3 Things Digital Professionals Should Look Out For

Things Digital Professionals Should Look Out For

It is no secret technology has played a defining role in the fluctuating job market, especially those transitions witnessed over the last few decades. For instance, in the 1990s, the digital professional was divided into two groups: the technical and the creative. Now, digital professionals are involved in the web, but also social media, mobile, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. The transformative nature of the role makes various tasks difficult, which is why we have compiled a list of things individuals should look out for.

Three Things Digital Professionals Should Look Out For

1. Malvertising

In the digital world, companies strive for customer loyalty and engagement. For this to happen, a company’s content has to be perceived as well-informed and reliable.

Unfortunately, malvertisement can stop digital professionals from achieving this. Malvertising, formerly known as malicious advertising, refers to digital ads designed and installed with malicious intent. Often, malvertising will direct users to a landing page where they are told to download malicious software. Digital professionals must be aware of malvertisement for several reasons. For example, when users click through salacious ads, they may start to believe the company is not reputable. Second, there are so many types of malvertising, such as auto-redirect, drive-by download, and scareware. Even people who understand malvertising on the surface can still be a victim of it.


2. SEO Voice Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) will always be a priority for digital professionals. That said, individuals should be aware of the rise of voice search and the integration of smart home assistants into consumer’s lives, such as the Amazon Echo and the upcoming BBC digital smart assistant. We know it is crucial to a company’s search strategy to understand what users are typing on search engines like Google. However, professionals in 2021 should also focus on understanding the questions users are asking via voice search. Companies that can implement their search strategy accordingly will develop a competitive advantage in their industry.

3. KPIs Are Measured In Different Ways

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are objective metrics that digital professionals use to give clarity to the success of a campaign or organization. While it is all well and good to focus on mastering organic traffic and keyword ranking, individuals must realize there are many different types of KPIs — some of which they may never have heard of. For instance, KPIs include everything from lead/conversions, bounce rates, session durations, and crawl errors. If a digital professional is starting in the industry, they need to know the different types of KPIs and how to track them. 

Taking on a role as a digital professional is a promising and relevant venture, but it requires individuals to master all aspects of the profession rather than focusing on one entity. If you are going to try to increase customer engagement levels, you need to know about malvertising. Similarly, if you are going to focus on SEO and KPIs, you need to understand all the different types. If you do this, you are well on your way!



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