Nokia Releasing Four New 5G Mobiles in 2021


According to recent reports, Nokia is looking to release at least four new models of 5G smartphones targeting a 2021 release. Though not all models have been announced directly at this point, there seem to be some suggestions from NokiaPowerUser that the released devices will include the Nokia 7.3 and 9.3 models.

This development could mark an important step in the Finnish company’s plan, reflecting a recent rise in potential for developing markets. Best illustrated by India’s recent growth in online connectivity, low-cost smartphones have been especially popular in terms of streaming. Both as an entry point to new technology and as an ongoing form of interest, the combination of low-cost devices and streaming connectivity could prove significant.

Nokia Releasing Four New 5G Mobiles
Credit – Kevin Steinhardt

The Indian Streaming Market Example

For most users, the typical use of streaming devices would be for simple video systems like Zee. These are extremely popular already for many viewers with hard-line internet, though the introduction of wireless connectivity could raise engagement to the next level.

The same could be said for sports like cricket or kabaddi, which can be difficult to find on local channels. Mobiles have already demonstrated a successful solution to this problem, and given the hundreds of millions of fans in India, could easily drive device sales. With modern devices able to hotspot and mirror to local screens, the forms of connectivity could even serve as outright replacements for older systems.


For more interactive experiences, online casino games might prove the most common choice. These have taken off in India in recent years, with comparison websites like SuperLenny acting as growing illustrations. The live-streamed games on these included websites, in combination with bonuses like free spins, have been systems sellers for some, and are poised to become even more popular in the future.

Also playing an increasingly important role are educational streaming videos. These could be from tutorials on regular streaming services like YouTube to classes with systems like Zoom, but the result is the same improved learning opportunities. Benefiting both the individual and community, this use, especially at a reduced cost, could be transformative in lowering barriers to access in education.

ThinkPad, security keys, and Nokia 7 Plus
Credit – originaldaniel

Nokia Among the Pack

While not unique in its offering of new ranges of mobile devices in 2021, Nokia demonstrates a form of evolution with many undeniable prospects. From TV shows and movies to sports, casino games, education, and more, the arrival of new devices within the online arena should have positive effects for everyone.

Within this technology, 5G could act as a standout for giving the largest, fastest, and most reliable contact no matter the area, as OpenSignal explains. Urban density, while not a problem for many countries, can be a limiting factor of 4G for some. By overcoming this limitation, 5G provides a more reliable means of access to more users. Combined with greater access to low-cost devices, and the next generation of such systems could be some of the most important yet. Whatever avenue users take, Nokia or otherwise, 2021 should be a profound year in connectivity in India and abroad.



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