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Yesterday I had a conversation with some of the players of PUBG and I was really amazed to know that many of the players just try to grab one of the best weapons in the game whether they really need it or not so as it is already said by experts that too smarter is who knows what weapon to use when well you will be amazed to know that many of the times we don’t know no which Weapon to use on the right moment. So I decided to make it quite simple for you to understand where and which PUBG weapons to use.

Trust me your friends gonna jealous of you. Especially when you will be playing like a pro I will try my best to my best cover all the weapons that you get while you play the game.

New PUBG Weapons

1. Mk 47

One of the real-life dangerous gun AK 47 can be found in PUBG weapons. Seriously PUBG named it MK 47. These both might not be spelt alike but they work alike. The weapon has 20 round capacity and can be increased upto 30 rounds. You don’t need any special compatibility modes to use it. Luckily it can be used in any of the modes of firing – single shot and 2-round burst.


2. M 249

Feel like a troop army with M 249. It has the capacity of 100 magazines, use it when your supply drops. No doubt, the updated version will save your game.

Assault Rifles in PUBG Weapons

1. Groza

This modular PUBG weapon is a combat weapon found in Air Drops. Use it carefully! It can give the damage ratio of 49 which makes it the best weapon of the PUBG but cannot be used more than 80times. After all, it needs 2 to 4 bullets to kill the target with a fire rate of 0.008 which means in 0.24 sec your enemy will need someone to revive.

2. AKM

Players usually prefer M762 but let me share, my secret AKM is better than M762. Yes, it has the same damage rate as Groza. Trust me, it can be your all-time favourite weapon.

3. DP-28

If you are seeking some handy weapons, DP-28 is your thing with the same damage and killing-time.

Suggestion: You need to think and decide which consideration would work best for you.

PUBG weapons

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Sniper RiflePUBG Weapons

1. AWM

The sniper that got the highest damage base rate and fire rate of 120 and 1.85 which means you can kill your target from a far distance.

2. M24

The updated version of Kar98 with 88 damage rate but a little less fire rate 1.8. Just the 2 shot and your opponent is dead.

3. Kar98k

Basic bolt rifle Kar98k is enough for your loot in the game with a base dame rate of 75 and 1.9 fire rate.

Tip: Be careful while you use it. It can even kill the user. Win 94
With 66 base damage rate and 06 fire rate, the sniper is very comfortable to go. You must be thinking why this sniper is even on the list then it has a great DPS of 110.

4. MK 14 EBR

Do the loot for this on the airdrop. The sniper has a base damage of 61 and 0.009 fire rate. Again, some special feature takes it to the list. The special feature is an automated mode.

Shotguns in PUBG Weapons

1. S686

An ideal shotgun with 0.2 fire rate and DPS of 1125 which makes it slighter problematic as you would need to reload it after every shot. But if you know your cover then it’s an amazing shotgun.

2. S1897

In comparison to S686, S1897 has a better magazine but low DPS. Ignoring it, the gun proves to be appropriate in close-quarter combat.

3. S12K

If you want to go for quick-fire S12K is your thing. It’s an automatic shotgun, doesn’t need any pumps or double-barrel action too. Amazing, right?

Damage Chart Comparison for PUBG Weapons

1. Sawed-Off

This shotgun that deserves to be on the top of the list, when the base damage is 160 among other pistols. But it’s more effective when you are shooting from a short distance.

2. R1895

The pistol R1895 uses 7.62mm can create maximum damage but you cannot attach a scope.

3. R 45

The modern revolver is named as R45 pistol in PUBG weapon. The pistol after red-dot is effective when used in close range

4. P 1911

The sidearm shotgun is not for long-distance. The sidearm uses 45 ACP, you will get superb stopping-power at close range.

5. P 92

The gun can make a close target automatically. But you need to be aware of its horrible backlash.

SMG PUBG Weapons

Sub Machine Guns are supposed to be the underdogs in the Weapons. But it won’t be good to underestimate them. These beasts have a good rate of fire is combined with amazing stability. So, I will just suggest you top 4 SMG beasts.

  1. Tommy Gun
  2. UMP9
  3. Vector
  4. UZI

Other Weapon Stats

Well, the PUBG only doesn’t get you with snipers, rifles but also some easy weapons for your loot.

1. PUBG Weapons Crossbow

It can create base damage of 105 and it’s quite hard when it hurts someone. Its Fire Rate is 3.8

2. PUBG Weapons Pan

Not only women use it for their defence, being a PUBG player you can use it too. All you need is to bang the opponent’s head 2 times.

3. PUBG Weapons Machete

Machete doesn’t much base damage but has good DPS in comparison to the crossbow.
Use them wisely

The EndNote

Here you learnt about weapon’s base damage data and fire rate. And I hope now know what to use when. But the decision is all yours. But always keep in mind about base damage and fire rate while choosing the perfect weapon.

If you like this article and want me to write more articles do comment down there. It motivates me. Also, don’t forget to share the article with your favourite PUBG teammates.



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