How to install FliXanity APK For Android [Movie Streaming App] 


In an era where streaming content has seen significant growth, there are tons of movie streaming sites and apps emerging every day.

Most of these sites are not reliable as they do not update their database according to the latest release of tv shows and movies but there is one such app called flixanity which is a privilege to those who are looking for the free content streaming platform. 

We do have paid options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and whatnot but all of them require a monthly or yearly subscription which can be heavy on your pocket.

These OTT apps are paid but provide premium services. You can watch content on the go, download it for offline streaming and create a list of the shows and movies you want to watch. 


However, there is one such app, Flixanity apk that provides the same features without charging you for anything. There is also a web version of the app which is for those avid content consumers who prefer a big screen but for those who travel a lot, Flixanity apk will do the job. 

What is Flixanity? 

As aforementioned, Flixanity is a content streaming app specially developed for android devices that can let you watch movies and tv shows absolutely for free. The advantage of using flixanity over other free movie streaming apps is that it serves you the content of high quality. 

Furthermore, the app barely has any ads and doesn’t force you to register for an account to start using its services. However, registered users do have an advantage over unregistered movies as they can create a wish list of their favorite movies and series they wish to watch later. 

There’s a lot to know about the app, so we have created a list of features of flixanity, let’s proceed to it. 

Features of Flixanity app 

1. User interface 

Flixanity has a straightforward user interface that doesn’t confuse the viewer. The home page has all the movies and series listed which can be viewed from there.

The navigation menu is also placed in the right position making it easy for the user to look out for more options.  

2. No compulsory registration required 

Some movie streaming sites and apps forces the user to create an account for downloading or streaming the content. Not everyone wants to share his or her email id and personal information just for downloading a movie.  

Flixanity apk doesn’t compel you to register an account to download or stream the content, you can either jump over to the website or install the app on your android device and enjoy the content for free.

However, a registered user can add a movie to its watch list and watch it later, so you can use a temporary account for registration if you have an urge to create a watch list.  

3. High content streaming 

The best thing about using flixanity is that you can stream and download content in the highest possible quality.

You can download the movies, transfer it to your laptop or desktop and experience a better viewing experience, or just simply follow our guide on installing flixanity on pc. 

4. Save content for offline streaming 

At times, the internet connection gives a tough time and there’s nothing else to do. Flixanity takes care of that and allows you to save the content on your device for offline streaming. You can even transfer these movies on a different device without any issues.  

How to Download Flixanity app 

Flixanity app is not available on the play store as it doesn’t stand up to the rules and regulations of Google’s Play store publisher policy.

Therefore, we are sharing the latest version of the flixanity apk with you all and recommend you bookmark this page and come back whenever the app asks for an update.  

Here are the details of the app: 

App Name  Flixanity APK 
Developer  Flixanity 
Latest Version  1.1.0 
Android Required  Android 4.4 or Above 
File Size  3.3 MB 


Download Flixanity Apk

To download the app. 

  1. Click on the button above. 
  2. When your browser prompts a warning, tap on ok and let the download start. 
  3. By default, the downloaded files are saved in the download folder of internal storage.  
  4. If you have chosen a custom location for downloads, you will have to remember it in the next section. 

Installation procedure For Android Smartphones

The installation procedure for flixanity apk is pretty simple, all you need to do is follow the instructions below to successfully install the apk package on your android smartphone.  

  1. Go to device settings > security > device administrator and toggle third-party app installations. This has to be done to install apps manually outside of the Google play store. 
  2. Head over to the device storage and look for the flixanity apk package that you just downloaded from the link above. 
  3. Tap on the apk package and now tap on install to begin the installation process.  
  4. It would take less than a minute for the app to finish installing in your device. 
  5. Once done, launch the app and start watching your favorite movies. 

Installing Flixanity on Windows 

For some reason, some people prefer installing apps on their pc maybe because of storage issues on an android device or because they want to experience the app on a large screen. 

Flixanity is only developed for the android operating system but with the help of an android emulator, installing apk packages on windows is possible. We have shared the instructions below, follow them to install flixanity on windows pc. 


  • Bluestacks android emulator 

Bluestacks android emulator is a famous emulator that is compatible with every system and is available for free. The developers push security updates and bug fix timely keeping it safe and secure for the user.

There are various other android emulators for pc available but in this tutorial, we will be using the bluestacks android emulator. 

Steps to install flixanity on pc: 

  1. The first step is to install the bluestacks android emulator installer. You can start downloading it from here. 
  2. Once done, double click on the installer and let the installer download resources for the emulator. After downloading, the emulator will be installed on your pc. 
  3. Launch the emulator and sign in with your Google account and complete the necessary steps to set up the emulator for the first time.  
  4. Now, from the downloads section, download the apk package on your desktop. 
  5. After the download is complete, head over the location where apk is saved, right-click on it and open it with bluestacks apk installer.  
  6. The apk will start installing and a shortcut will be added on your desktop. 

Is Flixanity safe to use? 

Flixanity is a free movie streaming app for android devices. It is completely safe to download, install, and use the application on your device. 

You can either use the website on your phone or use the app for better user experience and reliability. Furthermore, there are no additional permissions required by the app other than storage, and network. 

Flixanity apk alternatives 

If you somehow didn’t like the app and looking for some flixanity alternatives, here are some of them you should try: 

  1. Showbox apk 
  2. Moviebox apk 
  3. Popcorn Flix 
  4. TeaTv apk 
  5. CyberFlix Tv 

Wrap Up 

Flixanity is a perfect app for those who enjoy watching tv-series and movies. The app’s database is updated timely so that new movies and series are added as soon as they are available on the internet. Overall, the app has a straightforward user interface and is light in size.  

In this article, we have shared the latest version of the flixanity apk along with the process of installation on android as well as windows pc using bluestacks emulator. If you are facing any issues with the procedure or find the download link to be broken, comment down. 



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