Hunter Assassin Complete Guide for Beginners

Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide
Play right the Hunter Assassin

Do you also love gaming and recently downloaded the Hunter Assassin? Hunter Assassin is really fun game and comes under both puzzles and action genres. The game can be played both on iOS and Android smartphones. If you’re new to the game then don’t worry and I will give you the complete Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide like hacks, tips for your better understanding.

Through this article, you can also unlock different game characters. Also, learn to choose your exact character requirement.

I know what you are waiting for, let’s not waste your precious time. Check it out what you were for:

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Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide: Basics & Controls of the Game:

Basics and the controls are very usual like the other games and easy to use while playing. But you have to be very conscious while deciding your approach for the Hunter Assassin.

Your main objective would be to kill the guards in the game that too without being spotted. A guard’s line can be easily spotted and always will move in a regular pattern, so anticipating their moves or staying away out of sight of these guards.

As the level rises the more guards will be added to make the level harder. The regular pattern can only be found in easy levels but as the level will rise pattern difficulties will also increase.

You can tap the screen to control your movement and tap on any of the guards that come to your sight, the robotic version of you will find a way to reach to that guard. But try to do yourself rather than being automated. Automation might lead you to be sighted.

Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide: Be strategical with the routes

As soon as you will start playing the game, you will explore the best routes to your game, I am sorry I can’t exactly tell you the best direction, each game has its own uniqueness. Just tap in a sequence to get from one point to another rather than tapping once and jumping too far off distance.

It will be easy to foresight how guards’ changes the routes. If you missed guards, guards are going to catch you. So the best option is to make a strategical approach for the game and to the rescue.

Tap the screen on behind corner, then tap to get behind the crate. Now, tap another corner and land behind the guard. This can be the easiest strategy to approach things.

But always stay cautious, to change the route. If something suddenly happens, just tap on another map and recalculate your optimal route once more.

Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide: Have Patience

Though the game is very immediate for the play, be patient until the time guards don’t get into an optimal position. I found it quite important, as you will get up through the levels their numbers increase so difficulty would.

If you see a bunch of guards on your screen, patience would make your approach safe, simple to get under cover to wait. Once the guards spread you can get out and change your position.

Even when you counter the guards on a narrow corridor. Wait for them to get out first else, you can’t rush forward to them. Try to take an easy route.

Hunter Assassin Game Guide

Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide: Spotted or Shot At!

Try to play easy. It’s not necessary your game is over if you’re spotted or shot at. Though it might be quite difficult sometimes, kudos! you can still win the game.

Don’t panic, if guards catch you, the situation’s still under control – just run away for the cover.

If guards shoot you, just try to rush towards the enemy and take them out or run away and just look for a better chance to attack. You won’t be able to heal with time, your belly can’t take many bullets. But you always have some room to wiggle.

Tip: Don’t panic on the attack, try another strategy for your approach.

Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide: Grab All the Bonuses

You will get bonuses for everytime you cross 10 stages. Bonuses would be the free diamonds that you can use to unlock the new characters. The stages might include ads.

Tip: Watch the ads to double your rewards

You can add some more diamonds to score from the mission menu you can earn 200 diamonds or open the gift box to earn 500 diamonds.

You can use utilize these offers, to get help as you will require a Ton of diamonds.

Tip 2: Complete all the everyday missions to earn diamonds quickly.

Hunter Assassin Beginners Guide: Unlock New Characters

Difficult? Huh! No, all you need to follow the ‘Bonus tips’ to add a new characters to your characters list.

Getting a new character can be quite expensive if you don’t complete the daily missions you won’t be able to get a new character. As your first character can cost 1,000 on the second character will cost 5,000 the third character will cost 10,000 and the cost rises in this way.

Tip: Don’t depend on daily missions if you do then you might have to wait a lot to unlock a new character.

Hunter Assassin Game Guide

Where to get the New Character?

If you think you have sufficient to diamonds to buy a new character then hit that ‘Upgrade assassin’ button. There are 10 characters some are very awesome, and some are worse.

Best Characters

You will find two different things in individual characters. One is strength and the other one is health. The characters with strength boost will get upgrade by 10%, 20%, 30%, & 40%. But the characters with a health get boosts of 30% uptil 120%.

Suggestion: Get the character as per your need as Strength will let you improve your statics. Whereas, health will let improve your game.

Turning off Those Irritating Ads

Though you can double your diamonds, also these ads can be really irritating. Good News! You can turn them off! All you need is to activate the “No Ads” feature in the upper left corner with the help of premium experience

Benefit: Not only ads will go deactivated, but also featured characters will go unlocked.

Afraid to see the premium price? Don’t worry! You can still turn off them. Just turn off your WiFi or the Mobile Internet. I agree you will go offline but you can still play the game.

Hunter’s Assassin Beginners Guide: The End

By the end of this article, you know about the game’s basics and controls, how to play, what to do when you get caught or being shot. Just follow the tips, suggestions, and benefits. And enjoy gaming!

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If you have any suggestions, questions for me. I’ll be happy to help!



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