Clean air, longer life: benefits of having an air purifier at home

Clean air, longer life: benefits of having an air purifier at home
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One of the reasons why most homes have polluted air is the lack of enough ventilation. Homes with little ventilation are more likely to trap pollutants such as dust, and dust is more common in homes than in any other place. As such, an air purifier might be the right fix for this widespread issue.

How do Air Purifiers Work?

If you live in a city with excellent water quality, you are likely to drink from the tap. If not, you rely on water filters to make water more portable.

It is the same case with air purifiers. Air purifiers are known to take subpar oxygen from homes and filter it. They make sure all nastiness not visible to the naked eye is gone. Below are some of the benefits of installing air purifiers in your home.


Better air quality

Air purifiers are known to absorb dirt and dust mites, meaning pollutants won’t be resting in corners. With air purifiers, homeowners are able to more efficiently keep homes clean, reducing the amount of debris.

Ultimately, clean air is essential in every home for the overall quality of life. This is especially important if you have a family member who has allergies or asthma.

Even with what seems to be a clean environment, the air has invisible particles like mold. These particles are known to aggravate existing allergy sensitivities. Having the right air purifier will ensure these particles are filtered out and will allow family members to breathe easy and relax.

Clean air helps you get better sleep

Did you know rest is known to improve cognitive abilities and reduce depression? Sleeping can be difficult if people suffer from sinus headaches, sneezing, and stuffy noses. Such scenarios are a result of having dander, dust, and mold particles in your bedroom. Air purifiers with advanced filters clean air of particles that cause such problems.

Having air purifiers in your home will lead to better sleep, ensuring you make the most out of your days. Knowing your living and sleeping space is free of polluted air will give you peace of mind. It will ensure you sleep better and face the next day with a clear and replenished body. Air purifiers will ensure you have one less thing to worry about. It will decrease cortisol levels, which reduces stress.

Increase air circulation

Most people caulk, insulate, and seal their homes during the winter. By doing so, they prevent their homes from being chilly in the cold seasons. However, it also locks in air pollutants. With air purifiers, the circulation of oxygen in your home will continue with no interruptions. To improve air circulation without air purifiers, you need to keep doors and windows open often.

There are numerous ways to circulate clean air in your home, and the best is having air purifiers. Air purifiers can circulate air about six times a day depending on the model. Circulating air frees particles from surfaces, allowing air purifiers to trap them. Make sure you check the air delivery rating (ADR) of a purifier before purchasing. A functional unit should circulate the air in a room five to six times a day.

Cutting out carbon dioxide

Many homes have the desire to help reduce carbon footprint. By trapping air, it means breathing in more significant concentrations of carbon dioxide. However, large amounts of carbon dioxide are poisonous and could lead to death. Symptoms of heavy carbon dioxide intake include drowsiness, headaches, nausea, and shortness of breath.

It is highly unlikely you will suffer the worst consequences of too much carbon dioxide but it is worth noting that air purifiers clean the air help clean the atmosphere and circulate clean, filtered air. As such, air purifiers reduce the risk of inhaling large amounts of carbon dioxide. No one should lose focus on the quality of the air we breathe. Trapping air in large quantities could be dangerous in the long run.

Removing triggers of Asthma attacks

When you are inside your home, you are considered to be at a high priority public health risk. Homes are where most asthma triggers are. Asthma triggers include carbon monoxide, dirt, dust, dry skin cells, smoke, and sprays. You could also be having cockroaches in your home. Both are known triggers for asthma attacks. New carpets are also a threat, as they tend to release fumes.

If these fumes remain in the air, these substances can be inhaled and be a cause for asthma. Tiny airborne particles are known to cause the most damage. Establishing air purifiers at home is necessary to fight asthma triggers. Air purifiers specifically created to combat and remove small airborne particles are best suited for homeowners with asthma. They will help reduce the chances of an asthma attack.

How do you choose the right air purifier?

Knowing what you need and want

Air purifiers come with various distinctions and have different price points. To find the best air purifier, you need to determine what you need and verify how much you are willing to shell out for one.

After establishing the requirements, such as size, weight, and color, you can narrow down your reason for getting a new air purifier. Do you want to replace your existing air purifier? Make sure you check the cost of replacing and buying a new air purifier. The best option is going for a purifier for one room. Prices of purifiers will depend according to the purpose.

Choose purifiers which have HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air)

HEPA filters are known to trap particles and are highly effective and efficient in trapping particles. They are known to remove nearly 100% of air pollutants, such as dust mites and molds. HEPA filters are known to remove particles which are 3 microns in diameter. They help combat particles which lead to asbestos.

These types of air purifiers are favorites, as they remove a majority of air pollutants. They are not effective, however, in eliminating tobacco smells or odours from other sources.

Bottom line

If you are interested in having clean air, make sure you have air purifiers. They are a convenient way of removing air pollutants in your home.

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