31 Best Custom Traits Mods For Sims 4

Sims 4 Traits

Sims 4 Traits: The Sims 4 is one of the best life simulator games anyone must have ever played. It offers you a virtual world which is almost the same as our real-life world. You can be whatever you want and live your life as that person in a virtual world with just the same experience as someone would be going through in his real-life.

This originality of The Sims 4 is what makes it very different from any other life simulator video game you can find. The number of real-life jobs and the experience of living a real-life as someone else in a virtual world are very different in The Sims 4 than any other game. The Sims in the Sims world has different traits accordingly. But at some point, the traits become repetitive if there are tons of Sims in your city. 

But if you want to resolve this small problem, then you have reached the right place. Today here, we are going to discuss some of the best mods for Sims 4 traits, which can be applied in the original game to add some amazing traits in your Sims. This doesn’t just bring more fun to your game but also improves your gaming experience.

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31 Best Custom Traits Mods For Sims 4

Alcoholic Trait

This is the darkest Sims 4 traits you can use while playing The Sims 4. In this Sims 4 trait mods, your Sim’s life depends on Alcohol.

They need a regular supply of alcohol to survive in the Sims world, just like any other alcoholic person in the real world. Your Sims might get stressed or depressed for no reason at all, and then, they would need alcohol to survive.

It’s the alcohol that makes them happy more than anything in the Sims world if you apply this mod for the alcoholic trait. If you want to experience what is it like to be an alcoholic, then you should go for it. Though, it depends on you, whether you want to control their habit of drinking or not.


Lot Traits

Using this Sims 4 traits mod, you get to make a lot of lots all over the city. You can customize according to your choice.

Using this mod gives you the chance to change the environment of the game by adding lots for Banks, Airports, Train Stations, Bakeries, etc. They will be added to the city as soon as you select them.


Lifestyle Traits

As the name suggests, this mod is used to add new lifestyle Sims 4 traits in the game. These traits are considered to be very political.

Using this trait, your Sim can be a Republican or a Democrat. This is just like real-life politics in the virtual world.

Though the original version of the game tries to avoid the politics part of the game, this mod adds that trait. You can experience some real-life politics using this mod, which can be useful if you have an interest in Politics in real-life and want to pursue it.


Hobby Traits

This trait adds some good hobbies for your Sim in the game, which can be very useful if you don’t want your Sim to be an alcoholic.

This trait contains one trait of a Bar Drinker, in which your Sim can enjoy a few shots of drink without being an addict. This saves you the problem of being an alcoholic by using the alcoholic trait.

This trait also contains Chess Lover trait, Coffee Lover trait, and Beauty Lover trait. These traits can be useful and make your Sim’s life a lot more interesting than it was.


Bossy Trait

This Sims 4 traits mod is the worst of all the mods used in this list. Not for the one using it, but for the other Sims.

As the name suggests, this trait makes your Sim a rude bossy person who thinks he or she is Superior to others in every way possible. This mod just makes your Sim more arrogant than any other Sim in the city.

But this is what happens in the real-life, right? We all have those bossy people in our lives who we hate so much.

Also, if you want to experience this bossy personality, you can go for this trait without any second thoughts.


Handsome Trait

Using this Sims 4 traits cc mod, you can make your Sim handsome. You can customize your Sim’s face and make him look handsome. Using this trait, you can make yourselves so attractive that even the girls would come around to talk to you on their own.

But still, you have to be careful with your actions, you are attractive, but that doesn’t mean girls would stay around if you do inappropriate stuff. You have to handle yourself very calmly if you want someone to like you.


Autism in Sims 4

This Sims 4 traits mod adds seriousness in the game. If your Sim has this trait, he will start repetitively doing things, and he will be socially awkward. He will not be able to talk to any other Sim easily, and he can open his mouth only on a few topics which he feels comfortable with. We all have or had that one kid in our class who used to be like this. Doesn’t this trait help to make the game more realistic?

You can consider using this trait if you want to experience a more introverted life.


Arrogant Trait

Arrogant trait makes your Sim overconfident about everything, and it also makes your Sim someone who hates failures. This trait makes your Sim arrogant by default, and then the worst part comes in.

As much as they hate failure, they always get embarrassed, and they have a negative status for everyone.

This surely makes your Sim arrogant to others as they all make fun of your Sim, and no one likes it when people laugh at them, right?


Feminine & Manly Traits

This trait makes your Sim a better being by changing their mood or confidence. This Sims 4 traits mod adds this status change according to your Sim’s gender, depending on some random factors.

If your Sim is a Male, he gets more confidence, and if your sim is a female, her mood might change to be happier.


