Do you know everything about PUBG Mobile Hack And PUBG hack apk ?


Currently, PUBG hack apk is used much due to magical popularity of PUBG game itself.  Many gamers ask me, Can PUBG be hacked? My answer is, of course, it can. In fact, every computer game, computer software can be hacked. You just need to know the right procedure. There are many ways to hack PUBG Mobile and out of which I will discuss with you about the ESP Hack. How it differs from other types of hacks like Aimbot and Wall Hacks.

What Kind of Hacks are there for PUBG Mobile?

There are many types of hacks available for PUBG Mobile used by various hackers or live YouTube streamers. These types of hacks can be used in different situations. Each of them is used in a different way. Some of them are:

  • Unlimited Ammo/ Health/ Flying Power Hack
  • Free RP (Royal Pass) Points Hack
  • Speed Boost Hack
  • Aimbot Hack
  • Wall Hack
  • Radar Hack
  • Jump Hack
  • Car Speed Hack
  • Internal Hack
  • External Hack
  • ESP Hack

Most used PUBG Mobile Hacks used by hackers are Aimbot Hack, Wall Hack and ESP Hack. Another kinds of hacks like Speed Boost Hacks or Jump hacks are also used by hackers but not as much as Aimbot Hack, Wall hack and ESP Hack.


What is ESP Hack?

ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception, which is based on code injection using packet modifications. As we know that any data available through the internet are divided into parts of a certain size (mostly in bytes) are known as packets. These packets have information about the data which are stored into computer memory or any other devices.

PUBG Mobile ESP Hack fetches data (like the location of any person, any NPC or any items) from computer memory and displays to the users.

What PUBG Mobile ESP Hack Application can do?

With the help of ESP Hack Application, anyone can see the location of other players, where are they looking and where are they hidden. Apart from this, ESP Hack can fetch information like name, health, distance, level, health bar, head-shot, trace line and many more.

PUBG Mobile Hack ESP
PUBG Mobile Hack ESP

How PUBG Mobile ESP Hack differs from Aimbot Hack?

Aimbot Hack, which is also known as Auto Aim Hack. In this kind of hack, if the shooter shoots anywhere near the enemy then it will automatically hit the enemy. It wouldn’t make any difference how bad was their shot. It will hit the target. These kinds of hacks are used by hackers to head-shot, to decrease health bar quickly and to kill the target instantly.

While ESP Hack for PUBG is different from Aimbot. While on one side Aimbot Hacks shoots the target directly, on the other hand, ESP Hacks tells how far the target is and which side it is looking.

How PUBG Mobile ESP Hack differs from Magic Bullet Hack?

Magic Bullets Hack is almost similar Aimbot with more hacks like jump hack, flying car hack, unlimited health and many more. With the help of Magic Bullet Hacks, it will lock on target and will hit directly.

PUBG Mobile ESP hack is different from Magic Bullets like Auto Aim Hack. Where the PUBG Mobile ESP Hack display the hidden objects, Non-Player Characters and many more while Magic Bullets Hack, on the other hand, shoots directly with many more hacks like jump hack which allows player to jump high, car speed hack to increase the car speed instantly, unlimited health which makes player almost deathless and many more.

Wall Hack:

Similarly, there are some more hacks like wall hacks which allow a player to shoot out through the wall.

PUBG Mobile Wall Hack
PUBG Mobile Wall Hack

How to use PUBG Mobile ESP Hack?

To use PUBG Mobile ESP Hack, you need to download ESP hack script from various sources. Make sure that your antivirus is off otherwise your antivirus will detect it as a harmful file. After that activate the ESP Hack.

Other Methods to hack PUBG Mobile?

Yes, there are more methods to hack PUBG Mobile. Out of them, mod APK is a popular one. Many use logmein type softwares or a third-party developers make changes into the original APK of PUBG Mobile like unlimited health, unlimited UC, survive epic 100-player classic battles, Aimbot, No Recoil, wall hack and anti-ban.

Frequently Asked Question:

Question 1: Is it safe to use ESP Hack Script or mod APK?

Answer: Any kind of hacks are developed by the third-party. Third-party changes into the original file with their own codes using code injection using packet modification. However, these kinds of hacks can be harmful to your devices like computer and mobile. Also, any anti-virus will detect them as harmful files. So ESP Hack or mod APK isn’t safe to use.

Question 2: Does my Account be banned after use PUBG Mobile Hack Applications?

Answer: Most of them hacks applications are anti-ban which means you don’t really need to worry unless someone reports you. If you are found suspicious in using hack applications, then you can also be banned for 10 years. Recently, more than 3500 players were banned for 10 years to use that kind of hacks.

Question 3: How to detect someone is Using Hack Application?

Answer: If you found anything suspicious like you suddenly get a headshot and fast-moving speed then it means player maybe using Hack Application. Most of Online Streamers use secondary display. If you notice they are looking on somewhere else then it means they are using hack applications.

My Final Words

PUBG is one of the best game available in the current time which I like the most. Its gameplay and game process makes it one of the best. But the use of hack applications like PUBG Mobile ESP Hack not only spoils the fun of the game but also brings your computer to the risk of viruses too.

But if you want to use these hack applications then you can download Hack Script or any mod application from various source. But I will suggest you play without any hacks. It will keep your system risk-free and you can enjoy the gameplay of the game.

What do you think about it? Is it good to use hack applications like ESP Hack or Aimbot just to gain some more points? Do you want to use these kinds of hacks, please let me know in the comments section?



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