What are the Benefits of Having an IT Certification?

Benefits of IT certification

Certification helps to identify an individual as a leader of quality assurance. Including certification, you can earn the respect of managers and colleagues. Certification is essential for your promotion or to acquire a new position. Certification is considered a formal recognition to measure the level of proficiency in the field of IT (Information Technology). Certification provides the acknowledgment to the recipient to have overall comprehensive skills and disciplines which is essential for the discipline of respective software. A certification describes your motivation, dedication and technical knowledge on the basis of a specific platform.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      After having an IT certification, you can join a selected individual group or a peer group including described skills. Certification software procedure can help you to build your bright career. If you have IT certification, it shows that you are enough careful to build your career. It also expresses that you have spent money and time to be certified.

Benefits of IT Certification

You can get several benefits to have an IT certification. Some of these benefits are:

  • To be Hired: When the hiring managers of companies observe your resume that you have an IT certificate, you will get an advantage than other candidates. It can be said that certification is considered as a qualifier for a specific position. You may get the significant benefit for having an IT certification when the competition for a job in the IT sector is stiff. Certification can enhance your position than other applicants who have not included certification.
  • To Get a Promotion: When you will try to get a better or higher salaried job in a company, you will have to learn new technologies to upgrade working skill and knowledge. Certification software procedure is one the best option to upgrade your resume. This will help you to get your promotion or better position in your workplace.
  • Retention for the job: To have an IT certification, you can create the advantages of getting extra benefits in your job sector than the other candidates. Your IT certification can demonstrate that you have the determination to get a quality job enhancing your skill and knowledge in a specific job sector.
  • Opportunities for the Network: After having an IT certification from a specific agency, you can be enlisted within a group of skilled and certified professionals. You will be able to solve several critical problems with your own knowledge and skills. As a result of this, other job seekers will be interested to be IT certified. They can follow you to enhance their career including specific technical skills and knowledge.
  • Build Credibility in Your Profession: When you earn a series of IT certification from the same agency, you will get immediate credibility in your profession. Having knowledge and skills for one or more certification software, you can establish your motivation and dedication to your professional developments. There are several companies who provide IT certification to their employees to get promotion in their service sector.
  • Knowledge of Advanced Technology: When you will achieve the required training and knowledge for the latest and advanced technical operating system, it will help you to demonstrate your efficiency and skill for handling the modern technology-based system. IT certification on the latest product may enhance your career or position within your organization or in any IT job sector.
  • Set your Personal Goal: You can set your personal goal including an IT certification on the latest and advanced technology for your personal achievement or professional recognition. You can be satisfied with your certification involving your own efforts. Your effort can lead to a better position in your profession or to achieve your goal.
  • To Meet the Corporate Requirement: IT certification is essential to ensure that IT employees in a company are enough experienced and skilled about existing or the latest technology. The employees who have IT certification, they get special importance and are considered as a more eligible and productive member than other employees in the IT department. The companies who arrange training and certification for their employees, they can respond easily to new challenges using their workforce.

Types of Software Certification

There several types of certifications are available and some of these are:

  • CSTE (Certified Software Test Engineer):It is considered a benchmark certification program. It is essential for all managers and testers which emphasize best practices related to quality control and professional competency in IT sector. Eligibility criteria for this certification include:  Degree for 4 years from a reputed institution including 2 years of experience                        Degree for 3 years from a reputed institution including 3 years of experience                              Degree for 2 years from a reputed institution including 4 years of experience                             6 years of experience in the IT sector
  • CSTP (Certified Software Test Professional):It is an essential certification to enhance your career. The requirement of this certification at least formal training for 10 days including the following topics.                                                                                                                        Test design

Test automation

Principles of testing software

Managing the process of testing

Recruitment Definition, verification, and refinement

Defect tracking and Test for Executions

Static testing

  • CTM (Certified Test Manager): It supports senior testers and test managers for handling test projects efficiently involving their capability for management. The foundation of CTM is TMBK (Test Management Body of Knowledge). The senior testers, managers and anyone including experience of 3 years in IT sector and the candidate who have already made the certification of CSTP are eligible for this certification. The required formal education includes:

Test Project Management

Test Organization Management

Test Process Management

Test Process improvement and measurement

Risk Management

Software quality assurance

Test Automation architectures and strategies

  • HP QTP Certification: QTP certification is essential for Quick Test professionals who want to achieve mastery in testing tools using HP named Quick Test.

IT sector has become more competitive and the management should have to be more efficient to identify skilled and professionals individuals in the IT sector. Certification software will help you to demonstrate the level of understanding to carry out quality assurance practices and principles.



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