokémon from generation 2, who is also identified as “Embodying the passion of magma”. 

There is an interesting belief that the Pokémon universe has about Entei. According to some cultures, the rumors are that whenever this calm creature roars, a volcano erupts. Isn’t that pretty amazing? 

Entei is also famous for his attacking skills. He is fast and brutal with his attack, so beware if you are going against him. But if you are thinking of him as your companion, there cannot be a better choice than him.

22. Houndoom

Houndoom is the adult dog Pokémon version of Houndour. If you don’t fear this dark Pokémon, then you should. He is one of the wildest and vicious Pokémon known. His abilities and skills prove every point of viciousness. His one of the best special abilities is that he spills venom, and you sure wouldn’t like to mess up with this one. He is also very fast and can get to you within seconds from a very far distance.

Well, not only his brutal capabilities of spilling venom, and speed, but his mega evolution is what makes him a more badass and a very tough enemy to fight with.

23. Houndour

If you are underestimating this Dog Pokémon just because he is small in size, then you’re mistaken. Houndour is the younger-self of Houndoom, and just like him, he is also a dark-type Pokémon. He is a fire-type Pokémon who is not the one to mess with. He is one of the fiercest Pokémon who can tackle down anyone who comes in his way, with his brutality. 

Houndour is mostly famous because of his guarding skills. His early bird skill keeps him awake almost all the time, making him the best Pokémon to guard your stuff.

24. Furfrou

Furfrou is the kind of white dog pokemon whom you might not find harmful by looks, but she can be brutal in competitive fights. Don’t underestimate her by her looks, she looks normal, but isn’t. It is also said that she used to be the Guard of the King of Kalos in medieval times.

She comes with the prettiest haircut, with her attitude on her nose in competitive fights, and everyone thinks she is just a showoff until she starts showing off her skills. When needed, she can be the most brutal Pokémon you might have to face.

25. Granbull

There’s not much to talk about Granbull, as his evolution is what makes him one of the strongest opponents you might have faced. As tough Granbull might look, he is not, he is one of the softest Pokémon you might have ever encountered. He gets scared in the difficult times, and he is not the one you pick up for a fight.

But don’t even think that he is useless, wait for this dog Pokémon to evolve properly, and you will not regret it even for a second.

26. Snubbul

Snubull, who is also called as the fairy Pokémon by the Pokedex, is fairly just a pink dog Pokémon with a bulldog’s face. All this Pokémon needs is love and attention, don’t fall for her looks, she might look as if she doesn’t care, but deep down she is craving for all the love you might want to offer.

27. Zigzagoon

We know what you are thinking, Zigzagoons are raccoons, right? Well, yes, but they don’t give any vibes of being a raccoon. They are peaceful and as loyal as a dog Pokémon. They might not be the ones to participate in battles, but they are one of the most adorable Pokémon you can find in your way. Don’t forget to shower all the love you have on them.

Though they don’t possess any fighting skills, their picking ability might come in handy. Keeping one around will always help you find some precious stuff they might have found by accident.

28. Mightyena

Mightyena is the evolved version of Poochyena. This white dog pokemon is undoubted, one of the fiercest Pokémon, you would not find it relevant to mess things up with her. She is one of the most brutal attackers in competitive fights. She can be a nuisance to anyone who is at war with her, but her stats are not off-charts if considered.

Her abilities in hunting and traveling in the wild might help you, and her loyalty will not let her master down at any point.

29. Poochyena

This silver-type pokemon, Poochyena, as mentioned earlier, is the younger-self of Mightyena. She is as lazy as she looks, but when the time comes, she proves herself useful. She can be a great partner if you raise her from a very young age. Raising her from a young age builds an emotional attachment for this sensitive pokemon with her trainer.

As loyal as she is, when she grows up to be Mightyena, she can be useful in many ways too. From fighting battles to other difficult stuff, she would always be by your side.

30. Manectric

Manectric is the evolved dog pokemon version of Electrike, but don’t think of him just as a small-sized pokemon. He can be trouble if encountered. This spiky pokemon is aggressive and always ready to fight for his master. Though he is not the fiercest pokemon and can be tackled down if fought properly.

Keeping him as your companion would not be a bad choice, as it evolves into a spiky, stronger version of himself, which might come in handy probably in the future.


So, that’s it from us on all the best Dog Pokémon you might have loved to know about. We ranked all the best canines of the Pokémon franchise as we saw fit. Then, we also discussed everything in detail about all the Pokémon mentioned, giving you the best of our knowledge. 



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