Steam Sale Dates: When is the Next Sale Begin?

steam sale date 2020
steam sale date 2020

Knowing about the steam sale date won’t be a work cut out for you, as Valve keeps the exact dates quite confidential until the official announcement is not made. Valve usually keeps the sale according to the Western festive calendar. If I suggest you look at the last sale dates then we can notice the usual dates for the sale are usually Steam Halloween Sale, Steam Christmas Sale, Steam Winters or the Steam Summers, it’s not always that valve launches the sale on Thanksgiving.

Like in 2019, Valve did not launch any sale on Thanksgiving, it might be due to its worldwide audience. Don’t be disheartened, Valve’s seasonal sales are always the biggest.

If you are also curious to know about the steam sales then just stay with me till the end.

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What are Steam Sales?

Steam is known as the ‘digital distribution platform’ owned by Valve Corporation. The audience gets the games, offers on installation and automatic updates, community features, and game-change chat tools.

If you are a newbie for the Steam Sale ethos then I have some ethos for you: Computer gaming hub Steam offers a number of sales every year. If you love PC gaming then this sale is a keystone for you but you need to keep an eye for the latest and greatest titles get sizeable price slashes.

The platform usually launches the sales at very short notice, obviously many waits for this sale.

What are the Best Steam Sale Games?

Steam often shows up the Best Steam Sale Games on its homepage, but there are many third-party tools that can help you with the hidden games. The site named Steamdb, explains almost every deal throughout the seasonal and yearly sales.

You can filter the results by game type, genres, operating systems, user tag, and the currency. But be attentive you might have to reload the page for the changes.

When is the next Steam Sale?

The sales might not last long but it comes regularly throughout the year. The 2019 winter sale has been now closed and it’s expected this time there won’t be any spring sale. It means that there won’t be any sale until the summer.

The usual time for the sale is 6 PM BST/1 PM EDT/10 AM PDT on the third or the fourth Thursday of their respective month, with exception of Black Friday sales.

Summer Steam Sale might occur by June 23, 2020

Steam Halloween Summer Sale might occur by October 26, 2020

Steam Autumn/Black Friday Sale might occur by November 24, 2020

Winter Steam Sale might occur by December 17, 2020

Steam Sale Tips:

Steam sale dates leaked

Prepare a wishlist

If you are thinking about some game then don’t forget to add it on your wishlist so you can receive notifications. Check out our round-up of the Top 100 games you can play on PC today. 

Keep an eye on the Publisher bundles

Publisher bundles can make save a lot of money for the entire series or catalogs. You might want to have a Hitman game then you might need a series bundle. Chances are you might get series for a higher cost.

Expansions and DLC

Expansions might be overpriced, especially while adding new stuff to your favorite game.

You can also pick up a lot of DLC for a few bucks and reinvigorate your catalog.

Weekly check on Publishers or themed sales

Usually, the publisher showcases all of their products, on weekend sales. Events are usually marked up by the homepage. Look out for it if you’re looking for a blockbuster price.

Check on the Next Sales

It’s easier to wait for the next sales as there are no daily or flash deals. If you see a discount, you know does it fit your pocket or not. Maybe for an upgrade to your game can cost you with upgrading your graphics card too.

The EndNote:

Now you know about the expected sale dates, tips for steam sale, how to know about the best games for the sale. In case, I missed anything about the sales do write to me, I will definitely answer you about it.

Bookmark the page to stay updated about the sale.



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