EmailChecker Review: Get Rid of Fake Mails & Increase Your ROI

EmailChecker Email Verification Review

In the era of digital marketing where email marketing plays a significant role, it has become essential to keep checking your email list and remove the ones that are invalid or fake. Your email delivery rate is severely affected if your bounce rate is high, which can happen because of fake emails, but with EmailChecker, you can sort out your email list quickly.  

Here in this article, we will be discussing more regarding the Email Checker tool, its benefits pricing and the reason why we recommend it for your email list. Let us dive in.  

What is EmailChecker?  

If you are running an email list building ad campaign, using newsletters to create a list of long-term customers or readers, you will be receiving hundreds of fake emails and spams for sure. These fake mails affect your delivery rate and may lead to account suspension as well. 


Therefore, it is necessary to add a step of email verification and protect your mail listing from fake and spammy emails. One of the best tools to do this is Emailchecker which an extensive database of verified emails. 

With Emailchecker, you can verify the emails in a few clicks and protect your email listing. Many organizations use it for keeping their email list spam-free. Email Checker helps in increasing the ROI by terminating invalid email addresses, hard bounces, disposable emails, and spam traps.   

Benefits of using EmailChecker 

There are several benefits of using Email Checker where protecting from fake mails remains a significant feature, but there are some additional benefits of using email checker, read below. 

1. Syntax & Format Checking

This feature of Emailchecker takes care of the essential email address criteria such as placement of “@” symbol in a mail address. 

2. Domain Checking 

Domain name checking features helps in checking whether the domain is valid or not and that the email address is configured to accept emails. For example, if you want to send an email to [email protected], Emailchecker will verify whether the domain is resolved or not. It will also check if [email protected] is configured to send and receive emails. 

3. Mailbox Checking:  

This feature is the best thing about email checker as it checks whether the address segment before “@” is a valid mailbox. This feature is hard to find in other email checker tools, which makes Emailchecker stand out the other providers.   

4. B2B Verification:  

Email Checker has a separate cloud platform for business to business which is faster and can meet the expectations of a B2B mail list.  

5. Rich Email Verification:  

With more than 19,961,682,349 verified emails in their database, Emailchecker is one of the most reliable and best tools to verify emails. It helps in removing unverified emails and maintaining the highest possible delivery rates for you. 

6. Yahoo Verification:  

Email Checker offers the best Yahoo and Ymail verification service that other email verification tools may not give. The ultimate Yahoo email verification feature in its Real-time API delivers accurate results.   

7. Instant verification: 

Email Checker provides a quick way to verify email through your Email checker dashboard account.  

8. Integrations: 

This feature makes Emailchecker unique as it provides separate integration for every client. This feature helps you to submit an automated batch file and retrieve it using batch API, FTP  or manual upload.   

9. Temporary Email Address: 

This feature of email checker helps in detecting disposable emails within your email list. It flags suspicious emails and informs you immediately.  

10. 24×7 Server Uptime: 

Email Checker aims to provide 99.9% server uptime for its API and dashboard services across Europe, the USA, and South Africa.    

11. Rectification of Errors: 

There is an optional error correction tool which terminates minor invalid character, slashes, and spaces that are not a part of an email address. This feature helps in retaining a valid user who mistakenly added unnecessary characters in its email. 

Email Checker Pricing 

Email Checker has a plethora of features that make your email marketing campaign successful. All of these features come at a price, and Emailchecker plans start from $10 to up to $2499. The plans work on credits basis, which means you will receive credits on purchasing a particular plan, we have listed the price chart below. 

Price in $  Credits 
14  1000 
29  2500 
49  5000 
69  10000 
89  15000 
129  25000 
199  50000 
299  100000 
499  250000 
799  500000 
1249  1000000 
2499  2500000 


What services does Email Checker offer? 

Email Checker not only checks your email list to remove spam emails but also offers other services, let us see below. 

  • Email List Verification 

The process of verifying emails in your mail list is easy. All you have to do is upload your mail list in .txt or .csv format and start verification. You can upload lists containing up to 500,000 records in one go. Additionally, you can drag and drop your file on the upload screen and wait for the verification process to get over. Once done, you can download the final result and use it for email marketing. 

  • Catch all verification services 

This service is curated to work with B2B batch API where a file that goes under the traditional check process and cleaned results are sent to you. Emails that are left out in the first verification process are once again sent for the verification process, and the invalid emails are flagged. 

  • Real-time Verification API 

Real-time API verification increases the speed of email verification, which means the API system can check the email while that a user is entering in the form. It checks the domain, syntax, and mailbox for proper verification of an email. 

  • Drupal from Integration 

Email Checker has created an integration, especially for Drupal that will perform verification of mail addressed entered by users while signing up on a Drupal website. The integration works with Drupal version 7.  


So, this was our review of the Emailchecker service that is a lifesaver for email marketers who regularly send marketing emails to their email list. Email checker helps in increasing the ROI and also saves your account from getting suspended due to a high bounce rate.  

Overall, the service is commendable and helpful in many ways. In this article, we have thoroughly discussed Emailchecker focusing on the features and the solutions it offers to the users.  



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