21 Best Sims 3 Mods of All Time for Better Game Play

Best Sims 3 Mods

Best Sims 3 Mods of All Time: We all know about life simulation video games, and many of us love playing these real-life simulation video games. In these games, we are given tasks related to real-life stories, which we need to complete. One of the famous life simulation video games being played these days is The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 offers the best story mode life simulation game, and it is loved by many people. This video game was first launched on June 2, 2009, for OS X, Microsoft Windows, and smartphone versions. It was developed by the Redwood Shores Studio of Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. Though, many best features of The Sims 3 are not available for free.

That’s why today we’ve brought you some special mods of The Sims 3 using which you can access some features of this game for free. Using mod gives you access too many premium features you might not have been able to use before. So without wasting much time, let’s jump right into the list of some best mods you can use while playing The Sims 3.

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21 Best Sims 3 Mods of All Time

1. Ultra-Plain Eyes

If you desire to change the eyes of your character in The Sims 3 to just look more real, then you should download this mod. Using this mod changes the masks that EA applies for the vanilla game and makes them look more desirable in terms of illumination and coloring.

The differences are plain but quite remarkable!

2. Ultra-Plain Faces

Starting off the former mod, we have another one that improves and changes face appearances in The Sims 3.

This mod executes standard sim faces look extra genuine by advancing the faces and facial expressions that you see in the base game.

Ultra-Plain Faces mod is an overlay for every face in the game that makes them look more ordinary and less cartoony, appending some much-appreciated naturalness to The Sims 3.

3. Zerbu’s Ultimate Career Mod

Another amazing sims 3 mods is Rabbit holes that have been a thing in this video game since the first The Sims was launched. It wasn’t until Sims 3 when some jobs began having the choice for your sim to work on a particular lot. And you are still required to do assignments yourself as they were a part of job developments.

But with this mod, you’ll be capable to have your Sims go to a particular lot and have them do assignments in the time that they should be doing their jobs. Let’s say, for instance, your sim is a servant.

You can hire any given lot as their position of job and have them go there to do projects while the time that they’re at their job. Rather than moving to the rabbit hole, your sim will then go to the chosen lot and do any particular number of projects before they leave for their home.


4. More Traits for All Ages

More Traits for All Ages permits Sims to have a lot more extra traits than the game provides by default. As such, you’ll be capable to have your Sims gain more characteristics as time moves on.

For instance, the Sims that age up will acquire new traits on their own, even if you’re not supervising them. This causes the complete game experience much exciting and enjoyable by providing extra personality to every Sim in the world you occupy. Many Sims often feel soothing, but this mod shape that entirely different.

This is one of the most recommended mods of all time. But you cannot return any quality changes by just turning the mod off. Even after you remove the mod, Sims will settle with the characteristics, and you might need to eliminate those manually using console commands.

5. No-Intro Mod

Even though No-Intro mod is pretty simple and doesn’t score a lot to the game, but numerous people consider it remarkably annoying as they have to wait for such a long time to get the game started.

One of the principal issues that various Sims gamers have had is that intros are abundant, and people don’t want to wait that long to start the action.

Thankfully this mod provides you the luxury to jump directly into the action without having to wait or view an intro video when you start playing this game for the first time.

You can also Download EA Sports Cricket for PC, here.

6. Traveler Mod

Moving towards the 6th sims 3 mods, the Traveler mod is one of the best mods that you can use if you wish to have your Sims regularly moving from one town to another one. This free mod makes it so that whenever you move a sim from one place to another on any other map, they will not lose any of the relationships they have.

One of the most harmful things that can happen with you is that your legacy save will lose all the progress you’ve made with a Sim because you need them to travel somewhere else.

Though, this is a fabulous mod for people who admire to play long legacy saves and have their Sims move to another location over time.

7. Tagger

The Sims 3 has one of the largest maps of any Sims game published before because areas don’t load separately, but the map stays loaded at all durations when you play. This is astonishing as it improves your gameplay by making it more realistic. 

But it does offer one key difficulty sometimes it becomes uncommonly complicated to find things, people, and houses. This is the reason why the Tagger mod was designed – it permits you to tag stuff, which gives you a much better experience than you can do in the base game.

This sims 3 mods effectively improves the original system, making it highly user friendly. You can also generate custom tags, and the separation becomes extra dynamic when the whole map is in motion.

8. Woohooer

Woohooer empowers you to take much more progressive access to date and relationships than EA allowed in the base game. With this mod, you’ll be capable to have youthful Sims get pregnant, and even male Sims will be worthy to become pregnant as well. This can be considered as an anything-goes condition.

This mod works well with the Kinky World add-on too, and developers suggest using them collectively for a genuine and more natural Sims 3 experience. Though you can use Woohooer as a stand-alone mod too, you’ll have to download exclusive clothing for teenage and male Sims who is going to get pregnant, as the base game’s clothes don’t work well with these things.

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9. The Sims 1 Music

This mod can be considered as a cool mod for all of you old school gamers. This mod completely follows all of the default Sims 3 music along with all the songs from the original Sims 1 soundtrack.

The Sims 1 Music mod was specially made for everyone who used to play The Sims back in the old days, back when it was just called “The Sims”. The Sims 1 Music is a simple mod, but it’s undeniably one of the best mods that an old simmer can get.

