3 Ways Technology Is Streamlining The Preconstruction Process

echnology Is Streamlining
echnology Is Streamlining

You may have heard this – there is no substitute for the preconstruction phase. If not, then you might be unaware of what is coming next. Here is an overview that will provide you what is that you are going to read below,

Then we will discuss some technologies that are providing a significant impact on the construction industry.

There is one bonus information related to the construction industry’s leading equipment mentioned below.

At last, we will read about three ways of how technology has made the preconstruction process more efficient and effective. Now, without further ado, let us begin by understanding what the preconstruction process is.


What is the preconstruction process?

The preconstruction process or preconstruction phase is the time period before the actual start of the construction work. This is the phase where all the architectural designs, budget, objectives, schedule, and blueprints are reviewed.

The main reason to go through all these reviewing processes is to minimize any chances of wastage of material and human resources throughout the project. In the preconstruction process, there are numerous contractor meetings to discuss any small changes or to discuss ideas to speed up the construction work, etc.

The budget of the project is something that cannot be neglected in the preconstruction process because a small change in a budget can create havoc. An expert should be appointed to look over the budget until the completion of the project.

If you are a person who craves information, here is some extra detail on what other things take place during the preconstruction process. (Not in particular order)

1: Engineering

2: Scope of the project

3: Creating an execution plan

4: Making basic designs

5: Creating a budget

6: Procurement plan

7: A list of all equipment that will be used in the project

8: Evaluation of the site

9: Creating a schedule to avoid hindrance

These are some parts of the preconstruction process that are not limited to only the above-mentioned points.

Let us now read about the technologies that are impacting the construction industry:

Mobile Phones

With the introduction of smartphones or tablets, it has become more accessible for people to communicate and get updates of the site visually. Moreover, mobile technologies have served in such a way that you don’t require to be present in important meetings if you are out of reach. Video call options can be widely used for such purposes.

Altogether, mobile tech keeps the project moving forward without wasting an extra amount of time.

Building Information Modeling

BIM is a software that designs a 3D model of what the project intends to create. 33% of builders are currently making full use of BIM as it saves the paper printing work.

The software has made it easy for experts to collaborate and edit the design easily according to their perspective. This may be very time taking in case of 2D paper drawing that can be used to place traffic cones on the job site. BIM provides a complete picture of the project, which makes it easy for the user to solve any problems or redesign the art.


Drones happen to be one of the most common technologies that are being used today by the construction industry. The secure control system and the low price have made it popular in surveying the worksite accurately and quickly.

Another reason why drones are popular is because of its reach, and it can reach tall towers, buildings, bridges, and places where normal people cannot reach plus where safety cannot be compromised.

How technology made the preconstruction process more efficient and effective?

Faster completion of projects

Due to the integration of technologies like mobile phones and laptops in the preconstruction phase, the project work is completed at a faster rate. How? The communication and transaction are super fast with the help of mobile technology, and drones are quicker and accurate than humans in evaluating the site.


Today there are many tool firms collaborating and working towards a common goal. All thanks to technologies such as – BIM, which helped many companies to work together and share ideas for making successful 3D models.

Companies are getting linked due to advancing technologies like drones services and artificial intelligence.

Prevention, Safety and Convenient

The whole concept of preconstruction is to minimize the wastage of resources involved. Due to technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, drones, and mobile phones, it has become possible to do so.

AI/ML – It helps to prevent injuries on-site, plus checks what quantity or equipment is required for any specific work. It is, ultimately saving resources.

Drones – It can reach places where a human being can risk its life, thus providing safety.

Mobile phones – Make communication easy, the transaction of money and products, get project updates without being physically present on site.

Final Words

The bottom line is one – preconstruction is the initial step that cannot be overlooked as it is the phase that decides the outcome.

Two – It is essential for us to learn and make use of technologies as much as we can in order to reach our specific goals. Moreover, this is for safety, convenient, and less stressful life.



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