PUBG Addiction? 9 Reasons which make PUBG so Addictive

PUBG Addiction
PUBG Addiction

PUBG has become very popular in recent times which everyone is loving. This game is becoming so popular that peoples are getting addicted to it. But why is PUBG getting so popular? I am going to tell you 9 reasons why PUBG is so addictive. You can also compare it with yourself whether you also have PUBG addiction or not?

1. Graphics & AAA Quality

According to me, the first reason why this game is so popular is its awesome graphics and AAA quality. Now many of you are thinking about what AAA quality games are. AAA quality which is also pronounced as ‘Triple A’ is those game which has high quality and big-budget (mostly published from video games companies).

It is the grading system to rate a game. PUBG game’s graphics come under AAA game quality.


Now AAA doesn’t have the complete name but it has a meaning. First A represents Quality, second A represents Financial Success and third A represents Innovation. Thus, its graphics make it an addiction. Maybe you have PUBG addiction only because of its graphics.

2. Multiplayer Mode

Most of the time, we play those kinds of games which are a single player but PUBG is different from all these games. We can play PUBG together with our friends, siblings or with any of our relatives. Not only this, we can also create our team which makes it different from other games.

PUBG PC allows maximum 10 players to team up with your friends. You can team up as Duo and with 4 peoples in PUBG Lite.

Thus, multiplayer mode makes it an awesome game and many of us have PUBG addiction only for its multiplayer mode. I like this game due to its multiplayer mode which makes me addicted to this wonderful game.

3. Gameplay

Next reason is why most people have PUBG addiction, its gameplay. The gameplay of this game is amazing. This is not a casual game. This is a survival game which makes you feel that you are in a battlefield.

You are left on an island where you fight with others to protect yourself. The one who survives the last becomes a winner. You have If you die then you can’t respond.

Many of our decisions are split seconds decisions which we make suddenly. Suddenly an enemy comes in front of you and a wrong decision defeats you. You will play this game again only to kill that enemy and this process will continue. Many hours will pass in this process and you get an addiction to doing this.

Similarly, our lives are also like that. We make so many decisions in an instant. All these things help us to connect emotionally to this game and maybe you have an addiction to PUBG because of its gameplay.

4. Achievement & Rewards

You get a reward after achieving every level in the PUBG game. From level 1 to the top level, you will get rewards for every level you complete. For each time you complete any level, you get some rewards like weapons, new clothes, accessories and many more. PUBG XP which is obtained on finishing any missions or challenges helps you to achieve your next level.

PUBG Addiction
PUBG Addiction

The same thing happens to us in real life. Whenever we achieve anything then we get rewards and that’s why this game has so many lovers who are crazy for this game and have addiction to PUBG.

5. Versatility

PUBG is so versatile that you can do anything there. You can find any weapons, can drive any vehicle and can go from one place to another. Not only these, but you can also customize yourself too. There is an open world and you can drive anywhere and can perform any kind of stunts.

You can choose any character like Sara (introduced in 2019). There are many playermodels who look alike Daniel Dae Kim, Idris Elba, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Rosaria Dawson, Milla Jovovich and many more.


There you can customize their appearances like their chin size, their hairstyles, their skin tone and many more according to your personal choice.

Many of us are addicted to this game due to its versatility. After finishing each level you get some UC cash by which you can update your any weapons and can buy any clothes to customize yourself.

The gameplay of PUBG is also versatile. Some peoples like to play aggressively and some peoples like to play defensive. Anyone can play this game in their own way. Either you can hide in the bushes and wait for the right time or you can attack immediately. This makes PUBG so addictive and PUBG lovers have PUBG addiction due to its versatility.

6. Leaderboard

My next reason is why PUBG is so addictive is Leaderboard. When you finish a challenge or any mission then you get some points. The more points you collect, the better your rank will be. After that, rewards are distributed according to rank. As I mentioned above, in rewards, you get new weapons, new dresses, new maps and many things.


There are some challenges, which are for a particular time period. Any player to complete this challenge before the event ends. For that, they play this game continuously and they got the addiction to doing this.

7. Live Your Fantasy

We all want to be heroes in real life and have a dream to save our world from trouble in difficult situations. I know this is like a fantasy, but this is a truth. We everyone has some fantasy. Someone wants to be a hero and someone wants to be an army officer. This game lets you live in your fantasy.

When you play this game and live your fantasy then your body release a hormone named Dopamine Hormone. Dopamine Hormone which is also known as Happy Hormone not only control mental and emotional responses but also triggers the reactions. Habitual behaviour doesn’t involve thinking, signals trigger a habit and try to control.

You can create your own world where you are king. Most of the peoples like this game to live their fantasy and that’s why they have the addiction of PUBG.

8. Luck & Skills

Many games are based upon luck like card games. There everything depends upon luck. But PUBG is different. There is everything depends upon skills.

Your skills improve over time. Your aim and your style of play all get better over time. While another type of game doesn’t include that kind of skill. Thus this game is getting more popular and maybe you have an addiction to this game only because of this point.

9. A Social Hub

This feature is related to multilayer mode but with slightly changes. Many games don’t have this kind of feature. We can play this game with our friends and relatives as well we can make new friends there. Because of this feature, this game can also become a social hub where you can find new friends.  Now, I have many friends which I met from PUBG. Thus this feature will also make this game an addiction.

My Final Words

PUBG is such a nice game which I like to play with my friends and relatives. But this game gives you the motivation to play continuously, challenges which give you rewards through which you can update your weapons and customization and then repeat the whole process.

You will definitely love this game but there are some points to remember that every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism or PUBG.

Please let me know how much you are PUBG addicted. Why do you like PUBG and at which point do you agree that PUBG is addictive?




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