Tom clancy
Tom clancy

Do you know novels helps us to broaden our minds and can even change our perspective?

Yes, they can.

That’s why….

Novels are known as best friends which guide and entertain us and sometimes tell the reality also.


Not only this some novels create a suspense and give thrilling experience to the reader.

One of the novelists who is well known for this is:

Thomas Leo Clancy (Tom Clancy)

He was an American novelist who was known for its military thrillers and detailed espionage. He was a type of personality who always write unique stories. His name was also known for movie scripts and video games.

Not only that he was a part owner of his hometown Major League Baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles of the American League and a Vice-Chairman of their community activities and public affairs committees.

Clancy was a well-known novelist and he had received Alfred Thayer Award for Literary Achievement.

 He mainly writes novels which were related to:

·       Techno-Thriller

·       Spy-fiction

·       Non-fiction

·       Crime fiction

·       Realistic fiction

·       Military fiction

He writes novels which were related to the reality and also helps the reader to understand the real scenario.

17 novels of Clancy were bestsellers and created history.  He was the one who is well known for his military, techno and realistic novels.

If you are the one is always ready for military and crime fiction you must read these novels.

You will find value and entertainment in his collection.

Let’s check it out..

Here are 5 Best sellers of Tom Clancy which made his name as a great novelist.

§  The Hunt for Red October:

This was first published on October 1, 1984 by the Naval Institute Press.

Novel creates high involvement of the reader as it always created suspense on almost every page. There is a movie based on this novel called “The Hunt for Red October” released on 2 March, 1990.

The novel introduced Jack Ryan and Created Clancy’s image as a great novelist. The scenarios mentioned in the novel are so realistic and it is all about great submarine battles and diplomatic moves.

Red October is a ballistic missile submarine and the story was revolved around it, how it was used to defeat the enemy and to prove it was destroyed and at the end it is safely taken. Are you a manga fan if yes read my previous blog on how to read manga online for free.

The book standout from all the novel because it is so relevant and timeless from all the novels of Tom Clancy.

§  Clear and Present Danger:

Do you have an interest in Politics?

This novel is for those who have great interest in politics.

This is a political thriller novel in Jack Ryan (character acting as a Deputy Director of Intelligence) found that he was kept in the dark by his colleagues and how hero initially pressurize the colleagues and the president to go public about the operation.

This novel anticipates the post-tactics of NSA and JSOC, as exposed in Edward Snow

The is a great blend of suspense and humor and also valid in today’s environment as it lays proper causes and effects behind the drugs.

It helps to get insight into the reason for the drug disputes and helps to understand the real effects.

This novel was published on August 17,1989.

It was so liked that on 3 August 1994, a movie based on this novel was released. You can also watch it.

§  Without Remorse:

This novel was published on August 11, 1993. At that time this was a bestseller and was liked by numerous readers.

This novel is all about:

How Navy SEAL crosses all the limits and lines of justice and morality to become CIA as Mr. Clark and how lead police investigator in the series finally identified Kelly as the murderer.

No doubt, proper path had not been chosen to achieve what he wants but still the novel was very intriguing and it includes gripping as well as suspenseful scenes.

It is a superb action written novel which develops the interest of the reader.

The movie based on this novel will be releasing on 18 September 2020 in India and public is really waiting for the movie, especially those who have an interest in action-oriented movies.

§  Debt of Honor:

This novel was released on August 17,1994 and was a techno-thriller novel which has great suspense, thrill and it also had a great essence of technology which will fully entertain you.

In this novel, Jack Ryan played the role of National Security Advisor when the Japanese industrialists seize their country’s government and wage war on the United States and how he finally becomes the president of the United States.

This novel relates to reality and different officers struggle and their way to succeed in their work.

In this, the author wonderfully explained the things in detail and combining it all to make an admirable novel.

§  Executive Order:

This novel was released on July 1, 1996. The title of the novel reflects a glimpse of the story.

This novel has exceptional technical details which makes the overall story a must-read novel.

Novel is also a mix of the action with proper amount of twist and turns.

This book is dedicated to President Ronald, who had been responsible for Clancy’s success where the president is struggling to rebuild the government.

This novel is filled with legal intrigue but the conclusion of the novel is satisfactory.

This is an overview of top five novels of the Tom Clancy.

You must read it.

If you want to know about any other novel or you think that I had missed any main point regarding these novels…..let me know in the comment section.


Also, share your views regarding these novels.



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