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With the advancement in technologies and an increase in online learning patterns now games are not only for fun, but they are also much more than that.

As it is well said

By playing games you can
speed up your learning curve to
develop the right kind of
thought processes.”

In today’s scenario,


Games are not only for fun. It teaches us, add skills in us and spark our interest in one or the other thing.

One such game which is well-known for this is:

OSRS (Old School RuneScape)

It is a multiplayer online game with a large player base. From 30 October 2018, it is also available for Android and iOS users and it also has its own app.

In this game, the player interacts with NPCs, objects and entities in the game. The game allows you to play as a free-to-pay member and pay-to-play member depending upon your choice.

You can play this game on different mode according to your preference:

Ironman mode

Deadman mode


Still confused regarding playing structure, levels and benefits of the game?

Stay Connected to remove your confusion.

Here, I am presenting an OSRS Crafting Guide to you which will help you to know more about the game.

Let’s get started:

Crafting is a top skill that helps you to create different materials and objects used in other skills.

Whether you want to make high-level jewellery or you want to take advantage of the skill cape, crafting is used in both of the cases.

This skill allows you to play according to your pace – you can quickly achieve 99 levels or play it slower at a lesser price or at a medium pace.


OSRS guide

Level 1-7 (Crafting Leather Gloves):

Let’s begin your first step in the crafting journey.

From 1 to 7 level you will be crafting leather gloves (26k XP/hr) and it is easy and quick.


You need:

  •  Piece of leather
  •  Some thread
  •   A needle

After collecting all the above items, select the glove icon and use the needle on your leather and your character will make leather glove for you.

For quick access use quick access point and you are done with your first 7 levels.

Level 7-20 (Making Gold Bracelets):

In these levels, you will be making different things with gold like bracelets (40k exp/hr).


  •  Gold Bars
  •  Bracelet mould
  •  Any (Edgeville and AI Kharid are widely recommended for their quick access)

Now, use your gold bars on the furnace and you will be brought to the interface – it helps you easily make the bracelet.

This level is played at a low pace as it takes time to make it.

Level 20-46 (Cutting Sapphires):

Now, you are again back to the fast experience and it is also simple to cut sapphires (125k exp/hr). This is a final method after which you will be provided three options. Let complete this level first then we will discuss further options.  


  •  Sapphires (depending upon how many you want)
  •   Chisel

Now, use your chisel on your sapphires and then select “make all” and your game do the rest.

After cutting, bank all your products and repeat.

Now0, you have reached level 46. The game will provide you three options:

You can adopt

  • the fast and expensive method to speed your rest of skill or
  • a slow and cheap method with lower skill or
  • the medium method with the benefits of both fast and slow method.

Providing you details of all the 3 methods choose according to your requirement.


Level 46-87 (Making unpowered Orbs):

Since it is a slow method so as to increase the efficiency- you should stand next to the bank.

In this method, you will be making unpowered orbs.


  •  Glassblowing pipe
  •   Some molten glass

Now, use your glassblowing pipe with the molten glass and select ‘make all’ on the interface in the ‘orb’ section.

Bank them and repeat the same.

Levels 87-99 (Crafting Light Orbs):

This is the last step, so let’s quickly do it and you are done with all the 99 levels.

Requirements (glassblowing pipe and some molten glass) and the procedure are the same as in levels 46-87, the only difference is –

What do you say?

Yes, you are right.

Instead of selecting Unpowered orbs select Dorgeshuun Light Orbs.


You have completed your 99 levels of the game.


Levels 46-66 (Making Unpowered orbs):

This is similar to the Making Unpowered orbs in cheap method so, scroll up and take guidance from it.

Levels 66-99 (Crafting Air Battlestakes):

Great experience with medium cost one of the best levels in the game.

What’s your opinion? Do let me know in the comment section.

In this method, you will be crafting Air Battlestakes (350k exp/hr).


  •   Some Battlestaves
  •   Some air orbs

(Take both in equal quantities)

Now, combine unnoted battlestake as well as air orbs. After combining deposit them in the bank and repeat the process.

With this, you are done with your 99 levels.

Share your experience with us in the comment section.


Levels 46-63 (Cutting Sapphires):

Do you remember that you have already cut Sapphire in this game?

If Yes, then proceed further.


If No, scroll up to know the exact procedure and follow the same procedure and cut them.

Levels 63-71 (Crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies):

This level gives you a thrilling experience while crafting green dragonhide bodies (300 xp/hr).


  •   A needle
  •   Some thread
  •   Green dragon leather (make sure it is leather, not hides)

Now, use needle on green dragon leather to make crafting green bodies.

Bank it and repeat.

Levels 71-84 (Crafting blue Dragonhide Bodies):

Are you enjoying the game or not?

At the last level, you were crafting green dragonhide but in this you will be crafting Blue Dragonhide.

Requirement and procedure remain the same, the only difference is……Yes,..Yes…I know you know it – you have to use Blue dragon leather instead of Green.

Levels 84-99 (Crafting Black Dragonhide Bodies):

You are at the last step and at the last level in the crafting guide. You are only one step away, so enjoy it fully.

With the same process and same requirement like last two levels, the only change is the use of Black leather instead of green and blue.

Now, follow the same procedure.

Congrats you are done.

This ends your crafting guide. Enjoy your game and let me know which model you have adopted and why?

This is an overview of the levels.

If you think I had missed any point do let me know in the comment section.



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