How to Use Bitcoins in Everyday Life?

Bitcoins in Everyday Life

In the world of business, cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic of discussion for a few years now. There still exists a particular mystery around them that baffles people, but investors who have caught on to the trend are already making significant amounts of money from bitcoin trading. Moreover, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, very much like any other currency in the world, has been a blessing in disguise. As the rates have gone down, people are now able to use their cryptocurrency with ease in everyday life.

It is after seeing this trend that more and more governments, as well as businesses, are opening up to the benefits of bitcoins. Making transactions more straightforward and keeping in mind the privacy factor, it’s encouraging to see places such as Isle of Man open doors for blockchain industries while countries like Malta and Switzerland work towards changing laws to accommodate cryptocurrencies. As a result, we can presently see a change in cryptocurrency usage, with quite a few institutions accepting bitcoins very much like any other form of money.

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1.Online Casinos

The online casino industry is among the most promising and supportive when it comes to experimenting with new and unique ideas. From taking age-old gambling games and making them available in the palm of our hands to allowing cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, there is so much to this industry that is remarkable. However, to avoid any issues, most leading online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies typically convert them into common currency as soon as they are transferred into the account. However, with exclusive bitcoin online casinos in the making, this issue will soon be over as well.

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Whether you call it the myth or the lure of cryptocurrencies, but the trend is so popular with the present-day generation that it has become a tremendous marketing force. A perfect example of this is the Bitcoin Bucket by KFC that not only went viral but added a sense of authenticity to the whole operation even if the promotions by the company were full of sarcasm. Available only in select Canadian restaurants, it shouldn’t be long before other chains and restaurants join up the blockchain train.

3.Online Shopping

The ease of trade that cryptocurrencies promise make them ideal for online shopping. One of the biggest supporters of bitcoins is Microsoft who allows buying of apps and games from their Play Store using bitcoins. Similarly, there are online stores that sell household items such as furniture and decorations who accept bitcoins as a way of payment. Another interesting change to come up in recent months is that several businesses are opening up to different types of cryptocurrencies and not just sticking with bitcoins.


When we look at the rising fares of air travel and hotel, it seems natural to use cryptocurrencies for transactions. The idea behind cryptocurrencies in the first place was to make large transactions simpler, without any excess fees, and quick. While there is still a lot to be desired from the airline industry, portals such as Expedia are open to bitcoin transactions. However, they have strict policies for the same, including no refunds, which makes sales a little tricky. Nevertheless, it is the right step towards bitcoin usage which can only go up from here.



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