How Does Questing Differ from Wow Classic vs Vanilla

How Does Questing Differ from Wow Classic vs Vanilla

Know the main differences when it comes to questing in the two versions of World of Warcraft

Questing has become one of the many ways of leveling up in an MMORPG. Many titles have already adopted this form of letting players undertake a certain amount of tasks in exchange for some sort of reward. This has been going on for years now and was present even during the early years when gaming was still a budding concept. Can you believe it? Besides the purpose of leveling up your character, quests are also a great way to farm currency–in this case, WoW Classic gold. Gold is the main source of almost all things in both versions of World of Warcraft. The Vanilla and Classic version has always had quests that players can choose to take whenever they need some currency to spend WoW Classic Items. Unbeknownst to some, you can get certain items as rewards when doing quests! While many point out the similarities of these two versions, just how do they both differ in terms of questing?

Questing in World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic has always been known as the game that goes back into the old days where everything, when compared to the current games that we have today, was harder and requires more effort to accomplish certain tasks. The same applies to questing. There aren’t a whole lot of quests that you can do in the Classic version compared to the WoW Vanilla, partly because the retail version of World of Warcraft gets more updates now and then; and with the recent addition of the newest expansion, there’s a lot more stuff to do. Meanwhile, in the Classic version, the quests are the same as you’d remember them to be if you played the game during its baby steps–back when Blizzard wasn’t this colossal company that created games for profit. As such, there’s only so much that you can do to get WoW Classic Gold and WoW Classic Items. Quests can take longer in WoW Classic as well. Thanks to the old school experience, quests tend to get lengthy and more difficult to complete. With a chunk of the game put into completing quests, it can be seen as a chore or a hassle to do in the eyes of a newbie player that’s looking to dive into MMORPGs.

You have to remember that Classic is over 15 years old. The story has already unfolded and this results in players having extensive knowledge of what’s to come. There’s no word yet if WoW Classic will be receiving a huge update or perhaps even the addition of the first expansion that was ever released back then, but we’ve got our fingers crossed because it needs it. Questing has been an okay experience in Classic, but players have been wanting more since this version came out. It’s only a matter of time before the players look for another game to play because of the lack of “new” content.


Questing in World of Warcraft Vanilla

World of Warcraft Vanilla has always been the “better” sibling of the two, simply because everything can be done faster and has a more polished feel to it. Since the gameplay is much more streamlined, questing in WoW Vanilla can be done easily and has a more coherent feel to it; although this also means that the quests can be a tad bit too linear. Besides that, the Vanilla version of WoW has a lot more quests that you can pick and choose from. Thanks to the constant updates that this version has been having over the years, it’s now sprawling with content. However, the downside is that since everything can be accomplished in a flash, it’s very easy to get to the endgame. Whether or not this is a pro or a con is completely subjective to the player, but just know that the main goal of playing WoW Vanilla is to get to the endgame. The endgame is regarded by the community as “where the fun begins”. It’s where everything starts to open up for you in terms of content, items that you can collect, and much more challenging quests that you can take on.


The difference between how questing works in both versions of World of Warcraft is like night and day. You can see how World of Warcraft back then versus how it has progressed to what is now. In Classic, it can get a bit grindy when you’re trying to earn WoW Classic Gold to purchase WoW Classic Items, but if you’re a fan of the old school style of playing an MMORPG then this is for you. On the other hand, the Vanilla version of WoW is much more streamlined which makes the process of taking on quest easier. Which of the two versions do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts about questing down below!




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