Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup Solution

Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup Solution

A Microsoft backup solution offers MSPs a new revenue opportunity

One of the key benefits of MSPs offering quality O365 backup solutions is that they can help grow your bottom line. The simple truth is that the more privacy MSPs offer their customers, the more they can charge for their services. Customers see more value and are more willing to pay for an MSP’s services when they receive better protection.

Having the ability to restore a backup the moment you think you’ve lost important information can greatly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Microsoft backups assist in closing retention gaps

Microsoft 365 retention policies are not backups. Rather, it is designed to help organizations comply with rules, regulations, and internal policies that require the retention or deletion of content. However, even if you choose to use retention policies instead of backups, those policies are difficult to maintain, let alone monitor. Backups facilitate recovery with longer, more accessible retention periods that are protected and stored in one place.


Microsoft backups deliver security from the risks of internal hazards

Threats to our business usually come to mind when we discuss how to protect ourselves from outside forces. But insider threats also affect many organizations and are more common than you might think. Best-in-class recovery solutions reduce the chances of critical data being stolen, lost, or destroyed. If you choose a good provider like Apps4rent, they help you to set up virtual desktops with Windows 365 Cloud PC Services and make your business more secure while with authenticate user login to access your data from anywhere.

Microsoft backups save from failures brought on by external threats

As ransomware becomes more sophisticated, criminals are finding new ways to contact other users to encrypt all company data and click random links. Data lost during an attack can be easily restored from backups. Therefore, it is important to always back up your data regularly.

Microsoft backups present security against unintended data deletion

This is the most common reason for data loss in Microsoft 365. Whether you delete a user or not, the deletion is replicated across the network. This data can be restored from Microsoft 365 or on-premises Exchange backups.

— A backup can save MSP’s cost

For many MSPs, the more expensive enterprise editions of Microsoft 365 aren’t always worth the investment. Many of the far more expensive applications are redundant and useless for smaller MSPs and their customers. The Business Standard Edition can be used in conjunction with third-party backup solutions to provide a cost-saving and robust alternative that meets all your needs.

— Microsoft backups help in the management of legal and compliance needs

Microsoft 365 has built-in eDiscovery capabilities. Third-party backup solutions have been developed to simplify the retrieval of backed-up data and restore records quickly to meet any regulatory compliance requirements.


Microsoft 365 offers a range of hosted services for backing up Office 365. These include enterprise infrastructure that you can remotely access. Apps4Rent has a great history of providing hosting and does everything in its power to maintain the safety of your data. They back all your data up with Azure Data Backup Service, meaning that it’s safe from both physical and cyber-attacks.



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