Zombs Royale – A Multiplayer Battle Royale Game

Zombs Royale
Zombs Royale

With over 30 Million+ Google Play Store downloads Zombs Royale is one of the most amazing multiplayer Io game. I started playing Zombs Royale 6 months ago. When I was new, I noticed that it has excellent gameplay which seemed to be inspired by PUBG. I recommend you to try this game at least once and try to survive as the last standing warrior against the hundreds of other online opponents. If you want to move around the map, then you can do it using the WASD keys in PC and controller in Smartphone. In order to survive in Zombs Royale, all you have to do is interact with various objects in the map to pick up supplies.

Zombs Royale
Zombs Royale

Moreover, you can kill your enemy by shooting at them using the left click mouse button in PC and shoot button on a smartphone. While searching for weapons, you need to try your best to kill as many players as possible.

Moreover, I advise you to watch out for the poisonous gas that steadily closes in on the map and shrinks the safe area. Later, don’t blame me if you get caught in the gas and eventually die. Create a strategy and try to survive using those defensive and offensive strategies. This game needs skill in killing your enemy by quick reactions, and persistence!

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Features of Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale
Features Of Zombs Royale
  1. Cosmetics – It provides you with an option to customize more than 1000 unique character cosmetics by using in-game coins. However, some in-game items are available for you to purchase!
  2. Leaderboards – If you have got the skills then you can rise to the top of the leaderboards to show others that you’re the best. You can see how your rank increased against other players.
  3. Seasons – Each season of zombs royale lasts for a few weeks Depending on your performance, it gifts you unique, exclusive cosmetics in each season.  If you want to receive prizes quickly, you have to complete challenges at a much faster pace.
  4. Rewards – It gives you Daily and weekly prizes in the form of special coins or cosmetics.

Game Modes in Zombs Royale

Solo: You can play against 99 other solo players in a match to become the last one standing
Duo: You can play with a friend duo mode or auto-match with a random teammate.
Squad: Squad mode allows you to assemble a team of 4 players against 24 other teams. If you want to win the match, all you have to do is wipe out other factions. However, if your friends are not online, then you can auto-match with anyone who is playing all over the world.

Limited Time Game Modes

Zombies: You have to team up with your friends or random players against other squads while at the same time you have to deal with masses of zombies. However, it is quite similar to zombie mode in Pubg battle royale game.
50v50: If you do not enjoy playing in 4v4 matches. Don’t worry, Zombs royale has provided this mode for you as you can play with a team of 50 members against another group of 50 members.
Superpower: In this mode, you have to collect power-ups after killing other players.
Weapons Race: It has a Small map, and you will not get any loot. To level up your weapon, you have to defeat your opponents. If you are the first one to eliminate the opponents, then there is a high probability that you will win the game.
Crystal Clash: It is a simple 4v4 mode where you have to select your weapon and the first one who kills the opponent is declared the winner.

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How to play Zombs Royale

Do you know that you can play Zombs royale on Pc and smartphone? Well, the PC version supports a browser. However, you man deed to install the flash player. The smartphone version supports both Zombs royale apk and iOS

Zombs Royale
Zombs Royale

PC Controls

  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys.
  • Aim: use Mouse Cursor to set aim at your opponent.
  • Attack: use Left Click Mobile to shoot at your enemy.
  • Reload: press R key to reload the gun
  • Deploy: Choose the location where you want to drop and then press Space key or E key to deploy from the plane.
  • Freefall while skydiving: Hold Space or E key. Control for freefall is similar to deploying from the plane.
  • Interact with objects: Press E Key to open doors and crates.
  • Map: Press key M to open the Map
  • Emotes: Right Click or Press B to play emotes. You can have up to 6 in-game emotes at once.
  • Chat: Press Enter Key to start chatting with your team members.
  • Switch weapons/Equip weapon: You can switch weapons by either Clicking, Scrolling or pressing corresponding number (1-6) keys.
  • Sprays: Press T and select. You can have up to four sprays in the game at once.
  • Giving weapons/dropping weapons: First, Click on the gun you want to lose, drag to range out your hotbar and then release. That’s it; you have dropped your weapon.
  • Rearranging weapons: You can rearrange your gun by dragging them around in the hotbar where ever you want.

Mobile Controls

  • Movement: Use Left joystick to move around in the game.
  • Aim: Use Right joystick to set aim at your opponent.
  • Attack: Tap on Right joystick to shoot at your opponent.
  • Reload: Tap on the Reload button to reload weapons.
  • Free-fall while skydiving: You can deploy and free-fall by tapping on the same
  • Interact with objects: Tap on Interact button to open doors and crates.
  • Map: Click on the map to open it.
  • Emotes: Tap on Emote button and select the up to 6 emotes.
  • Chat (Talk to other players): Tap on the Chat button to start talking with the members of your team.
  • Switch weapons/Equip weapon: Choose the gun that you want and then Click on the firearm in hotbar to equip them.
  • Giving weapons/dropping weapons: Select the gun you want to drop, then drag it out of the hotbar and release.
  • Rearranging weapons: You can Drag your guns around wherever you want them to be in your hotbar.
zombs royale
Zombs Royale

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Important things that you need to know

  • You can use one bandage to restore up to 20 hp of your character. It takes 2 seconds to apply a single dressing. However, Bandages does not have any effect on shields.
  • A medkit allows you to restore your full health to 100HP in 5 seconds. However, you cannot use it if your health is complete and it does not have any effect on the shields.
  • You can use a Big Shield Potion to add up to 50 shields. You need 5 seconds to apply Big Shield Potion. Moreover, it will not affect your health.
  • Small Shield potion is used to add 25 shields in 2 seconds. However, It will not add protection if you currently have more than 50.
  • A hybrid shield potion is used if you want to restore your health over time. You can use it after applying bandages up to 75 HP. It restores 25 HP health in 2 seconds.
  • The first gas wave starts after 90 seconds in the match, and it takes 38 seconds to finish. , Moreover, if you are in the gas wave, then it will give you two damage per second.
  • Second gas wave starts after seconds, and it takes 24 seconds to finish. It damages four hp per second.
  • The third and fourth wave starts after 39 seconds, one after the other, Third wave completes in 10 seconds whereas the fourth wave finishes in 17 seconds. The third wave gives eight hp damages per second whereas the fourth wave does ten damages per second to your player.
  • The final wave starts after 29 seconds and closes in 14 seconds. Moreover, if you are in the last rush, then it will damage your player at the rate of 12 hp per seconds.

Final Words

I was a bit skeptical before playing Zombs Royale, but one day my friend told me to play this game with him as his squad was not available. So, I played with him for over an hour, and that was it. I straightaway became addicted to this game. So, like me, if you love to kill dozens of game opponents, then Zombs royale is the game that is made for you my friend.

So, if you want to play this game on Pc then open this link on your browser to play. Moreover, click on Android to download Zombs royale apk and iOS to download the game on your iPhone

I recommend this game to people of all ages as I who ages around 27 years play this game for hours. It works excellently for me as a stress buster after 13-14 hours of long working hours.

If you like my article, then please forget it out of five stars. It helps me in improving my articles regularly for you.





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