Blessed & Cursed Traits

This Sims 4 traits mod makes it more fun to play the game. The cursed trait changes the life of your Sim to be the worst, while the blessed trait makes your Sim’s life easier and better.

It is like hell for the one with the cursed trait and heaven for the one with the blessed trait. Choose your trait wisely and enjoy the Sims 4 more than ever. Though, we all know which trait is going to be awesome and better than the other one.

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New Emotional Traits

This Sims 4 custom traits mod improves your gaming and real-life simulation in the virtual world a lot better. This adds new and unique emotions to every Si in the city. Just like, we all have people in our lives, who are calm, who are intelligent, who are funny, who are dumb, etc. 

This mod adds all these emotions to all the Sims present in the Sims 4, which makes this game more interesting than it ever was. Using this mod is worth the try as it would give you a whole different experience of playing life-simulation video games.


Two-Faced Trait

This Sims 4 traits mod lets you become that one guy in our lives who is not trustworthy at all. This mod makes your Sim a two-faced traitor, who is not honest with anyone and lies a lot. You become the backstabber, who can abandon anyone who needs help and breaking trust is your middle name.

This is still fun as you are not doing this in your real-life to anyone. This trait just makes the game more fun to play.


Spiritual Trait

This Sims 4 traits mod helps you interact with yourself and nature. This trait lets your Sim experience attachment to all the living and nonliving things, making you feel purer than ever.

You experience the world from a whole different perspective while using this spiritual mod. This trait doesn’t let your Sim go through any negative thoughts and helps him in staying in the purest form possible.

Installing this mod will give you a whole different level of experience, and it is worth the try.


Anxious Trait

Just like the spiritual trait makes you more spiritual than ever, this mod makes you more anxious than ever. This trait makes your Sim overthink about almost everything and makes her cry and all other stuff a real-life anxious human would do.

The suffering of the sim having this trait is real, and installing this would give you a good glance in the life of anxious people. This will also make you understand the seriousness of anxiety, which is very important for everyone to learn.


Bipolar Trait

This Sims 4 custom traits mod makes your Sim go through massive mood swings. This trait is applicable for both genders, and this trait makes the game more realistic as well. We all have mood swings, and they are the worst.

This trait changes your happy mood to sad in a blink, for no reason at all, sounds relatable, right?

This relatability doesn’t just stop here, but sometimes your Sims start crying as well. This depends on you, how do you handle your Sim when they start getting mood swings.

sims 4 traits


Naïve Trait

As the name of this Sims 4 trait mod suggests, your Sim becomes naïve after installing this mod. They become childish, and their actions are as if they are inexperienced in every field.

The Sims often embarrass themselves in front of others by doing some childish or brainless stuff. They don’t have the required social interaction qualities, and they often get in trouble because of that.

Their childish behavior and blind trust in unknowns make it easier for them to hurt your Sim. This mod is not very useful, but it just shows how many people often bully the dumb people.

sims 4 traits


Author Trait

This Sims 4 traits mod makes your Sim an author. This trait makes your Sim fall in love with writing making him a skilled story maker. Being an author makes you Sim one of the best-selling authors and gives him or her all the best royalties of an author, like story-telling on radio stations, podcasts, tours, etc. 

This is considered one of the best traits and gives you a wholesome experience of an author to its best. But it also depends on how you manage your Sim, or else you can end up very differently.

sims 4 traits


Boyfriend & Girlfriend Material Traits

Finding the right one as a life-time partner is still a dream of many of us. Well, this trait lets your Sim find the right one and be the right one for someone else. This makes your Sim the perfect boyfriend material or girlfriend material anyone can have. 

You also have to manage your Sim very well to keep your relationship at its best. This mod also gives you a real-life experience of a serious relationship, which can be very useful in your real-life if you are in a serious relationship.

sims 4 traits


ADHD Trait

This Sims 4 trait mod can bring some real boredom in your life. After installing this mod, your Sim will be easier to interact with people, but he or she won’t be able to focus on anything else.

This can be fun, but it is often seen that people get bored with this mod very easily. This can be a challenge for you to maintain your Sim while using this mod.

Installing this mod also makes your Sim bad at managing their relationships, but as discussed, they can be easy to interact with.

sims 4 traits


Insecure Trait

This Sims 4 traits mod makes your Sim an insecure person, whether it is about your relationship or any other thing.

You Sim become so possessive and insecure about everything that he or she could go to any lengths to keep things the way they want.

Maintaining your Sim while using this mod can be tough as this mod makes your Sim feel less confident about almost everything. 

sims 4 traits


Mama’s Witch Trait

This Sims 4 trait mod might sound like a negative mod, which makes someone as cruel as a witch, but it’s not. This mod is completely the opposite of it.

