A Detail Information About Water Purifier System

Water Purifier System
Water Purifier System

With our daily lives engrossed with so many electronic appliances and devices, water purifier system is one of those most important appliances which are used nowadays. Gone are the days where water can be fetched out from the ground and was fit for drinking, but because of growing pollution and environmental imbalances water is being polluted and needs purification so that it can become fit for human consumption. The growing pollution statistics has led the stream to become chemical, and it is only by the use of modern technology that such impurities can be removed. Water purifier systems work on the principle of separating impurities from the raw water and delivering purified and clean water for consumption.

Water is one of the basic elements that are essential for survival, and if it is contaminated, then it can shake our existence. Therefore it is necessary to purify it. Water purification systems become the source through which clean water is being imparted to us every day in our homes, which keeps us healthy both mentally as well as physically.

Water purifier systems are based upon various technologies mainly categorizing into three:-

  • RO ( reverse osmosis)
  • UV( ultra violate)
  • UF ( ultrafiltration) types.

RO water purifier is considered to be one of the best types of water purification models as they have the capacity and technology to eliminate all-sufficient bacteria and chemicals present in the water without leaving their bodies getting dissolved in the water. They are able to clear even the minutest particles of dust as well as viruses which are immersed in the water and provides us with clean and safe water to drink.


UV water purifier systems are also used for water purification needs. They try to eliminate the impurities and contaminants present in the water through UV radiation technology. However,  the bodies of such bacteria and viruses get dissolved in the water during purification because of the radiations. Such water purification systems are used in areas where the water quality is not that impure and minor purification can also impart free and clean drinking water.

Ultrafiltration water purifier systems are able to eliminate only the solid impurities which are present in the water such as metal coins, thick dust particles, etc. They are not able to remove the mixed impurities which are present in water. Thus, it is suggested that such water purification system should be used in areas where sweet water is available.

These are the water purifier systems which are being installed in households as well as various offices and other departments to impart fresh and clean drinking water for consumption.

Water Purifier Service

Without water, one cannot even think of living a single day.

As water purifier systems are one of those machines which are being used 24/7, therefore because of such hard and continuous functioning, they also need regular maintenance and servicing.

Water purifier service includes following things


  • Changing Of Membrane

One of the essential parts of servicing is that the changing of the membranes as the membrane is one of the critical elements of water purifier system as it is the main component that performs the task of purification of contaminants and impurities from the water. A new membrane with tested quality should be installed so that it stays for a longer time and also has the capacity to do the same.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning of the tank in which the water is stored after purification should also be cleaned so that the algae and fungus layers are removed. The other membranes and the motor should also be cleaned so that no dust particles and impurities are left in them.

  • Changing Of The Drainage Pipe

While servicing the drainage pipe should also be altered as some impurities, and other dust particles might be struck in the pipeline. The tube is very crucial as it is the source through which the wastewater is drained out, and the clean water is being stored in the tank.

  • Checking The TDS Level Before And After

The TDS (total dissolved salts) level should be checked before the servicing of the water purifier system and also after it servicing to identify the difference between the quality of water which was before and after. The TDS level of the water determines that how to fit the water is for use and consumption.

Various companies are there in the market which offer water purifier systems as well as multiple services and AMC’s (annual maintenance contracts) associated with it. These companies provide a regular and assured service at your doorstep, which is very convenient. They provide trained and professional technicians to impart servicing for water purifiers. They have the directed skill and are also backed with company supported products which are mechanically tested so that there is no scope of fault which is being left.

Specific online portals and platforms are also established that provide services catering to the needs of consumers regarding water purifier service and maintenance. Such websites offer services at your doorstep by just clicking on their domains. Proper cleaning and servicing are the primary goals of such service providers so that consumers are attracted

towards them for the next time also.

Therefore, as much as installation and the need for a water purifier is there servicing andmaintenance is also very crucial so that the water purifier system works smoothly and efficiently in term of its functioning.



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