How to Find Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number in 2021?

How to Find Someone's Location By Cell Phone Number

Will you need to find a loved one to make sure they’re safe or where they said they will be? Locating those you care for is simpler than ever with so many innovations today! You just need their cell phone number to do so in certain instances.

Everyone seems to have their justification for finding a mobile phone number to locate others. For parents, to guarantee their survival, they might like to find out the exact coordinates of their children. Watching the position of their partner gives them comfort and happiness for married couples insinuating a case of unfaithfulness. 

Some employers might need to use this approach occasionally to monitor their workers to ensure that they do their duty on-the-field. But regardless of the reason, the innovative communications technology present generation offers the opportunity and versatility to find your close friends in several ways. 

If you’re eager to find out how it operates, please ensure you’re able to capture your gear. These efficient strategies show that it is not as complicated as it appears to locate someone’s location by cell phone number.


We address mobile phone monitoring in this article and how to find the location of someone by using only their cell phone number.

Can You Find Someone’s Location By A Cell Phone Number in 2021?

Assume it or not, on the Internet and even on your Apps Store, there are plenty of free number lookup services available. But is it functioning? Some say it’s helpful, but some might just be a hoax. 

But if you think that monitoring them will give you an accurate result using a random website that shows up on your search engine, think otherwise. While you might get what you want sometimes, we wouldn’t recommend it. It can be very misleading to some of these malicious sites and you will end up revealing your data on the internet. 


Try using a reliable third-party application like Spyic and websites to find the best way to track down a figure. And because there are plenty of them, some of the most useful and accurate methods for phone number monitoring have been filtered. That you can succinctly find a mobile phone number.

Why Do You Need To Find Someone?

What are your motives for trying to meet somebody? For parents, they might like to ensure that their child gets home from school safely or is where they’ve been. 

You may want to impress your partner if you’re married, and you’d need their exact location to do that. Employers will also need to keep an eye on the position of their remote and in-the-field staff, with their approval, of course.

Methods Track Someone’s Location

There are some efficient tools for analyzing the position of someone by cell phone number. You can either download your device’s telephone number tracker program or application or browse via the Google search engine or social media sites.

track cell phone location

 For finding the location of someone using Spyic follows this guide properly.

Step 1:Install The App

With each application, the configuration procedure can vary. Usually, you just select and insert your product access code and the phone number you want to monitor on a connection given by the company.

Step 2: Extract The Phone’s Information

When the monitoring software is installed, the data from the phone will be retrieved and picked up immediately. This data, including the specific place of the handset, will be submitted to the dashboard of your application.

Step 3: Find The Person You’re Looking For

Log into your application account and display the GPS coordinates to locate your loved one’s location. Monitoring applications are typically user-friendly, making it easy to locate the data you’re searching for. You can now find the individual you’re looking for with the GPS position.

Step 4: Geofencing

Geofence is none but a phone-created automated barrier. The application will inform you about it once the destination phone reaches the borders.

Step 5: Locating the lost device

Wondering how to find a number for my phone? At times, you just want to find a phone of your own. It could have been because you misplaced it somehow, or it was stolen. 

Locating a missing device will eventually lead you to find the device and get it back, which would not have been possible otherwise.

Step 6: Track employee activity

Employers may need to monitor the position of their workers for security purposes in a corporate environment. If an employee is working at a position where he was not intended to be, you will then raise a red flag. You may take action against them if this breaches corporate policy, and the location can serve as evidence.


Tracking down your dear ones is a loving act, particularly if you take into account their best safety. We assume you were supported in many aspects by this simple guide on how to identify someone’s whereabouts by cell phone number.



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