It makes your witch Sim friendly to others. With this mod, you also get the ability to gain skills faster than others, in the Sims city.

This mod is one of the most positive mods, as it makes your Sim positive and focused, which can be very useful. This mod is certainly one of the best mods you can apply to the original game.

sims 4 traits


7 New Traits Teen Pack

This Sims 4 traits mod makes your teenager Sim more realistic, by improving their emotions as a real-life teenager. This mod adds 7 more traits in the game, which can only be unlocked with time according to their age. 

This trait improves your experiences in the game, and the realistic gameplay makes it more fun to be able to live someone else’s life.

Installing this mod would be worth a try to look into every teenager’s life nowadays and live their life with real-life teenager experiences.

sims 4 traits


Depression Trait

Yes, things can be depressing in the Sims world too. This trait simply improves the way the original game has its depression traits, and this makes it more realistic.

This adds a lot of emotional issues for your Sim to deal with when they feel depressed, and it is very difficult to maintain the Sims with these traits.

Though, it also gives you the worst experiences which you might not have experienced during your minor depressions. This makes us understand more about the problems of highly depressed beings and the struggle that they go through.

sims 4 traits



Baby Maker Trait

This trait is certainly one of the funniest traits of all times we have come across. In this trait, if you are having fertility issues, you can simply apply this trait and put the baby in whoever you want. It allows you to be a playboy who makes every woman pregnant whenever they sleep together. Well, you know what we mean.

sims 4 traits




Internet Kid Trait

This a childish trait, made for adults in the Sims world. Using this Sims 4 traits mod, your Sim can be the guy who sits in front of his or her computer all day. This trait makes your Sim a PC addict who loves playing games and spending time on social media.

Though this trait is not beneficial in any way, it does resemble our real-life PC lovers who keep their eyes all day on the computer screen.

sims 4 traits


WooHoo Lover Trait

This is the most worthless Sims 4 traits mod you might have come across. This mod allows your Sim to scream WooHoo whenever they are excited about anything. They scream WooHoo on almost every situation, and it is like a WooHoo addiction to them. This can be quite annoying for even the users of this mod, as they will have to hear that unpleasant noise all the time.

Be careful while using this mod, you wouldn’t want your Sim to scream WooHoo in unnecessary situations like someone’s funeral or any other serious situation. 

sims 4 traits


Siren Trait

Siren trait makes your Sim a flirt. Using this mod, your Sim would become the easiest person to have a conversation with. You will also be able to interact with other Sims very easily. This mod makes your Sim very confident and optimistic, which is a very good thing.

But, they have disadvantages too, their relationships won’t last long, and they won’t be able to get into a serious relationship, which is not much of a problem if you are not looking for any serious relationship.

sims 4 traits


Reaper Trait

As positive or negative this game becomes after applying all the different mods, the Sims 4 can be dark too. This Sims 4 traits mod allows you to be the grim reaper in the game and be the one who conducts deaths of other Sims, awesome right?

Using this unique trait, your Sim can be immortal with certain powers. But as time passes by, you might start noticing that your Sim is getting bored with immortality, and doesn’t want to be around anymore. Anyways, this mod is worth a try, and you will certainly have a lot of fun while using this mod.

sims 4 traits


Shy Trait

This Sims 4 traits mod as the name suggests makes our Sim less confident when it comes to interacting with other people. This makes your Sim socially awkward and shy, just like the real-life shy people. Your sim will start overthinking and might start sweating over small things to do in public.

Many of us face this issue in real-life and this is the reason why Sims 4 stands out as one of the best life-simulation video games. Installing this mod will make this game more realistic and enjoyable too.

sims 4 traits


Zoophobic Trait

If you install this Sims 4 traits mod, your Sim won’t be the same with wild animals, as it might have been before. You Sim will start fearing them, and this might be also relatable to some of us who get scared of the animals roaming on the street.

You will have to manage your Sim go through all the panicking and the other troubles they might face while being a Zoophobic. This adds a new experience if applied, as many of us haven’t experienced these things in our real-life too.

sims 4 traits


Culinary Inept Trait

This mod doesn’t make you better in any way but adds a real-life thing in the game. Let’s admit this, we all are not the best cook, and many of us don’t even know how to cook. With this Sims 4 traits mod applied in your original game, your Sim becomes just like you. They become a terrible cook, who struggles to make good food a lot.

But hey, isn’t that relatable and realistic? With time, this mod makes your Sim a better cook too, but at first, you might face a lot of trouble and make a mess out of everything.

sims 4 traits


So far, we discussed everything about Sims 4. Then, we talked about all the best Sims 4 trait mods available for you to use.

After that, we explained all the trait mods you must use while playing the Sims 4 in the easiest and the informative way possible.



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