Scope in job After learning French language in India

Scope in job After learning French language in India
Scope in job After learning French language in India

When it comes to learning a new language other than English we Indians probably choose French Language. There should be few reasons behind it. Certainly there are many reasons why we choose to learn French over any other languages.

Maybe it is the country that entices you or it is the fact that you have various job options after learning French Language.

Not only in the world Abut in India there are several career options one could go for after earning a degree in French. The doors to nearly every industry are open after being qualified with the required degree in this language. Industries like fashion, textile, tourism, hospitality, finance etc. are always accepting skillful people. The best French, German institute in Jaipur could be just near you. You just need to search for the foreign language institute in Jaipur.

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The fashion industry

For many people working with famous fashion designers is still a dream but if you have talent, degree then no one is going to stop you. Famous fashion designer like Christian Dior is from France. With a degree in fashion designing from a prominent institute and a degree in French could always land you to the door of the Dior with the job in your hand.


You can always work with the Indian government by working in an embassy. The embassies provide you various facilities a great job with the handful of money. There are more than 20 embassies all over India.

Working as a tutor

Just like you there would be various people willing to learn French. You can always start your own institute or you can work within institute teaching French. The demand for or French tutors is still high. Famous universities like IGNOU, University of Delhi, and JNU hire people for the same.

Gates to tourism industry

You can work as a travel guide as well as you can work in the hospitality department. It can give you a chance of meeting new people, interacting with them and telling people about our country in a better way.

You can always work online

We can bifurcate this point into two categories. First one would be working as an online tutor. You can open your class online or join hands with few coaching institutes. Second one would be by creating your own blog or creating a web page. You can always share your experience regarding how you learnt French, how did you came up with the idea to create your own blog and how is it benefiting you.

These are just few of the few of the industries where you can apply job for other industries are textile industry, finance department and many more. One can always work with the customer service department who hires people having a degree in foreign language.

So if you are thinking to study French then it is not a bad idea you can always search for the best French, Ielts institute in Jaipur and a foreign language institute in Jaipur.



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