PUBG updated version 2020, Season 11

PUBG updated version 2020, Season 11
PUBG updated version 2020, Season 11

As you recognize PUBG is that the hottest game in India also as within the world and each player is expecting season 11. There are more than 50 million PUBG users in India as reports ended with 2019. Now 2020 has begun, so every player is super excited for the updated version of PUBG and its new features.

After the new season started, players are going to be ready to view their statistics from the previous season within the Season Recap page. Players are going to be given a title that matches their play style and a grade supported all their data from Classic mode.
They will be ready to see their highlights and their teammates from the previous season. They can also generate an exclusive page with a bust-up portrait of themselves which will be shared with their friends!

PuBg Season 11, 0.17.0 will come with Cyberpunk Inspired outfits, skins and lots more. The detailed list below of what you will get in Season 11

Detailed list of season updates


Red and black outfit on gold tier.
Matching mask on platinum tier.
MK14 skin on diamond tier.
As always parachute on ace tier.
Season 11 conqueror Frame

The Elite royale pass rewards include an M416 gun skin, an M762 gun skin, a Pan skin, a cool 100RP outfit, a Backpack, Helmet skin and Lots more!! PUBG mobile will also be introducing upgradeable bike skins i.e of a Roaring Tiger, also an upgradable AWM gun skin and upgradeable DP-28 gun skin.

Royale Pass rewards were leaked earlier for some of the season 11 0.17.0, including rewards that one gets as they progress to higher tiers. Reaching Gold gets you a replacement red and black outfit. A new MK14 skin once you reach Diamond and a season 11 parachute skin once you hit Ace. There also are other items that have already made their thanks to the sport.

Also, few new Evo ground maps will be available soon! There will even be few new weapons and changes made to the sport as a part of the new PUBG Mobile update. But one thing that won’t be included is Erangel 2.0, with the main map changes still undergoing development work.

The PUBG support team revealed, Still in progress,” a replying message from the PUBGM support team revealed, concerning the working being done to launch Erangel 2.0.0“. We want it to be absolutely the best it can be, and that takes time. It’s worth doing right!”. Erangel 2.0 is already available to play in other versions of PUBG. Even it has yet to launch on the Mobile platform.

New Maps

A new town map might be introduced in which players will get red and blue team for battle 4V4 and captures the bases to win. TDM has become incredibly popular on PUBG Mobile and expected to ascertain tons more content in 2020.

Arena – New Domination map: Town

It is an expansive, realistic map that gives players a different experience! Domination mode splits players into 2 teams of 4. The map has 3 bases, and therefore the varsity to capture 2 bases wins. One random base is going to be activated soon after the match begins. The next base is going to be activated after the primary base is captured. Super Weapon Crates are often activated in Domination mode for a huge boost (only available in Domination: Town).

New Companions

In season 11 0.17.0, players will also get a new companion with new updates. They look like players will have to feed their companions to keep it healthy.

New Weapons

In PuBg season 11, 0.17.0 additions, For Royal pass subscribers, there are new additions, that will be available to the masses. The players those who play in VIKENDI, there will be a new submachine gun called MP5K for them, which equips 9mm ammo and has a damage rating of 33 per bullet. The MP5K will support all the standard attachments of an SMS (suppressor, extended mag, quickdraw mag, lower rail attachments and tactical stock).

New Vehicles

In season 11 0.17.0 additions, there you may see a new mini SUV called Zima with a top speed of 115 km/h. You may see a new snow bike also that replaces the regular bike. What is special about this bike is that it will run everywhere except water.

Blood effect in PUBG for PC

The official PUBG site has released patch notes for PUBG console update 5.3. within the remake , you’d notice the improvements around “blood effect” during gameplay. And PUBG has named it “Bloody realistic”. Under the “blood effect” you’d notice that the dimensions of the blood splash is unified across all color settings and headshots including the neck area produce more distinct visual effect to form sure there’s clear identification of the hit. Blood splatter would even be shown on walls and floors if the character is hit near it. There’d be wounds on characters that might now provide more precise information on which body parts are hit.

So these are the new updates of version 2020 season 11. Even they are not special but they are unique. Keep playing and enjoy and we will update you as season 12 will come.



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