10 Best Push Notification Services & Tools to Engage Users

Best Push Notification Services

Ever since Push notification has been invented, sending notifications about new updates on websites and apps has become a lot easier for administrators than before. Although there is newsletter service too, not everyone checks their mailbox every single day and even if they do, chances of clicking on your emails are not very high.

Push notifications help in increasing user engagement with the app or website which is the best way to increase returning visitors to the site or application. Push notifications are used in sending notifications about the freshly published content, discounts & offers, information about new feature updates, and much more.

To manage all of this, you need to choose the best push notification service as there are hundreds of them already on the internet claiming to be the best among the rest. It can turn out to be a bit stressful to filter out the best one all alone by yourself, therefore we are here to help you choose the best push notification service among from the list below.

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10 Best Push Notification Services & Tools to Engage Users


1. OneSignal

There is hardly any blogger, app developer who doesn’t know about OneSignal push notification service. It is one of the best and leading notification sending services on the internet.

Some of the biggest companies like Adobe, Uber, Conde Nast, Skyscanner also use the push notification service of OneSignal. You can integrate the service on a mobile app, website, or web app, In-app, and emails.

Features of OneSignal

  • Quick and Hassle-Free Setup

Setting up OneSignal on your app or site is simple and would hardly take 15 minutes to start sending notifications.

  • Real-time Reports

Onesignal lets you know the status of your push notifications and provides on-time conversion rates and delivery rates.

  • A/B Testing Mode

This feature will help you to learn what type of push notification user engages the most with and send test messages that help in analyzing the user behavior.


There are three plans available as of now:

Plan Name






$99 per month

$500 per month

Visit OneSignal

2. Google Firebase

Another amazing push notification service you can try is none other than Google Firebase which is used for sending push notifications to the application users, hence it is not for websites and web apps.

The service is flawless and easy to set up providing all the necessary features that a push notification service should, Google Firebase lets you do it all for free. You can send a custom notification to the app user for completing a task, purchasing something from the app, or anything else.

Features of Google Firebase

  • Send notifications based on user behavior

The firebase service integrates with the Google analytics and offers various targeting abilities allowing you to send notifications to the user depending upon their previous actions and interests.

  • Send Customized Messages

Firebase gives you the complete freedom of designing customized messages that fits the niche of your applications and your users. Moreover, you can run various campaigns simultaneously and use three formats namely banner, modal, and image.

  • Analyze the statistics

As aforementioned, In-messaging works with analytics which helps you to analyze your campaigns deeply and take further decisions on creating a new campaign or using the existing one.

Visit here

3. Push Woosh

Push Woosh is another awesome push notification service that helps in managing push notifications service supporting 15 platforms including mainstream OS such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and much more.

It helps the organization to send customized notifications and try out marketing practices to attract the existing users once again and inform them about new additions to the app, on-going offers, and more.

Features of Push Woosh

  • Use Presets

Push Woosh offers creative presets for marketing campaigns to save your time creating one for yourself. There are various presets to choose from and serve your customers with attractive push notifications.

  • AutoPush service

You can set segmentation and frequency rules according to your requirements and automate the marketing campaigns which will save you a lot of time.

  • Multiple languages

Send push notifications according to the user’s language to increase user engagement and reach every user possible.

  • Campaign Statistics

Keep an eye on the statistics of your campaigns with the in-built measuring tools of Push Woosh.








0 dollars (Up to 1000 subs)

41.95 dollars (Up to 50,000 subs)

125.95 dollars (Up to 300,000 subs)

Visit Push Woosh

4. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is another addition to our list of best push notification service providers which tracks the user’s mobile and app activity before sending the push notifications along with features such as A/B testing, auto-tracking.

Push Notification

Features of Mixpanel

Behaviour Analytics

Mixpanel tracks user behavior and forms reports that help you in creating better campaigns, offers, and products.

Data Science Models

Moreover, Mixpanel uses data science models that help in learning the user’s actions, predicting future actions, and informs you for the slightest changes so that you take better decisions.








$89 per month

Contact support

Visit Mixpanel

5. Pushbots

Pushbots notification service allows you to send customized notifications to your app users and helps in increasing the overall interaction rate and bringing back the user to the application. It supports 4 channels as of now, Mobile push, web push, polls, and in-app messaging which is its latest edition.

Features of Pushbots

  • Analyze your userbase

Pushbox lets you analyze your userbase and help you figure out the platform used by your users, location, languages they speak, and if they have updated the app to the latest version or not.

  • Targeting

The best feature of Pushbots is that its lets you send notifications to the users according to specific filters such as age, language, location, app version, and more. In this way, you can send notifications to the users according to your requirement.

