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The competition between restaurants is intense, and you’ll have to give your everything to be victorious. As any advertiser will quote, “Individuals buy stories, not items.” It’s the same for restaurants. Each restaurant needs an incredible story, and as a restaurant owner, you should be capable of telling yours well.

Instagram is the ideal platform to undertake this. Alongside having the option to share marvellous pictures of your restaurant’s astounding food, Instagram also lets you create a community, cultivate a deep engagement, and reflect your brand’s story.

There’s maybe no industry for which Instagram is more preferable than the restaurant business since there are numerous benefits of advertising on Instagram. Research has demonstrated that individuals 18-35 spend five entire days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and 30% would stay away from a restaurant if their Instagram presence was not considerable.

The following are some of the sure shot approaches to ace Instagram marketing for your restaurant.


Instagram Marketing Tips for your restaurant

Your Restaurant’s Instagram Should Reflect Your People

Instagram is perfect for bringing in a human touch to your restaurant’s image. Food photographs are incredible, yet individuals truly need to feel a connection with your brand, you can start off by sharing genuine photographs and recordings of the individuals that work in your restaurant.

From the head culinary expert to the wait staff, urge your customers to post about your eatery as well, sharing their encounters or most loved menu items. Sharing the individuals behind your restaurants, their stories, as well as their interests, helps to feature what makes you exceptional, expanding that immensely significant engagement with your brand.

Additional Tip: Use Instagram Live to share meetings and interviews with the core members of your team. Ask them intriguing questions or let them do an account takeover for a day.

Hire A Food Blogger

Eye-grabbing, grammable photographs of food mixed with online interaction is a brilliant way to promote your brand. Collaborating together with an established influencer or blogger, is a proven means to boost your Instagram reach. By offering free dinner for the blogger or even paying them to post about your brand, you’ll get well-endowed exposure and some great photographs of your restaurant.

To successfully land a collaboration, contact foodie accounts that have followers in the range of 20-50k. These bloggers share their valuable food experiences, have an adherent follower base, and won’t charge you a lot for their services.

Additional tip: Focus on “local” Search for neighborhood bloggers by running a Google or hashtag search. You can likewise go through your competitor’s Instagram account for any tagged posts composed by the food bloggers.

Engagement Is The Golden Key

Individuals want to engage in with genuine individuals, so make the real engagement a priority with their followers.

Re-upload their content, answer to comments in a timely fashion, and set aside the effort to request and really tune in to any feedback about your restaurant.

Commitment leads to genuine clients, and faithful clients will make your restaurant a success. They’ll be bound to share their incredible experiences, tag their companions, and post photographs of your food, all adding to the positive social proof you need to get those immensely significant clients into your restaurant.

Additional tip: Connect with your clients by sharing their pictures and making a discussion around your food items.

Utilize A Hashtag Strategy

Utilizing the right hashtags will boost up your Instagram posts and help your restaurant become increasingly visible. Research suggests that posts with a hashtag get over 12% more engagement than posts without, so it’s worth putting in the time into getting your hashtag strategy right.

Additional tip: Put hashtags in the first comment after your post. This diminishes the risk of you looking entirely like a pushy advert for your restaurant.

Hold Instagram Contests

Contests are an incredible method to utilize the true potential of Instagram to increase your brand as well as follower engagement. To make them as fruitful as could be expected under the circumstances, think about your objectives: is it more number of followers, better engagement or more bookings?

Utilize your objective to curate your contest, just as the winning prizes on offer. Some ideas include – Selfie contest, Food Quiz, or asking them to tag their companions in the comments.

Additional tip: It’s ideal to keep your content short and sweet to create genuine intrigue and engagement. Run it for a really long time, and your followers will be bored to participate.

Utilize The Power Of Instagram Video

Use videos on Instagram, and you’ll find increased retention and engagement by your followers. You can share videos two distinct ways on Instagram: Instagram Stories and Instagram Live.

Utilize the best free slideshow creator by InVideo to make convincing video content in just minutes. You don’t need to download or install anything on your computer because it is completely online. Animate your elements, add smooth transitions between slides, and give your slideshow a more professional look.

There is no need to hire a video creator since this video creation tool is really intuitive and has an easy to use interface. There is an extensive library of more than 1700+ templates curated for every use-case. You also have the ability to add a voice-over or use in-built auto text-to-speech technology.

Start the process by selecting a story template, or start a photo slideshow from scratch. You can then start to add the various elements of your slideshow within an easy-to-use design screen. Use InVideo as a slideshow creator to communicate your message concisely and in a way that engages your audience. The slideshow video maker is compatible with all the popular formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, MP4, AVI, DVD, GIF, MP3, and more rare ones.

You don’t have to undergo the hassle of finding royalty-free images or video clips from search engines as this tool has an in-built media library of more than a million royalty-free images and video clips.

Create eye-grabbing marketing videos and publish them on Instagram to boost the popularity of your brand. You need to simply get ready to receive the flood of additional bookings coming your way.



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