GB Instagram: All You Need to Know Its Features

gb instagram

Instagram is the most popular social networking application owned by Facebook. Well, you can share your pictures, videos, and also amazing stories on Instagram. And now, the amazing update of the IGTV has made it even more amazing and popular.

But people find it really very irritating that it won’t allow you to download the pictures and videos and stories of other accounts from Instagram. Well, there is a valid reason for it, that Instagram, or known as ‘Insta’ concerns a lot about the security as well as the privacy of other users, so they won’t allow any third party to save other person’s photos, videos as well as stories.

So, the last resort you have is that you could click the screenshot of any picture. But then you have to do a lot more like cropping it and further editing that particular screenshot. And let me tell you that, it is very time consuming and also reduced the quality of pictures. Also, it is only applicable to the pictures. And you still won’t be able to get the videos as well.

And if you are looking to download the amazing videos, pictures as well as stories directly from Instagram, then you are at the right place. As today I am going to share with you the features of the most amazing application the GB Instagram. Which provides you with all the amazing features of Instagram but a lot more amazing features as well. So, let’s just move further and take a look at the Most amazing and impressive features of the GB Instagram.


Features of GB Instagram

1. Mark any conversation with a star

Well, the GB Instagram allows you to mark any conversation with a star, which shows that a particular conversation is important or should be noticed before the other one. It is a very amazing feature which allows you to give special preference to those who are important to you.

2. To Hide the Seen from the stories

You can hide the seen from the stories. So, all those whom you follow will never get to know if you have seen their stories or not. And there will be no seen of yours on their stories if you don’t want it to be there. It is a very impressive feature and worth loving. You are surely going to love it for sure. Also, it provides you many advantages as well.

3. Able to download the pictures, videos as well as stories

Well, the most amazing as well as most important feature of the GB Instagram is that it allows you to download the amazing pictures, videos as well as stories from other accounts directly through the GB Instagram itself. So, your problem of downloading the videos, pictures as well as stories will be solved. So, from now, you don’t have to suffer if you like any story, or any video or picture. As you can simply download it at your fingertips.Some of the most important feautres you may also know with the help of this video:

So, these were some of the most amazing features of the GB Instagram. And many more amazing features are there as well.



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