Middle School Essay Writing Tips

Middle School Essay Writing Tips

The essay-writing process allows you to reveal your literary potential, express your own thoughts and experiences. In this way, the student learns to think and find innovative solutions to the task posed in the lesson. However, the most important skill is the ability to convey to the reader the basic idea of ​​his creative work.

Types of School Essays

When I was at school, I did not know about different types of essays. As a result, I had problems with them and had to make other people help write my essay like an expert. There are a lot of professional essay services like CustomWritings which could be helpful during middle school classes. During the lessons, students learn different fictional works so that later they can express their own thoughts in the right way. This kind of creative work allows the student to develop thinking, writing, and speaking. There are 3 main types of school essays. 

1. Descriptive Essays

The main goal of this work is a description of a phenomenon, event, process, subject, person, animal, etc. The student needs to recreate a certain image. The essay lists important objects, signs, and features of the subject of description. Particular attention should be paid to bright details.


2. Argumentative Essays

This type of work is intended to explain, prove, or convince the reader of something. Such an essay may contain several points. The student needs to support his point of view with evidence. The work ends with reasoned conclusions. To adhere to the style of reasoning, it is necessary to use introductory words and different adverbs. They will be the main organizing words that summarize the statements.

3. Storytelling Essays

This kind of essay presents a sequentially developing action or change of phenomena. It is necessary to start with the background of the story. Also, this type of composition is impossible without the culmination and end of the events.

The basis of the work is one core idea, about which the student writes. The narration can be done using the first or third person. It is advisable to use past tense verbs. The narrative should be logical and spelling-free. In this form of writing, there should be arguments and conclusions.

Compose an Essay Plan

A plan is the most important part of any essay, as it sets a framework and helps to logically express your thoughts. Learning how to write a plan is necessary already in middle school. Any composition, regardless of type and genre, contains three main components: introduction, main part, and conclusion.

To learn how to distinguish these semantic parts, it is advisable to draw plans at the very beginning of the work. For example, if you read something, just make a plan and highlight the main parts. There is also a technique that teaches you to highlight individual fragments of the text. On the internet, you can find paragraphs that are mixed. And then you need to put them in a logical sequence, giving a name to everyone.

Quality work cannot be completed without a plan. It should contain all paragraphs and subparagraphs in a logical order.

Composition Structure

As a rule, school essays are divided into three parts. Each element of the structure of the essay should be highlighted in a new paragraph.

1. Introduction

In most cases, this block consists of two paragraphs designed to interest the reader. Different cliches and unnecessary words should be avoided. Statements should express not only thoughts but also the feelings of the student. A popular trick is the usage of different quotations in the introduction. 

2. Main Part

The main block should include 3–5 subparagraphs from the plan. The student needs to argue his position, list examples from the text if necessary, and use quotations. In the main part of the essay, the student writes about his views and assessment of events. It is necessary to write without spelling mistakes.

3. Conclusion

The last block should contain conclusions in a concise form. In conclusion, it is necessary to rely on the theses of one’s own composition, and not to list cliche phrases on the topic. It is necessary to be concise and adhere to logic.

Some Essay Writing Tips

The school system requires the student to correctly present their thoughts. You must carefully study the topic of the essay and work with a draft. Here are some more tips:

  • Do not forget about the structure of the text;
  • Write in your own words and include references if you use quotations;
  • Adhere to the required volumes;
  • Pay attention to the main part of the work;
  • Be sure to re-read the work before uploading it.


An essay is an interesting type of writing, which is used already at schools to evaluate the knowledge of students. Someone may need to use different epithets, hyperbolas, or metaphors that will help to decorate the text. In other aspects, it is essential to adhere to a certain working plan to make everything look logical. 



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