Every Business Needs These Smart Techniques For Instagram Followers

Techniques For Getting Followers On Instagram
Techniques For Getting Followers On Instagram

If you have an online store, then setting up an Instagram business account for your brand will be very helpful to market your products. Instagram is a great social media network to show your target audience the different products that you offer to them. Since many people are using Instagram for checking products, you should inculcate it into your marketing plan.

Techniques For Getting Followers On Instagram

Follow a full-fledged strategy to increase your followers on Instagram

If you want to get the best out of this platform, here are some of the ways by which you can get followers on Instagram:


Start With Setting Up Your Instagram Business Profile

The first step to getting followers on Instagram would be to set up an Instagram profile. Get a business account for your brand.

The next thing you should do is add a profile picture that aligns with your business or brand. It could be your business logo, so that people who are already acquainted with your brand, can easily recognize your presence on this social media network.

For Example, you may check profiles of company that make rain jacket and some of best luggage sets. These are the finest creative I have seen on social media till now.

Now, set up the appropriate category of business in which you specialize. Also add your Instagram profile bio, so that your audience can understand what your brand offers.

Lastly, use the Instagram bio to add links as this is the quickest way you can get your follower’s attention to your store and merchandise.

Find Out Who Your Target Audience Is

If you are aiming at getting followers on Instagram, you must identify who your target audience is. This will help you post content suited to the preferences of your audience. So if your target audience is composed of middle-aged women from the United States, you will have to build content accordingly.

To identify who your target audience is, you should look at the people who are already buying from your business. Another way by which you can find out who your target audience is by looking at your findings from your social media analytics tools. Researching on your competitors will help you understand your audience as well. Once you identify your audience, you can push out content that they are most likely to get engaged with.

Create Good Quality Content

Instagram is a largely visual platform and you should have good visual content if you want to get more followers. Having a theme for your Instagram feed adds to the visual aesthetic of your brand on Instagram. Use consistent colors and visual themes so that people will know when you post something on Instagram.

An important tip here is to capture high-quality photos in natural light. Use the rule of thirds when featuring certain products or objects in your photos. Use appropriate editing tools to fine-tune images.

Use Instagram Stories

instragram stories

Another way to getting followers on Instagram is by using Instagram stories. Your stories can actually get people to follow you if they find your content appealing. You can use stories to tell your audience about your brand. Give them a glimpse as to what kind of products you offer, with relevant calls-to-action. Your Instagram stories remain active for no more than 24 hours. You can create highlights out of your Instagram stories so that people can look at these even after the 24-hour period.

Write Catchy Captions

While Instagram is a photo sharing platform, your captions can play a role in making or breaking your marketing strategy. You could add captions that are catchy and capture the essence of your brand. Appropriate hashtags can increase the visibility of your content. Let your brand voice lead how you create captions and use relevant calls-to-action.

Use The Right Set Of Hashtags


Hashtags are important for increasing your presence on Instagram. Use appropriate hashtags so that people see your content more often. If you want to attract more people to your Instagram profile, you can create branded hashtags. You can ask your audience to share content featuring your products with the branded hashtags. Find out Instagram posts with the branded hashtags and add this user-generated content to your Instagram profile. This will show your target audience that there are so many people already using your content and will work like a peer-review.

Reply To Mentions And Comments

In order to build a stronger connection with your target audience, it is important that you actively interact with them. Building a connection with your target audience is important for getting followers on Instagram. Respond appropriately to all comments, mentions and compliments.

Partner With Instagram Influencers

Find Instagram influencers that are relevant to your industry and collaborate with them. They can help you market your brand and products or services through reviews and Instagram takeovers. By collaborating with Instagram influencers, who have a large following, you have a chance of reaching out to a wider audience.

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