PUBG Map Guide: Loot Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi

Miramar Map
Miramar Map

Love playing PUBG! Ever noticed that some places are really good for your loot? I know you were enjoying the game so, missed it. But trust me each map has some amazingly good places for the loot. Curious, to know them? Then you must have understood you are definitely in the right place. Let’s know the whole PUBG site map.

As you know, there are 4 maps – Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok. Amazingly, the game designers have designed it so well that each map has a different size, locations, and loot places which can really help you to win against your rivals in the game and can let you have Chicken Dinner for the night. Check out each map especially your favorite one.

PUBG Map Guides

Erangel Map

So, Erangel is the largest map which approx 8km*8km grid as compared to Sanhok. On an initial stage, it is one of the largest areas where you can benefit your survival even if you are single. You can take separate vehicles to explore the amazing map as it has small towns, a power plant, and a military place.


The area lacks weapons while you engage with the beautiful green surroundings of the map. Oops! I am sorry, I forgot to tell you about the biggg looots.

You can find big loot in three areas – Military Base, School, Power Plant.

What you can find you in Erangel Loot Places?

  • In Military Base, upgrade your weapons, armors, and other gadgets.
  • Get assault rifles and DMRs from the school located at the center of the Erangel map.
  • The power plant of Erangel is called Mylta Power, players can attain level 3 military gear.

From where to start in Erangel Map?

Now, you know the grid of Erangel, best places for your loots but which is the best point to start? When it’s about starting your game, you must land to the place from where you can quickly get vehicles and not too close to your desired location so that you can quickly start your game.

Miramar Map

The second map on PUBG is Miramar with the same grid as Erangel that is 8km*8km. Use this map to showcase the best of your strategy skills and be the last one on this map. Unlike Erangel this map is a desert area with minimal leafage. To avoid fights and action escape into the buildings near you. You can get Win 94 Sniper, SCAR-L, Sawed-off and R45.

While you are engaged in your game don’t forget about the loot. Be a pirate of deserts and loot from these 3 areas – Prison, Pecado and Campo Militar.

What you can find you in Miramar Loot Places?

  • Get your best from Prison if you are looking for weapons, armors. Just get into that prison situated at the beautiful South – West part of the Miramar.
  • For high-quality items, the best part is Pecado, just there, between the map. But here you might face a tough competition.
  • If you have parachuted yourself in the middle as usual people do, then you might have to travel a little to reach in the North-East Corner to the Campo Militar.

Where to start your loot in Miramar?

If you selected to get in the initial stage of the PUBG then land near the loot place but remember to land yourself to the place from where you can easily catch a vehicle and travel. If you ignore so, you might face a lot of competition in the game and you may need someone to revive.

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Sanhok Map

The third map of the PUBG is Sanhok with a 4km*4km grid. Interestingly, this small map offers more challenges than the bigger maps. The luscious green rainforests dotted with the buildings, military bases, roads and river networks just in a small area. You can find high-quality weapons and vehicles. The vehicles that you can find in this grid are QBZ 95, assault rifle and the QBU 88 a designated Marksman Rifle.

While you are in one of the best places like rainforests it is closely easy to get lost and end up in getting nothing. All you need is to find Ruin, Bootcamp, Camp Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie are the camps where you can find a number of weapons, special powers, and gears for yourself.

What you can find you in Sanhok Loot Places?

  • From Ruins, you can spot with a lot of loots across the floor combating the area at the starting of the game. And you can get firepower here.
  • Bootcamp can be like a final destination for you where you can find tonnes of weapons.
  • In Camp Alpha, Bravo and Charlie you will get the number of spawns, gears. So, visiting this map is a must.

Where to start your loot in Sanhok?

Sanhok is a hub of weapons and armors, so grab your PUBG’s graphical parachute and land into this map for appropriate loots. You can land near the edge of the map and travel to the safe zone and travel the huge distances for the loot.

Vikendi Map

The fourth map of the PUBG is Vikendi, with a snow revolution in the 6km*6km grid. It is almost in the middle of the Erangel and Miramar on the basis of the size. While you enjoy the most detailed graphics and the view, the chances of failing are also high as it is a highly populated map as compared to others.

Vikendi Map
Vikendi Map

You can do your loot in many parts of the map like- Secret Cave, Cosmodrome, Dobro Mesto, Dino Park, Castle, Villa, Volnova, Winery and Abbey.

What you can find you in Vikendi Loot Places?

  • Secret Cave, you can get the crate-only level with the relative ease until the secret patch is revealed. Open it with a grenade if you want to reveal the secrets of the cave.
  • In Cosmodrome, not so good as military camp but it got plenty of gear. You can find further with the flight path, less known so less busy.
  • In Dobro Mesto, you can spot top-tier loot in Vikendi. Get into that main large building and come-out with full level 3 equipments. But be careful, while you enter the building those flight paths can turn into a nightmare for your game.
  • The Dino Park, a spot for a solo run but attracts the crowd. The loot might be time-wasting to run for a small snack to a shack to another. The best part of this park is you face lesser opposition.
  • For Castle, it will be good to say a lot of loots and a lot of risks. Don’t just get lost in its many corridors and basements, it will be hard for you to escape it. You can loot a lot of stuff there, probably, you can get a 3 level backpack can carry.
  • A massive town with massive risk for your loot, Volnova, but quite as centralized a focal point as Dobro Mesto. Try to land here quickly for long survival.
  • The Winery and Abbey, Winery is far in the south and Abbey is working inland. And Bingo! both of them have plenty to loot.

Where to start your loot in Vikendi?

Vikendi is larger than the Erangel, also, the populated one in comparison to other maps. As the map is huge, so the landing options are vast. For a great playland on Cosmodrome in the northern part of the map. Villanova and Cantra can also be a good landing option from the south.

Conclusion: PUBG Map

Well, that’s all about the PUBG Maps. Now, you know almost everything about PUBG Map. Even if you’re a new player, you are already a champ. You know the best loot places and from where to start your game.

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