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10. Sims 3 Loading Screen Replacement 

This mild mod improves the process of loading screens view in the game by combining new features and messages to the default ones. The primary goal of this mod is to guide you through a tour that crosses every single expansion pack made for Sims 3.

You can consider this mod as a loading screen replacer that will assist you enjoy the original Sims 3 loading screen with characteristics of all the other expansion packs of the game! The creator of this mod also made sure to attach some more humorous observations on the screen, which doesn’t exist in the original game.

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11. The Sims 3 GPU Add-on Support

When the Sims 3 was created and the very last patch was published, there still weren’t several of the modern GPUs in the sale. As such, lots of GPU designs are not automatically accepted by the game when you run it for the first time.

The Sims 3 GPU Add-on Support mod replaces the record of GPUs that the game automatically places to analyze the task of having to do so manually. As such, if the GPU you are using isn’t added in the default directory for Sims 3, this mod may increase the performance of your game by a cut or two.

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12. Northeney

Northeney mod resembles one of those legendary seaside US cities with a ton of cozy houses and a tower. It kind of mirrors the town of Windenburg that was attached to the Sims 4 including the Get-Together DLC, but it has a slight “German” and a major “American” feel.

It is quite a great place to tour and an amazing area where you and your Sims can continue living for the rest of their days. And it’s a much easy mod to install if you love to visit new worlds.

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13. Cronor

If you are tired of the gorgeous sceneries, that made Sims 3 such a successful game, and you would preferably visit a dreaded place where blackness seems to dominate everything.

Cronor is the place you’ll want to visit, and this mod has it all. If you install this mod, it’ll add a very different and a new location to the game. It’s a technological area, where nature is replaced by technology, and it has one hell of a spooky Matrix vibe.

14. Like for Like Build & Buy Mode 

The build and purchase modes of Sims 3 are not the best features of the game. Many things could be organized in a better way, and some prices are just way too much, which seems non-realistic.

This mod was made to fix this. After implying this mod, you’ll be able to browse the pages in a better way, as well as have the prices that feel much more authentic.

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15. Children Can Care for Their Siblings

This mod corrects a little oversight that this game has. In the Sims 3, if your children is a 12-year-old, he/she cannot hold his/her brother/sister in their hands. After installing this, you’ll be capable of having your children take care of toddlers and serve them with essential needs.

You can let your baby’s brother take care of him while you’re not around – just like it happens in real life if you decided to head out for a night in the town.

16. “No Stretch” Children Can Series

There is a fact that you will notice while playing the Sims 3, that children are almost useless in The Sims 3. But just like the earlier item, this mod permits children to do adult communications without stretching and making them feel as natural as possible.

This mod changes a lot of adult emotions in the game into children’s emotions, which provides children to do the same actions as a grown-up without having to move weirdly. It also allows them to implement actions that weren’t originally possible in the original game.

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17. Canning Station Overhaul

This mod entirely transforms the way Grandma’s Canning Station operates in the game. It solidifies a lot of irritating bugs that it had, but it mainly benefits the canning station feel much more genuine by transforming the way things on the station look.

For instance, each loaf of bread now looks varying depending on the jam that is applied to it. Old days are gone, where every piece of toast seems like it has only a purple jam implied on the top of it. Granted, this is a small change but certainly a pleasing one.

18.The Third Person Mod

Has it ever come to your mind, to play The Sims 3 as if it was just like any other adventure game? Well, this mod makes you seem like you’re living a different life through your sim’s eyes, gratitude to the creator of this mod who implementation a fully controllable third person mod. 

With this add-on, you can move around with the WASD keys, as if it was any other game you can play on PC.

19. Returned Attraction Mod

The Returned Attraction mod system is a rework of the 1.42 application patch that was executed into the game, which makes some specific features about this mod feel a bit abnormal.

For instance, the Sims who can’t survive athleticism could be drawn to the athletic courage of other Sims, which makes no sense at all. This mod is fine-tuned to correct issues like this, without missing the fragrance of the vanilla system.

20. Midnitetech’s Career Mods

There are a lot of interesting and fascinating careers in The Sims 3, but there are still some of them, that seem to be lacking – even with career developments.

This mod fixes the number of jobs that your Sim can pursue after joining a lot more into your options pool. It makes the game much more comprehensive and also enables you to build many different stories to live through.

21. GROW – Progressive Aging

There could be nothing as tragic as having your little child become a full-grown child in just a single day in Sims games.

This obstacle is eliminated with the Progressive Aging mod, which forces the aging in the game to happen with time rather than milestones.

This combines an extra layer of realism to The Sims 3 which seems to be more than needed in a game, where everything moves slowly at a constant speed.

Take note that this mod only improves the way teens and children age, making the development to adulthood much realistic than it is in the original game. But it won’t affect the adulthood of the child likewise.

This is liked by many gamers who plat The Sins 3, as unlike all the previous Sims titles, here you can experience how children turn into grown-ups just like it happens in real life.


So far, we discussed the Sims 3, and how it is one of the best life-simulator game. Then, we discussed all the best sims 3 mods you can use while playing this awesome game, which adds a lot more premium features in the game. These features help and improve your gaming experience in The Sims 3.



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