The most popular games in the world


If to ask adults of different ages which games do they consider the most popular, the answer will probably be uncertain. Some people admire online games with their modern graphics and visual effects, others prefer outdoor activities like football or golf. Despite the fact that the entertainment industry offers a huge variety of games, there are still those, which passed through ages and still popular now. Make a list in your mind and compare it with what we have prepared for you today.

1) Popular card games

The company more likely will choose card games like Black Jack or poker. Classic roulette and slot machines didn’t lose their popularity among the risk lovers. People are also able to choose online versions of these games, especially since you can also win real money there. In order to select the most intriguing ones, read the NativeCasinos reviews online.

Uno is popular in different age groups – a simple but very funny card game. The rules are simple and understandable even to a child, and even a large company can play it.


2) Popular online games of our time

Angry Birds is one of the most popular online games originally developed for androids. The plot is simple: this is a confrontation between birds with an angry face and insidious pigs. The birds are trying to conquer pigs in various ways in order to save their nests from plundering.

Among online games, the most popular so far are large MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games). Users are acting in the form of invincible heroes. The first three places possess World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Line Age 2. Browser games that do not require installation also won a strong position in the ratings. In 2013, according to the largest gaming portals, War Thunder was the leading shooter on the subject of World War II.

3) Popular games for kids

At the end of the last century, little girls were amused by dressing up dolls, which gradually moved online. Now there are Flash-fitting rooms with a huge wardrobe and several models to choose. Girls can pick up virtual dolls hairstyles and even makeup. Older girls prefer games based on popular cartoons as Pink Pony or Winx. The boys still prefer new-made cars and airplanes, and the games based on modern cartoon series.

The most popular game in the world

Each game has its fans, and the most popular cannot be determined. Among popular games, you can name football as the most international game, Monopoly as an economic strategy that has not lost its relevance for almost a century. Chess is considered one of the oldest games. The best-selling computer game of our century is a simulator of ordinary life “The Sims”.

Which games do you prefer? Tell us in comments.





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