Top 5 Overlooked Challenges of Running a Business

Overlooked Challenges of Running a Business

Have you ever thought about running your own business? The idea of starting your own company, rather than working for somebody else, is appealing to many of us. There are many advantages to becoming a business owner, and not just financial advantages. Running your own business can teach you a lot of new skills and be extremely personally rewarding, too.

However, running your own business is not necessarily easy—in fact, it can be very difficult. People often think that having a great business idea and being willing to put in the work will guarantee them success, but unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case. There are actually many challenges of running a business that is often overlooked when people think about starting one. Here are five of these challenges.

1. Recruitment

Although there are usually plenty of people looking for work, you still need to make an effort and have a strategy for finding and hiring the best people for the job. Thankfully, there are recruitment companies that you may be able to outsource this to. If you can’t afford to do so, writing an informative and appealing job post is worth putting time and effort into.


2. Invoicing

While many businesses may deal in simple product sales, other businesses require the sending of invoices. Sending invoices and chasing payments are some of the most common troubles faced by business owners, especially if an invoice ends up with the wrong person and gets lost in transition. Providing clients with a procurement form to fill out can help reduce invoicing troubles.

3. Cashflow

Late payments of invoices can have disastrous effects on cashflow. Cashflow refers to the times business expenses and overheads are paid, and the times payments from clients or customers are received. If you are employing other members of staff, wage payments will also need to be factored in. If these are not correctly balanced, you may find your business running out of money!

4. Cybersecurity

Almost every business imaginable uses the internet for at least some processes. Some businesses, such as e-commerce stores, are entirely reliant on the internet, while other businesses based around a physical location and in-person transactions may only use the internet for social media and marketing purposes. However much your business relies on the internet, cybersecurity is essential, as there are plenty of hackers out there attempting to breach business accounts or platforms. If you don’t know much about cybersecurity, taking a course like an AWS security certification path can be very helpful.

5. Marketing

You may have the mindset of “if you build it, they will come.” However, this is not usually how it works. Potential customers or clients—whether they are other businesses or members of the public—need to know your business exists in order to use your products or services! Getting your brand name out there in a positive way is essential for business. Thankfully, all aspects of marketing, including digital marketing, can be learned online or even outsourced to dedicated companies.




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