  • Multiple languages

If your app is downloaded by people from different countries, you can send a notification to them in their native language.


Visit PushBots

6. PushAlert

Pushalert is a notification sender service designed for websites and also has a plugin for WordPress CMS which sends notifications to the subscriber user on both mobile as well as PC.

Moreover, it is loaded with features such as A/B testing, API to connect with the mobile and web-based app, sending customized notifications, and more. There are more than 15,000 businesses including the famous one such as Vodafone, Hawkers, NorthWeek, etc. using PushAlerts to send customized push notifications.

Push Notification

Features of PushAlert

  • Turn visitors into subscriber

Upon visiting a site, users often get a pop to subscribe to alerts, upon allowing this you can start sending push notification to the users and send daily updates.

  • Engage Mobile Users

There is no need to have a mobile app to engage with the mobile users of your website or web app. You can send customized notifications to the mobile users of your sites as well and increase website engagement.

  • Easy Setup & Plugin

Setting up PushAlerts on your site is hassle-free and can be easily done with the WordPress plugin. All you need to do is install the plugin, set it up, and install the code on your site to start sending push notifications.


Visit PushAlerts

7. CatPush

if you are searching for a real-time, safe, and fast messaging delivery API for your e-Commerce platform or for transaction push messages, CatPush is what you need. Integrating it with iOS and Android applications wouldn’t take much of your time too, moreover, your users get an option to reply to the push messages for instant feedback.

Features of CatPush

  • Guaranteed Delivery Promise

CatPush ensures that your messages reach to every user of yours and follow Message store, forward, and retry mechanisms to provide maximum delivery success.

  • Tracking system

CatPush provides real-time statistics for each and every message sent and also lets you know whether the message has been sent, delivered, and read by the receiver.

  • Send Personalize messages

You can send personalized messages to your audience instead of sending a standard message and add media making the message more interesting and engaging.


Visit CatPush

8.  AirShip

Airship, formerly known as Urban Airship is a secured messaging platform that can help you send push notifications to your users on mobile, desktop, and email. It also has a wallet studio such as Apple passbook and Google Wallet that helps the merchant to inform the user about the latest offers, coupons, cashback offers, and more.

Moreover, you can target the audience on the basis of their local history, user behavior, and device information. Furthermore, you can always preview the notifications and messages you are about to send to your users.

Push Notification

Features of AirShip


  • Web-based editor

The web-based editor allows you to create personalized messages, add rich media to make it look interesting, and preview it before sending it to the masses.

  • Integration with Google Wallet and Apple Passbook

Merchants can integrate the Airship with their Google Wallet and Apple Passbook which helps out in sending information related to the ongoing cashback offers, and more.

  • A/B testing

Just like every other push messaging service, Airship lets you test your campaigns and find out the best marketing strategy for your app or business.


You need to directly contact the Airship team to know about their pricing on the basis of the services they offer.

Visit Airship

9. Smart Notification WordPress Plugin

An outstanding plugin for those who are into blogging, affiliate marketing, and drop shipping. Smart Notification WordPress plugin is a feature-packed plugin to feed your user base with the fresh and updated content, new product listing, abandoned cart reminders, and more.

It works well with dropshipping sites, bbPress sites, job sites, news sites and affiliate sites. It even allows you to set up a custom newsletter and let your visitors subscribe to your website for daily updates.

Features of Smart Notification WordPress Plugin

  • Mobile push notifications

The plugin can send push notifications to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone also supports Blackberry 10. You can connect it directly with Google and Apple to start sending push notifications to your users.

  • Campaign Builder

You can build effective campaigns, schedule them, and analyze them after sending it to the user group.

  • Facebook and messenger Integration

The best thing about this plugin is that it lets you connect with social media platform Facebook and messenger and send customized notifications directly on these platforms to your users.


It is available for $39 from the Envato market, you will be able to use it only on one site with the regular license.

Visit here

10. Quick Blok

Last but not the least, Quick Blok is an outstanding push notification service that also offers file sharing service, video calling service, chat & messaging services, and store data.

It is used by some of the top companies like Samsung, Nextgen, Yahoo, and more. If you are into healthcare, marketplace, or finance business, Quick blok is a perfect push notification service for you.


Visit here

Wrapping Up

For a growing business and a growing blog, it is necessary to have a push notification service to increase CTR and user engagement. Push notifications help in managing the audience by providing them information related to your business and blog easily.

In this article, we have listed down 10 best push notification services that will help you to reach out to your audience effectively and send them notifications while keeping various factors such as geographical location, time zone, language, user interest in mind.



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