Problems Associated with Psychometric Tests Faced by UK Organizations

Problems associated with psychometric tests

What are the Psychometric tests?

While recruiting candidates as an employee in the organization, the business Institutions conduct psychometric tests which are the standard procedure of measuring candidates mental and behavioral capabilities to who work in the organization. Psychometric tests are mainly conducted to understand a candidate’s suitability to perform all the responsibilities associated with the job.

The psychometric tests also identify the candidate’s ability to understand the personality trait which inspires a candidate to perform according to his 100% ability. The face to face interview and biodata of the employees fail to provide enough information to understand these character traits of the candidates. The business organizations conduct psychometric tests to you understand all the hidden aspect of a candidate personality by his ability to perform in the psychometric tests.

The human resource manager of a business organization In the UK first can select the candidates according to their academic qualification and professional experiences which fulfill their requirement of a particular employee in a post. Then the HR manager informed the candidate about the psychometric test which is essential for the candidate to undergo. Psychometric tests always performed after the candidates are selected after and face to face interview which is done after shortlisting their curriculum vitae.


This procedure narrows down the number of the employee sitting for psychometric tests as the company has to bear a lot of time to evaluate the psychometric tests results of a candidate. Although some business organizations, as well as the candidates, believe that psychometric tests are not an appropriate procedure to measure the actual ability and the personal trait of a candidate suitable for a particular job.

The psychometric tests are constructed to be objective and statistically examined so that the candidates are unbiasedly evaluated according to their performances. Every candidate participating in the Psychometric assessment is provided with the same question paper and the same instructions for completing the papers.

The psychometric tests are one of the most effective and accurate procedure to access the candidates’ ability to perform in certain situations related to the job. Many organizations who appoint their employees after evaluating their performances in the psychometric tests are satisfied with the performance of their employees.

The psychometric tests do not require any further preparation although the candidates can enhance their performance with repeated practices. The repeated practices are a good method of preparing oneself for the psychometric test as the candidate become aware of his weaknesses and you work on them to enhance his abilities to perform better in psychometric tests.

Types of psychometric tests in an organization

1.To Enhance Awarenes  Regarding Their Persnality

The recruiters of the business organizations in the UK encourage the employees to undergo the psychometric tests in order to enhance their awareness regarding their personality type and how their different it from other employees to handle the professional situations. These measures are taken as a part of building Team Spirit and the communication within the team for better performance.

2.Understand The Employees’ Ability

For recruiting employees in the decision making posts, the business organizations in the UK also organize psychometric test to understand the employees’ ability to influence others to perform a certain job and how they can encourage the slow performance in the organization to enhance their performance. This type of psychometric test is helpful to understand the leadership qualities of the employees which are essential if they are in the position of a leader in the organization.

The problems associated with psychometric tests


Although psychometric tests are widely used by various organizations in the UK, the recruiters must consider the effectiveness of the tests before implementing them in the workplace.

Some practical problems associated with the psychometric tests are very practical. Many types of psychometric tests are available which evaluate the candidates’ personality traits and behavior attitude. Understanding psychometric tests are essential for business organizations to evaluate candidates’ ability to perform in a selected field. Once the type of psychometric test is identified, they are required to be properly administered to properly evaluate the candidates’ ability to perform in a certain position in the organization.

The over-dependence on the psychometric tests has other bad impacts as they can unnecessary screen out eligible candidates due to their inability to perform appropriately in the psychometric tests.

The recruiters in the UK must be well aware of the fact that no personal information related to the candidate must be collected with the help of psychometric tests. Personal information is highly sensitive and the company can get involved in legal tangles for collecting such sensitive information from the candidates.

Every candidate who is going through the psychometric test have the right to protect their privacy and the business organizations in the United Kingdom must clearly state the purpose of conducting the symmetric take to the candidate so that the candidates are fully aware of the reasons of conducting the psychometric tests.

The candidates also required to be informed about the security of the information collected through the psychometric tests. It is the duty on the part of the business organizations who are conducting the psychometric tests to have the consent of the employees or the prospective employees to undergo the psychometric tests.

If a psychometric test is conducted as a part of the team building exercise then also the team members and the employees who must be properly informed and their consent must be collected before conducting the psychometric test. All the data collected from the psychometric tests should be security protected by the organization and that information cannot be shared without the prior concern of the candidates.

The objective type questions in the psychometric tests must be prepared a way that they do not violate the human rights of the candidates were sitting for the psychometric tests.

The business organizations in the UK are always in the advantages position by conducting psychometric tests. An employee or a candidate may be very intelligent but that candidate or employee required certain behavioral trait to successfully complete all the responsibilities associated with the job.



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