The Best Power User Tips and Tricks for Using Discord

Tips and Tricks for Using Discord

Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp are the most common choices for instant messaging apps. Discord is often being neglected, but it’s a much better option in many situations. It has a minimalist, sleek design that even beginner smartphone users know how to handle. But when you scratch the surface, you’ll realize that Discord is a complex app with several features that make group conversations more effective.

Discord started out in 2015, and it was instantly popularized as a messenger app for gamers. Throughout 2020, the company changed its focus and started targeting all communities. It’s equally effective as a chat app for friends and organization teams. You can use Discord for Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. It’s also available as a web application. It supports audio calls, text messages, and multimedia messages. Are you using its full potential?

5 Tips for Discord Power Users: Unlock Advanced Discord Features

1. Discover the Discord Developer Mode

If we’re talking about ways to become a power-user of this app, then it’s important to mention its Developer Mode. If you run your own server, it makes sense to activate it. It enables you to copy the ID of any user, server, individual message, role, channel, and anything else that has an ID.


You don’t need bot developer skills to activate and use this mode. It won’t disturb the way you normally use the messaging app. To enable Developer mode, you should activate the feature under User Settings > Appearance > Advanced.

2. Turn Two-Factor Authentication On

If you’re a member of several Discord servers on various topics, you have a big reason to protect your account as much as possible. You don’t want people trying to gain unauthorized access to the information you’ve shared.

Discord has a simple, but effective feature that elevates the levels of security: two-factor authentication. To turn it on, you should go into My Account under Settings.

Yes; this means that you’ll get a message with a numerical code on your phone whenever you try to log into your account. It’s not that hard to enter a simple code; it only takes a few seconds. It’s a small price to pay for the sake of data safety.

3. Add the Game Display Feature

If you use Discord to chat while gaming, you can’t miss out on the game integration feature. In your User Settings, you’ll see a Games tab. Your game will be automatically detected there. If you don’t see it, you can access the list of apps running on your device to add the game manually. Discord allows you to change the way the app’s name is displayed.

4. Adjust the Voice Processing Features

Discord is not only for textual chatting. Gamers love it mainly because of its great audio output. They can talk while playing. The program enables you to improve the audio output of your microphone by adjusting voice processing features.

You’ll find settings like Automatic Gain Control, Noise Reduction, and Echo Cancellation. If you’re in a noisy environment, you can still have undisturbed discussions with your friends. Even if your mic isn’t sophisticated, the voice processing settings will improve its output.

5. Consider Using Discord Nitro

Nitro is Discord’s premium version, meant to serve the needs of advanced users. For an annual price of $99.99 (or a monthly charge of $9.99), you’ll get useful additional features. You’ll get support for custom emojis, uploading your own GIFs, a boosted file upload size, and a screen-sharing feature.

In addition, Discord Nitro gives you a personal profile and an option to claim a custom tag with an animated avatar. The most important thing is that you get HD video for live streaming and screen sharing.

We never like paying for things when we can get them for free. But with this particular service, the boosted version deserves an investment. If you use Discord on a daily basis, you’ll enjoy the bigger file upload size and other premium features.

Discover Discord’s Potential with Simple Tricks

There’s nothing complicated about the tricks mentioned above. Discord has been built on the principles of simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. All settings are easy to find and understand. Play with them! You’ll discover new tricks that will change your experience as a user. If you don’t like some of the features, you can always deactivate them after seeing how they work.



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