Complete Truth behind PUBG banned in India

Complete Truth behind PUBG banned in India
Complete Truth behind PUBG banned in India

PUBG banned or Not?

No PUBG isn’t banned in India. If It will, then it will be removed from the play store also. Yes, somewhere PUBG is responsible for violent behavior and low grades for students whether they are students of school or college. Many are addicted, not even students but some responsible persons also play this game, just have to time pass but it is harmful to anyone who is addicted to this game or any video game.

A fake notice which claimed PUBG banned in India that spread round and round on Social Media and some news sites had published articles on PUBG banned then it had taken a viral status while it is not the truth. This false legal notice has many grammatical mistakes also.


How harmful PUBG & FORTNITE for students

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission received many comments and complaints from many people for the negative impacts of the game on their children. Like they are losing in their studies. PUBG is not only this type of game, here FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE having the second number in the subject of negative comments and complaints from parents. Some academic institutes and colleges have also claimed a correlation between these violent games (PUBG & FORTNITE) and the mental health of students because they are not serious about their studies and wasting maximum time on these games instead of concentrating on their studies.


Only India is not the country which is worried about PUBG and other game like FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE, other countries like Nepal, China is also worried, So China has taken strict action against it and banned PUBG in the country and in India and Nepal, it has decided to implement the digital lock for its users under age of 13 years and even they would have to take permission of their Guardian or Parents to open the game for them. Delhi Commission for protection of Child Rights issued an advisory against games like PUBG as it has a harmful and negative impact on the brain of the children.

PUBG’s ban in India is all based on one lawyer filing public interest litigation against PUBG Mobile. PUBG had a history of bans, and problems in certain countries because of its violence. An Indian lawyer from Chandigarh, Punjab decided to take the matter in his own hands and filed a PIL in the Mumbai High Court against PUBG Mobile.

A popular game in India


PUBG Mobile is the most popular game in India. Tencent has done a strong job of promoting PUBG Mobile in Southeast Asia. Mobile games are easy to attain with most people having smartphones, and they are usually free-to-play.

The game is itself a sensation and that’s what it made popular in India. In fact, people who hadn’t even play legendary games, they are also playing it like crazy

Do you know you can get arrested if you play the popular game PUBG, in Gujarat? This is because the police believe that the game can allegedly lead to violent behavior among children and youth, and adversely affect studies.

PUBG banned in Gujarat state


In fact, following the PUBG Mobile ban by the Gujarat state government, the Rajkot police took 10 college students in custody for violation in March 2019. They were arrested under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) 188 and Gujarat Police Act (GPA) 135 but were immediately granted bail. “The youngsters were caught violating the notification and so legal action was taken against them.

They were immediately bailed out and left about the case is handled to the court. Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal on March 6 issued a notification banning the online games i.e PUBG and ‘Momo Challenge’ in the city. Police stations were asked to implement the ban and arrest those who were still playing these games.

IPC 188 is a minor offense, which is disobedience to any order promulgated by a public servant and punishable with one-month imprisonment and a fine of ₹200. Section 135 GPA, is an offense when you actually disobey an order which is given for the prevention of riots or actions that disrupt public peace. It is punishable with 1-year imprisonment and fine. Both are not harmful or seriously type offenses, that’s why the youngsters got bail immediately, with the help of Pavan Duggal, advocate and leading cyberlaw expert.

However, Duggal believes that these are patent abuses of the process of law. “At a time when real criminals go scot-free, innocent digital users are being targeted by invoking an old antiquated section of law (GPA 135 is from1951 while IPC 188 goes back to 1860) which were never drafted keeping in mind the internet realities. Playing PUBG on mobile doesn’t pose any danger to public order,” he adds.

PUBG Official statement

On its part, PUBG Mobile’s publisher and distributor, Tencent Games, in an official statement, expressed surprise when they found that local authorities in a few cities had put a ban on playing the game. The statement says, “We are working to understand the legal basis of such bans, and hope we can have a constructive dialogue with relevant authorities to explain our objectives and that they withdraw the prohibition.”

They also point out that the game is meant merely for entertainment and they are working to introduce a healthy gameplay system in India to promote balanced, responsible gaming, including limiting playtime for under-age players.

The same week when the youngsters were booked in Rajkot for playing the game, a bunch of teenagers bagged Rs30 lakh as prize money at a PUBG Mobile tournament held in Hyderabad.

How Addictive The Battle Royale Game Can be

One news had viral that a young man from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh drank acid mistaking it for water, while engrossed in the PUBG game. According to the report, the youth was so busy in the game that he picked up the bottle of acid instead of a bottle of water and drank it. He was rushed to the hospital, where Dr. Manan Gogia performed an operation on the youth’s intestines. Later his condition was said to be out of danger.

Two persons engrossed in playing online game PUBG were knocked down by a train in Hingoli district in Maharashtra, police said Sunday. The incident happened at Khatkali Bypass in Hingoli, over 570 km from Mumbai.

The fitness trainer allegedly got addicted to playing PUBG online and after completing one of the rounds, he started hitting himself with blows and was injured, which resulted in him being admitted to the hospital. “The patient was unstable at the moment and had partially lost his mental balance.

And these all news were true which were wrongly misused on the internet as many YouTubers made the video for PUBG ban and many websites published fake news that PUBG banned in India. So whenever you will get this type of unconfirmed news Please check the Download platforms i.e Play store.


PUBG is now a violent game in India now according to the parents because they think their children are not serious about their studies and somewhere its destroying mental health also.

So If you are a student then you should not be addicted for PUBG because the study is your 1st priority which influences your life So don’t be mad for these type of games which is dangerous for your career, for your life, and for your family.



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